THIS MAP IS INSANE. Such a hard bossfight too. Definitely our first time yep.

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  • Pet Russian
    Pet Russian3 hours ago

    no feed

  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston17 hours ago

    Its dead of the night...... but day time and without the house

  • Loko Mapes
    Loko Mapes4 days ago

    Warzone next u was too good !!!

  • Loko Mapes
    Loko Mapes4 days ago

    Zombies finally back!!

  • Stephanie Fischer
    Stephanie Fischer6 days ago

    No feet

  • Backwoods Bodrey
    Backwoods Bodrey7 days ago

    I have a goose call can I call my goose brother

  • Conor Frost
    Conor Frost7 days ago

    Noah: That boss fight was so hard Me having just spent 5 hours fighting the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3 and is currently fight Friede: Ok bro

  • Brent Gustafson
    Brent Gustafson15 days ago

    I like the concept of this map. Should be more made like this

  • Brent Gustafson
    Brent Gustafson15 days ago

    Milo at the beginning lmao 🤣

  • Kyle Penna
    Kyle Penna15 days ago

    313nd hahahah

  • Ulaş Soysal
    Ulaş Soysal17 days ago

    This was so goddam fun

  • Autumn Edgelord
    Autumn Edgelord17 days ago

    Almost 50 minutes in and they finally realize they should fill the tables with overflow to have extra on hand like... how did you not think of that since the beginning???

  • Autumn Edgelord

    Autumn Edgelord

    17 days ago

    Also y'all didn't try to test if the PaP stones next to it or whatever had different effect on something other than the raygun?

  • Jamie Durham
    Jamie Durham21 day ago

    G Freddy

  • Monkey Nats
    Monkey Nats23 days ago

    18:12 saving my time gotta go to school 😒

  • Mylinda Vazquez
    Mylinda Vazquez24 days ago

    no he hill billy joe

  • JrBeatUInPublic
    JrBeatUInPublic24 days ago

    world's worst walkthrough.

  • Jared H
    Jared H25 days ago

    YAW played this months ago....cool map

  • Desiree Morris
    Desiree Morris26 days ago


  • Dan Roller
    Dan Roller26 days ago

    noah you should hate whos who not tombstone

  • Dan Roller
    Dan Roller26 days ago

    hi noah im your biggist fan

  • He_OneShot
    He_OneShot27 days ago

    At 1:12:57 did anyone else know he had the blender bust

  • person_013
    person_01327 days ago


  • Sean Krol
    Sean Krol27 days ago

    Me: decides to watch a NoahJ video Milo: starts talking about his goose origin story in a southern accent

  • Uhm Nation
    Uhm Nation28 days ago

    When noah upgraded his gun did anyone else notice his gun if you took the first letter of each word it spelt “MTAR”

  • Gabriel Messier
    Gabriel Messier29 days ago

    Who remembers dying to NERRRR!! BOOM! Bouncing betty's?

  • Steven Perez
    Steven Perez29 days ago

    N O F E E D

  • Isaiah Gonzalez
    Isaiah Gonzalez29 days ago


  • wreckinball11
    wreckinball1129 days ago

    You are getting dumber every video.

  • S0n3r
    S0n3rMonth ago

    Love u

  • Lawrence Konijnenburg
    Lawrence KonijnenburgMonth ago

    which map is this

  • Alexander Luskoski
    Alexander LuskoskiMonth ago

    Not even dark matter apothicen servant. Trash

  • Ali Yahya Say
    Ali Yahya SayMonth ago

    Game bo3 or bo4?

  • Levi McCoy
    Levi McCoyMonth ago

    Yo IX gauntlet

  • Carter Kubis
    Carter KubisMonth ago

    How tf does that green shit just give you wood?

  • Homer
    HomerMonth ago

    "I need wood!" - Noahj456

  • Xd Daniel
    Xd DanielMonth ago

    dude this was amazing you should try to find a different map with the same type of concept and try this again

  • Kenneth Snell
    Kenneth SnellMonth ago

    Did anyone else miss milo?

