This is it. The true descent into madness. Neptune, the map.
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  • john ramirez
    john ramirez2 days ago

    Jesus loves youu

  • Cotton Nissen
    Cotton Nissen4 days ago

    What’s worse? Them playing game for 3 hours or me watching this for 3 hours

  • theblackout6661
    theblackout66614 days ago

    Keeps complaining about not having ammo yet keeps the grenade launcher and 1 gun weapon with out mulekick. No wonder he keeps running out of anmo

  • MC Shach
    MC Shach4 days ago

    Brizz Rawsteen 30'd Noah!

  • Carson West
    Carson West5 days ago

    Lmao when Noah uses the word yoinking @21:43 so frequently it just kept getting funnier each time

  • The Lone Alpaca
    The Lone Alpaca10 days ago

    I feel like this whole video was them just trying to get pack-a-punch.

  • sneaky productions
    sneaky productions12 days ago

    noah “is it possible for them to make a useful shotgun in black ops zombies” 9 months later the hauer is still one of the best guns to use in zombies

  • vlTiger-
    vlTiger-13 days ago

    13:15 Cold War: haha Hauer and Gallo go brrrrrrr

  • SageOf6Paths
    SageOf6Paths14 days ago

    I see your at that 5mill mark. Congrats my dude 🤟

  • MuffOnyOurface
    MuffOnyOurface19 days ago

    I unsubscribed from MrT when he didn't understand the bob marly reference

  • cookie z
    cookie z21 day ago

    watching 10x in 2x more fun thoughts ?

  • TheEpicGamerSquad
    TheEpicGamerSquad22 days ago

    its a kukri lol

  • Skyler Good
    Skyler Good22 days ago

    Almost 5 millll

  • yvonne williams
    yvonne williams22 days ago

    This one was too funny for me with the water rising during the challenges and Lex yelling the map is giving him a heart attack.

  • Jordan hawley
    Jordan hawley23 days ago

    You guys are the karens in a hospital and the zombies are the nurses and the skulls are the covid patients

  • Chris Zink
    Chris Zink26 days ago

    Chop: Saves the whole game......then drowns the bois =P Also chop: let me buy this shotgun and ditch the bow cause the bois said they wanted packed shotguns.......

  • Saketh Voora
    Saketh Voora26 days ago

    they should used the weapon trade more.

  • Johnny Carbera
    Johnny CarberaMonth ago

    It took me three days to watch this whole video

  • Travis B.
    Travis B.Month ago

    Code was 495

  • Matthew Lanzilla
    Matthew LanzillaMonth ago

    It reminds me of Far Harbor from Fallout 4

  • christian reid
    christian reidMonth ago

    So did we all have the singing salmon??

  • Giovanni Medellin
    Giovanni MedellinMonth ago

    gotta love lex

  • Michael Saunders
    Michael SaundersMonth ago

    why they pronouns the knife like that it a kukri (ku-kree)

  • Tyler Erickson
    Tyler EricksonMonth ago

    Imagine the video gets no likes equals no deaths

  • Jaymison Ricker
    Jaymison RickerMonth ago

    are you playing bo4

  • Samzukai
    SamzukaiMonth ago

    13:20 Useful shotgun... well they listened

  • cameron dunkle
    cameron dunkleMonth ago

    When you started watching this a couple of days after it uploads but stopped watching it than pick right back up where you left off 8 months later 😂🤣😂🤣 great looking map though

  • joeman1549
    joeman1549Month ago

    Noah trades his unused-fresh packed shotty for the fire bow... absolute stonks

  • Dylano Landman
    Dylano LandmanMonth ago

    Tango Pappa November "TPN" I'm in for some NATO

  • Matthew MistWeaver
    Matthew MistWeaverMonth ago

    Timescale 10 MrTLexify *wheezes*

  • BETO MarZ
    BETO MarZMonth ago

    Longest USplan video I’ve ever seen in my life 😂😂😂 and funniest NoahJ video 🤣😭

  • King Ace
    King AceMonth ago

    omg bro ik im a little late but when he said it only cost 750 i had to check and it did take 4000 omg it had me dying

  • Jordan Richardson
    Jordan RichardsonMonth ago

    When they think the shotgun ammo is glitched but they both lose 5000

  • xxxmx 45
    xxxmx 45Month ago

    1:57:00 best Noah moment ever. Even he was embarrassed

  • Kryptik Eyez
    Kryptik EyezMonth ago

    This was the funniest stream😂😂boss fight taking too long f it, Timescale X10, god on, ifinite ammo on😂😂couldn't stop laughing at how hectic my screen looked of what I was watching

  • Parrot
    ParrotMonth ago

    I've never seen anyone call a marble stupid and at the same time wanting it to die, it's a first time for everything

  • kris holt
    kris holtMonth ago

    The ending is absolute class

  • Justin Holtman
    Justin HoltmanMonth ago

    Sad that Noah had to cheat just cause lex is so bad

  • Justin Holtman
    Justin HoltmanMonth ago

    Lex u know if u didn’t down yourself so much, he wouldn’t have to revive you

  • Kaleb Tweet
    Kaleb TweetMonth ago


  • Justin Holtman
    Justin HoltmanMonth ago

    Yo lex u seriously trash compared to chop and Noah haha 😂 🗑

    JEREMY J SABINMonth ago


  • Penguin
    PenguinMonth ago

    Buys ammo for 750$ ends up spending 4k

  • Lieutenant Ace
    Lieutenant Ace2 months ago

    44:10 That was a classic Noahj456 watching speedruns face 🤣 Jesus Christ 3 hours later.... I just got to say that this was one hell of a ride! F for Ch0pper!

