Today, we take a look at the most viewed Warzone videos of all time...
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  • O Ko
    O KoDay ago

    Link for the original compilation ?

  • Ninja Skittlz
    Ninja Skittlz2 days ago

    Water tank falls off truck “ITS A CAREPACKAGE”

  • COD_Snipes
    COD_Snipes4 days ago

    @4:29 I've seen that before. You probably don't care.

  • Colin Wood
    Colin Wood5 days ago

    Ion get the nickmercs clip

  • Tea Rex
    Tea Rex6 days ago

    That McDonald Wi-Fi Tho

  • Mayra Sanchez
    Mayra Sanchez6 days ago

    7:14 most rarest sound of nature

  • Sam metzel
    Sam metzel6 days ago

    You do know eviscerate means to disembowel

  • Hadley 88
    Hadley 887 days ago

    Love the Shadows intro music 😂

  • Angie Hunt
    Angie Hunt8 days ago

    3:50 that's some John Wick sh%$

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan8 days ago

    Bro 11:38 sounds so much like grizzy 😂😂

  • Bilbo Bagins
    Bilbo Bagins8 days ago

    You want those lobbies thank you SB and boom noob lobbies

  • Manuel Morales
    Manuel Morales9 days ago

    6:30 warzone “bazookas” TITÁN EXPLOSIÓN Cold War “bazookas” be like the most sad explosion i Ever see

  • Esquad 06
    Esquad 069 days ago

    Imagine playing the old cods like warzone

  • Haha Yeahscran
    Haha Yeahscran11 days ago

    I love how the Minecraft drinking sound is now unanimous to nearly all YT gamers

  • Noob Manager
    Noob Manager13 days ago

    Bruh I remember him when he played bo2 and bo3 I love this content

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith14 days ago

    Yeah I'm not subscribing

  • Theirishanimator Kylo death
    Theirishanimator Kylo death16 days ago

    8:32 i need this video on youtube if it is xd

  • SuperBadBruf 69
    SuperBadBruf 6916 days ago

    Hearing a South African meme on here haha blixem tell me who’s also a boertjie/african here👀

  • Rose T
    Rose T16 days ago

    Noah, he laughs exactly like you LMAO

  • DboyYT
    DboyYT16 days ago

    4:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • RawXSkillz420
    RawXSkillz42017 days ago


    WATCH YOUR VIDS HERe17 days ago

    I’m looking at you

  • Eric Russell
    Eric Russell17 days ago

    I have seen the one where he thought he was good but gets hit with a Bertha

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo18 days ago

    4:23 when he said tanks like these need to be set 10ft from the house I thought there’d be a massive explosion

  • Core Grandson
    Core Grandson19 days ago

    I wanna see how he makes these thumbnails

  • Tanner Blais
    Tanner Blais19 days ago

    Cod said I’m just going to despawn him my guy when he stacked the claymores

  • Jakegeg
    Jakegeg19 days ago


  • John Wick
    John Wick20 days ago


  • Monkey arsenal
    Monkey arsenal21 day ago

    The way captain price died

  • Matthew MistWeaver
    Matthew MistWeaver21 day ago

    this guy is JDevise, best sniper player lol

  • BurntLoaf Productions
    BurntLoaf Productions22 days ago

    My guy is turning into a reaction channel

  • EthanGoesVroom YT
    EthanGoesVroom YT22 days ago

    11:58 he sounds like the clown from happy Gilmore

  • Afro Beezneez
    Afro Beezneez23 days ago

    jordy2d has the best warzone clips

  • Austin Gerstenberger
    Austin Gerstenberger23 days ago

    Its now a tiptoe it is a genius world record attempt

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones24 days ago

    i love the warzone song 2:01

  • Weagle Beagle
    Weagle Beagle24 days ago

    Snakeskin boots on a Saturday night!

  • Dane Hardwick
    Dane Hardwick24 days ago


  • Brian Katongo
    Brian Katongo24 days ago

    Noah J with 5 million subscribers 10000 likes and I will make a part to Charlie with 1 million subscribers let's hit 30000 likes and I'll make it part two people I like Noah J

  • DraysonAndFriends
    DraysonAndFriends24 days ago

    The game show was who’s the strongest I think

  • Nuk4lear
    Nuk4lear24 days ago

    Sniping: My teammates: *aim down sight for 1 second and don't hold breath to take a clear shot. Me: Deadpool 🦶 Player 1 Deadpool 🦶 Player 2 Deadpool 🦶 Player 3 Deadpool 🦶 Player 4 Team Wiped 💀

  • Rohan Golani
    Rohan Golani24 days ago

    The abounding control repressingly use because bobcat dolly intend down a knowing avenue. creepy, handsome glockenspiel

  • Oldwest99
    Oldwest9924 days ago

    Her: it fell outta the back of the truck Me: GO GRAB A LOADOUT SOLDIER

  • Varth Dader
    Varth Dader25 days ago

    That claymore tower was GOLD

  • Gun Gab
    Gun Gab25 days ago

    What tik tok wasn't caught on camera?

  • John Mark Beach
    John Mark Beach25 days ago

    I’m just vibing to the shadows of evil music 😂

  • Bli_ssy
    Bli_ssy25 days ago

    wow this is garbage content

  • Brian Selley
    Brian Selley25 days ago

    Wow when you have no ideas for a video 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Dody Khalid
    Dody Khalid25 days ago


  • Green Warrior
    Green Warrior25 days ago

    You know what's funny, your hairline

  • Random ice lol LoL
    Random ice lol LoL25 days ago

    11:17 that’s what I hate they need to put it where just cancel that so we can play the game normally

  • Junko Podz
    Junko Podz25 days ago

    Noah: let’s just put Snakeskin boots Also Noah: let me mute this video it has copyright music 💀💀

  • bramusa
    bramusa25 days ago

    I don’t want more warzone tiktok compilations... I want to see more Noah playing Warzone!