  • Harold Walker
    Harold WalkerMonth ago

    N O F E E D

  • RyRy
    RyRyMonth ago

    This is why pc gaming is superior... well 1 reason but bro this is so amazing! Playing games how they weren’t meant to be played is awesome!!! Mods can turn a piece of shit game into gold!!! I love it.

  • Tommy Krenzer
    Tommy KrenzerMonth ago

    I swear this is the first USplan video I’ve heard Noah swear in

  • Echeloncx
    EcheloncxMonth ago

    No feed

  • Peski
    PeskiMonth ago

    pretty sure you could stockpile xtra materials at the swap tables.

  • LWG_Wolfy
    LWG_WolfyMonth ago

    anyone else just slowly getting anxiety from watching the earth integrity bar going down not knowing whats going to happen

  • Lewis Mccallum

    Lewis Mccallum

    29 days ago


  • Jeremiah Koch
    Jeremiah KochMonth ago

    42:27 milo almost said “do y’all have an urgent need for speed” 😂😂😂

  • Osaias Fontanez
    Osaias FontanezMonth ago

    10:39 y Noah y must u make me so triggered and lose the gun that had ammo y u do this

  • Tanner Harmsen
    Tanner HarmsenMonth ago

    Shoutout doge coin on stream!!

  • Zach Bourne
    Zach BourneMonth ago

    i think all of us couldve done without the absolute wreck of an accent attempt.

  • tanman05_18
    tanman05_18Month ago

    Bruh I swear Noahj is like the reason why there’s so many zombies streamers. It’s great that he has inspired so many people to do this. But NO ONE beats NoahJ

  • Dustin Bechthold
    Dustin BechtholdMonth ago

    Not gonna even watch this video worst one yet

  • joey twarkusky
    joey twarkuskyMonth ago

    Amen and awomen

  • Jamie Keast
    Jamie KeastMonth ago

    Noah please do 100 floors of death with chaos mod next

  • Not So Serious Gaming
    Not So Serious GamingMonth ago

    Great work on the ee guys you smashed it .. Great first attempt.. no feed!

  • HERO Gaming
    HERO GamingMonth ago

    please play roblox some day

  • luke
    lukeMonth ago


  • MrUndeadPanda
    MrUndeadPandaMonth ago

    Noah: “Okay, let’s actually save the last zombie.” Also Noah: *kills last zombie while discovering blueprints*

    THE DONMonth ago

    Milo so funny🤣

  • Gabriel Araujo Arantes
    Gabriel Araujo ArantesMonth ago

    Etern respect to the Jc, such a legend -F

  • UndertaleFan 1234
    UndertaleFan 1234Month ago

    I can hear Lex's laughing, even though my volume is at 0. And he's not even in this video.

  • Junior
    JuniorMonth ago

    The beginning is hurting my brain

  • GDOVidal
    GDOVidalMonth ago

    Low key, the boss fight soundtrack it’s from the Dark Souls series

  • Foxy
    FoxyMonth ago


  • Matt Krska
    Matt KrskaMonth ago

    pogging is unhealthy brother

  • Conor Utterback
    Conor UtterbackMonth ago

    MTAR, Tar 21. Same thing their both Israeli tavor21 assault rifles

  • OmegaCXV
    OmegaCXVMonth ago

    Eyo IX Gauntlet when???

  • Preston Palazzo
    Preston PalazzoMonth ago

    Anyone else besides me act like i didn't do something before you and your friends did

  • Damian Whitmore
    Damian WhitmoreMonth ago

    47:45 Ha, I'm a child!

  • CheezyMane13
    CheezyMane13Month ago

    Noah: “I need wood, who has wood” Noah: “milo can I have some wood” Milo: “Noah I deposited my wood” Nothing bad was going thru my head

  • Black Shadow Sound UK
    Black Shadow Sound UKMonth ago

    Where’s the gauntlet g

  • Oliver Reddy
    Oliver ReddyMonth ago

    That "do you get Adobe Acrobat with your PDF gun" joke SENT ME 11:00

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex GarciaMonth ago

    Love that they keep sarcastically saying it’s their first time playing as if Noah doesn’t have the spreadsheet pulled up anyway telling them what to do

  • Shadow Shinobi
    Shadow ShinobiMonth ago

    I watched this a couple times and I think this might not be their first time playing. Not sure tho, need more research.