  • Marc Baker
    Marc Baker2 months ago


  • Djslim420
    Djslim4202 months ago

    Almost good enough to not use hacks. So close.

  • tyrell bryan
    tyrell bryan2 months ago

    Spreadsheet = god mode

  • Xandrxwx
    Xandrxwx2 months ago

    The beginning 😭

  • TheCrustyOne
    TheCrustyOne2 months ago

    13:17 Wish granted in Cold War lmao, only guns that do damage 😂

  • Trev Smith
    Trev Smith2 months ago

    Noah is so rude to chopper- it drives me nuts. I like them both but I feel bad for chopper

  • arvin gameing boy
    arvin gameing boy2 months ago

    do you know he got banned in ops 2

  • Jacob Hernandez
    Jacob Hernandez3 months ago


  • Jared Hartley
    Jared Hartley3 months ago

    Monkey lasted three hours

  • Annie
    Annie3 months ago

    The envious herring archaeologically ignore because stitch externally bruise at a various fireplace. perpetual, thundering lilac

  • Brendon Buffaloe
    Brendon Buffaloe3 months ago

    This is a 3 hour fire bow tutorial

  • Jason DuBois
    Jason DuBois3 months ago

    the game saw that chop got rid of the void bow so the game didnt let him see the ending

  • leonard toews
    leonard toews3 months ago

    Man this map. Monkey 🐒 for days

  • Redz
    Redz3 months ago

    Richtofen at the end: so what're we doing today guys.?

  • Beast
    Beast3 months ago


  • ARIE Skate Crew
    ARIE Skate Crew3 months ago

    Lex is like Jason vorhees from Friday 13th the game lol

  • BrixnFN
    BrixnFN3 months ago

    3:05:00 rip peoples eyes watching at night

  • Andrew 098
    Andrew 0983 months ago

    I watched 2 hours in just to see Chop do a -200 IQ play :(

  • Wuzi Productions
    Wuzi Productions3 months ago

    Who tryna play this w me

  • Zombiereaper
    Zombiereaper3 months ago

    They.... umm kukri knife (coo-Cree)

    TANK DOODLE3 months ago

    This is 3 hours wtf

  • Lovely Ghost
    Lovely Ghost3 months ago

    Lex has the most contagious laughter ever. I love it.

  • cross jun
    cross jun3 months ago

    cdc again from the air Force one

  • Glax Earlydiygamer
    Glax Earlydiygamer3 months ago

    Yes the TIMER ⏱ (it’s a progress bar my dude)

  • dylan hummel
    dylan hummel3 months ago

    rip Yellum 2020

  • johnnie dobbs
    johnnie dobbs3 months ago

    Nosh completely forgot the baymaker🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Chandler Hupp
    Chandler Hupp3 months ago

    Boy did those *monkey* bombs come in clutch

  • Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy3 months ago

    ...monkey...hahahaha...this is easily the roughest go at a map ever!

  • Skelloter
    Skelloter3 months ago

    My favourite among us video yet

  • Stinky Skully
    Stinky Skully3 months ago

    2:18:22 awkward silence Idk why it was awkward it just was

    THE SAYCATION4 months ago

    lol one of the dudes literally repeats everything 2wice

  • EggsFor GoatLegs
    EggsFor GoatLegs4 months ago

    Pretty cool map keep up the content it’s really awesome my dude💯

  • Cu Adfeng
    Cu Adfeng4 months ago

    I liked the part where they were running around

  • Shane
    Shane4 months ago

    I love how they thought they were big brain cause they bought ammo for 750 but it actually took like 4500

  • Dre732Dre
    Dre732Dre4 months ago

    Good game

  • Alexander Vargas
    Alexander Vargas4 months ago


  • Haydin Thomas
    Haydin Thomas4 months ago

    Gary pulled a Gary by starting the apocalypse that's why it's at 0 days

  • Brian Wisse
    Brian Wisse4 months ago

    That alert at the beginning looks familiar 😏 (Predator on Nerd Or Die if anyone is interested) ALSO SCREW THAT MAP! (Thallasophobia)

  • Jorge Grimm
    Jorge Grimm4 months ago

    homie literally read the instructions out loud 25 times and couldnt figure out the code.

  • Dalton Gonzalez
    Dalton Gonzalez4 months ago


  • Starkiller_ 5402
    Starkiller_ 54024 months ago

    This map is the equivalent of Hawkins Lab on Dead By Daylight. L O S T

  • Treyy
    Treyy4 months ago

    Dude I woke up from a nap to see me 7:50 into this so I just finished it

  • R.H Zeno
    R.H Zeno4 months ago

    this took me 4 days to watch

  • Selena Lindsey
    Selena Lindsey4 months ago

    The crew. Mate

  • Liam Sutherland
    Liam Sutherland4 months ago

    Noah dies and says “NO I had 8 perks” when he had six

  • John hickok
    John hickok4 months ago

    "if you made it this far say" " monkeys "

  • P825ODH
    P825ODH4 months ago

    You know when lex died ,they should like trade their weapons to give him something to fight

  • DT productionz
    DT productionz4 months ago

    What map is this and what cod?

  • Niklas 57
    Niklas 574 months ago

    Wow godmode your bastard you are realy noob🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • TheNDarkendWolf
    TheNDarkendWolf4 months ago

    You can hold F to switch weapons on this map.

  • TheNDarkendWolf
    TheNDarkendWolf4 months ago

    The marble vibe checks you.

  • John Teli
    John Teli4 months ago

    I watched three hours just to watch someone use mods to take out a marble

  • Kr0nic J420
    Kr0nic J4204 months ago

    It’s the numbers mason

  • Kr0nic J420
    Kr0nic J4204 months ago

    I loled throughout the whole map you guys are funny

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones4 months ago

    Lex is half frog