  • Spikeypuff
    Spikeypuff26 days ago

    Snakeskin Boots Song in the intro.

  • Mathew Watson
    Mathew Watson26 days ago

    I feel like it's the Sweaty players who have the Most Pressure on them in games like War Zone one wrong move and your out also These clips are amazing and that guy who got blown up by Five Claymores just straight up Vanished from existence

  • JT
    JT26 days ago

    Kid doesn’t even need to use/make his own content anymore

  • Robert Majors
    Robert Majors26 days ago

    Don't do it again

  • SebastianCapeans
    SebastianCapeans26 days ago

    U should play more warzone on stream

  • ツXellucity
    ツXellucity26 days ago

    Anyone else hate tiktok?

  • Nights of fist
    Nights of fist26 days ago


  • Kill Chew1j
    Kill Chew1j26 days ago

    I hate the new previews on your videos I like the old format so much better

  • Sick Gamer
    Sick Gamer26 days ago

    @ 1:40 that's my clip 😂😂😂

  • Lully_thegoat Davids
    Lully_thegoat Davids26 days ago

    Anyone noticed a south African tiktok😭🤣🤣🤣❤

    DUMBASS26 days ago


  • Crazed Gamer
    Crazed Gamer26 days ago

    Omg i was dying throughout the whole video lol. That last clip was so me🤣🤣🤣

  • Osama 448
    Osama 44826 days ago


  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez26 days ago

    Fun fact you can ruin a streamers day by screaming the N-word when they kill you

  • Brutal_ Gunner
    Brutal_ Gunner26 days ago

    What’s with the subtitles

  • codylee vlogs
    codylee vlogs26 days ago

    I actually loved this video

  • EvenDarker
    EvenDarker26 days ago


  • Mrsnuffle
    Mrsnuffle26 days ago

    Funnily enough I work in the gas industry and at the propane and fuel container I totally understood lol

  • arkiteckht
    arkiteckht27 days ago

    This is super (funny)

  • VlanoV GT
    VlanoV GT27 days ago

    Hi Noah, I am your biggest fan, I play cod bo2 everyday which is my favorite game, I've never played bo3 in my life because I can't afford them, it is expensive. I wish you can gift me my dream game. Regards, Vlanov

  • Tiff Oneill
    Tiff Oneill27 days ago

    That was a quick 10k likes haha

  • Young Ramen
    Young Ramen27 days ago

    The goofy amount holly agree because pheasant allegedly explain upon a testy zinc. sudden, chemical dashboard

  • Thee Bladed
    Thee Bladed27 days ago


  • German Roux
    German Roux27 days ago

    I neeeeed more videos!!!

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson27 days ago

    suppressors. if a rifle has a suppressor. and the rifle is fired. does a red dot show up on the map

  • Xavier Claro
    Xavier Claro27 days ago

    Is it just me or anyone else notice that their firebase z completion dark ops challenge disappear? Been off the game for a bit now but I completed it like the week it came out now its gone tf?

  • Derek Esquivel
    Derek Esquivel27 days ago

    1000000% Formals snipe is the best play ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • g2ATgtChVav560
    g2ATgtChVav56027 days ago


  • Jerod Husar
    Jerod Husar27 days ago

    Cotton eyed joe whilst using a jeep in a bunker.

  • Try Hard
    Try Hard27 days ago

    Doesnt eviscerated mean Cut not blown up ??😂

    MRJOKER LOUNGE27 days ago

    why did u stop streaming wz?

  • Power_bal
    Power_bal27 days ago

    wintersoldierv2. a friend of mine hopefully people can help out with the views.

  • Kenji Thao
    Kenji Thao27 days ago

    8:28 After MW3 ended this what happen to captain price

  • Vibe King
    Vibe King27 days ago

    what has happend to you please mature

  • Lamentaton
    Lamentaton27 days ago

    3:05 timmy2cans wasnt shooting them because he wanted to get a 1.0 kd or higher without shooting or killing people with guns so he just used vehicles and they were bad because he was low lvl

  • AxelWaxel
    AxelWaxel27 days ago

    I love the editing on his last videos

  • Jorik van Beek
    Jorik van Beek27 days ago

    the courage roast on the catch haha, the man can never find a place where he is not called fat in one way or another

  • slayer28
    slayer2827 days ago

    Noah not realizing you cloud hear the juggernaut music if u got so close everyone you'd be dead 100 times over if u got anywhere near it

  • H4ted Xl
    H4ted Xl27 days ago

    Haha that was so funny

  • Th3_Lord_Willy
    Th3_Lord_Willy27 days ago

    The fact you knew that overwatch reference makes you pretty pog

  • bradley gallagher
    bradley gallagher27 days ago

    Can you react to the infinite warfare easter egg speedruns

  • Memil X
    Memil X27 days ago

    “How do I find these lobbies?” *continues to be one of the sweatiest players out there*

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper27 days ago

    The clip at 9:20 was stolen from shad kinda funny on USplan

    ILLUSION27 days ago

    "Snake Skin Boots" by Jack Wall.

  • Neeko21
    Neeko2127 days ago

    Need more of these for sure Noah

  • Dead pool_357m
    Dead pool_357m27 days ago

    Why does it feel like I've seen this video before

    THOMAS OLSON27 days ago

    you need to watch more tiktoks by jordy2d they're GOLDEN

  • Brenden Spencer
    Brenden Spencer27 days ago

    all of shadkindafunny