  • xNiitro360
    xNiitro360Month ago

    I love you Milo but please stop beating the joke into the ground

  • Josh Farrough
    Josh FarroughMonth ago

    I tried this map last night. It's hard as hell solo. Wish I had a crack squad of customs players for this lol

  • Leon Xeroz
    Leon XerozMonth ago

    Boss music is Dark Souls 3 Dancer of the Boreal Valley if anyone was interested

  • Trevor Densmore
    Trevor DensmoreMonth ago

    The fact he uses the mtar instead of ppsh is bugging me.

  • walter rose
    walter roseMonth ago


  • Luke Dalessandro
    Luke DalessandroMonth ago

    Someone needs to make a trubbish zombie map

  • Jack Lab
    Jack LabMonth ago

    Literally touch of malice destiny 1

  • licht
    lichtMonth ago

    I fancy your haircut on this fine chuesday sire.

  • William Robbins
    William RobbinsMonth ago

    I like the vids with your friends.

  • Vann Lathem
    Vann LathemMonth ago

    Its literally shipment

  • gunnner virden
    gunnner virdenMonth ago

    Ok any zombie map creators reading this can you make a maze runner map like from the first movie

  • Covid Boi2020
    Covid Boi2020Month ago

    You have to play more maps like this

  • Bishop Bellard
    Bishop BellardMonth ago

    No one: Literally no one: NoahJ: let’s reload every second who cares about a full clip

  • TheBlazingNinjaGamer
    TheBlazingNinjaGamerMonth ago

    Is it just me or does it seem like these guys played this map before? Or are they just very good?

  • Hubert Lenningrad
    Hubert LenningradMonth ago

    The bridges above the crates are 7/16 osb. You can't walk on 7/16 osb. 🤣

  • Blake Merryman
    Blake MerrymanMonth ago

    Map would have been 15x better if we got the initial reaction

  • Mark Deguzman
    Mark DeguzmanMonth ago

    49:41 Appa yip yip!

  • Gamer Landyn yt

    Gamer Landyn yt

    Month ago


  • yazan madyan
    yazan madyanMonth ago

    I have just realized they have played the game before

  • Frank-_ -Salvador48
    Frank-_ -Salvador48Month ago

    I’m starting to think this isn’t their first time playing. It seems like they knew what they were doing 🤔

  • Rafael Villegas
    Rafael VillegasMonth ago

    Lmaoo milo gave Noah wood a good amount too

  • Rafael Villegas
    Rafael VillegasMonth ago

    Noahj645 is blind asf he past the iron 4 times

  • Charles Musick
    Charles MusickMonth ago

    Anyone else feel like Noah is the only that tries when playing with the guys lol

  • jose cerpas
    jose cerpasMonth ago

    So no IX gauntlet

  • MyAuntTookMyPot
    MyAuntTookMyPotMonth ago

    Please please please play the 9 Gauntlet!

  • Nathan Schoenbauer
    Nathan SchoenbauerMonth ago

    Even if you're dying over and over I'd always prefer to see all of your first playthroughs/reactions to a map as cool as this one! Awesome vid nonetheless

  • Luis Lebrón Aponte
    Luis Lebrón AponteMonth ago

    *reads description Oh, yeah. 1st time indeed. I also have only played my games 1st try and beaten them, so I understand. XD

  • Thomas Henderson
    Thomas HendersonMonth ago

    Been in the hospital suffering a gunshot wound to the chest and it hurts so bad to laugh but God damn you are funny

  • Russell Pierzinski
    Russell PierzinskiMonth ago

    I just can't shake the feeling that this wasn't their first attempt :)

  • JRocket1224
    JRocket1224Month ago

    Prime time intro right here