Join me in the latest The Walking Dead: Survivors: for some insane walker action!
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  • NoahJ456
    NoahJ45626 days ago

    Join me in the latest The Walking Dead: Survivors: for some insane walker action!

  • zach rader

    zach rader

    25 days ago

    Where are you from



    25 days ago

    That speedrun was so smooth.. almost as smooth as my bawlz after using the Wahl manscaping razor while sky diving.

  • Justin 6636

    Justin 6636

    26 days ago

    Can you activate two portals if on lightning upgrade



    26 days ago

    Hello NoahJ :))))

  • CB Gaming

    CB Gaming

    26 days ago


  • just a chill berd
    just a chill berd7 days ago

    Imagin speedruning cold war zombies and no having teir 3 juggernaut

  • tazz366
    tazz36613 days ago

    they ruined zombies.

  • tayo
    tayo14 days ago

    Dee Machine

  • Lecyay
    Lecyay14 days ago


  • Devon Devon
    Devon Devon14 days ago

    Ay yo Steve be like ima get that back 5 secs later Steve beats it again

  • Tyler Robertson
    Tyler Robertson15 days ago

    Have you ever drank baileys from a 👞

  • Ryland Rodriguez
    Ryland Rodriguez15 days ago

    So clash of clans but zombies

  • cannon Savage
    cannon Savage16 days ago

    When people are beating this game in 20 minutes when I have been beat it.

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson16 days ago

    Why can’t you pause in zombies when you play your friends now is it a glitch?

  • Kelly Valentine
    Kelly Valentine17 days ago

    M 16 best gallo bad

  • J.J. Tudela
    J.J. Tudela17 days ago

    Me when I haven't seen it 6000000 times (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Ethen Carver
    Ethen Carver18 days ago

    Can anyone hmu with the shotgun setup I wanna try the run

  • Joshua Deschaine
    Joshua Deschaine19 days ago

    can you play call of duty black ops zombes.

  • bt bhg
    bt bhg19 days ago

    The gallo is superior

  • Hiba Joukhadar
    Hiba Joukhadar20 days ago

    Ngl being sponsored by a game and the video is about another game is kind of wierd

  • MM_NOT Noah
    MM_NOT Noah20 days ago

    Het is een nederlander

  • Ricardo Lanz
    Ricardo Lanz20 days ago

    What was the previous record?

  • Quexrun The 1st
    Quexrun The 1st20 days ago

    So how much you like money Noahj

  • Kbs0918 YT
    Kbs0918 YT20 days ago

    Um, who's iiSteveii? Or does he mean llStevell (LLSteveLL)?

  • oO TEkNiCiAN Oo
    oO TEkNiCiAN Oo21 day ago

    You should have the cryo freeze before the boss fight that way you can grab the electric once you need it

  • oO TEkNiCiAN Oo
    oO TEkNiCiAN Oo21 day ago

    You can shoot the tank with the raygun

  • oO TEkNiCiAN Oo
    oO TEkNiCiAN Oo21 day ago

    I beat this daily, maybe I should make a video I guess huh

  • gamingwithja
    gamingwithja21 day ago


  • JustKiddinStoned
    JustKiddinStoned21 day ago

    6:59 nice

  • JustKiddinStoned


    21 day ago

    Spam the time stamp if you don’t get it :)

  • Karim Soliman
    Karim Soliman21 day ago

    noah: watching the literal world record noah: *this is rlly fast* well... yeah

  • Yes
    Yes22 days ago

    Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.

  • Ezra Koning
    Ezra Koning22 days ago

    His name sounds dutch

    XxKNAUGSxX22 days ago

    Noah!!!!!!! When he gets the power turned on and enters the aether is it possible to run as far as he did before it teleports you?? I have never been able to make it out of the top of the stairs before it teleports me. Real question!! I am trying to figure out if there is something I am missing like an attachment on a gun or something!!! I also cant be sure but it looks like he doesn't have the 8 round mag extension on but has the ammo capacity. Thanks,

  • Pump. FN
    Pump. FN22 days ago

    How does he run so tadt

  • Caleb Wines
    Caleb Wines22 days ago

    Atleast it's not shadow of evil

  • Juan
    Juan23 days ago

    Eindelijk een Nederlander die het doet🤩

  • Seen Been
    Seen Been23 days ago

    I love how Noah makes money from videos where he’s just watching somebody play

  • A K
    A K23 days ago

    Bruh. The first round he hip fires it from a pretty good distance and hits all crits 🧐 like bruh that ain’t ever happen to me

  • Danick Dube

    Danick Dube

    20 days ago

    World record bro he’s better than u 😂

  • Grand Master Mario
    Grand Master Mario23 days ago

    I finally just got my speedrunning Chanel up and submitted my times I got 3 world records in one game then just 4 days later all 3 got beaten by one guy finally made it to that top pro level and became a world record holder in a video game then came crashing down in less than 120hrs 😐 well not exsacly he beat my records fast but I found out the new strategy he used and and I can actually beat his new world record so I can take them back all 3 if I wanted to I only got knocked down but not out we beat 4 others guys on that leaderboard I accually came in and smashed his record and then came and smashed mine but now we're probably going to have a little speedrun rivalry for a little bit I'm new to the community but I've been playing games almost all my life speedrunning for 10 years I am going to speedrun some other games some to compete for records and some for fun yes good to have records be at a pro level but it's also good to make friends have fun and relax a bit I am glad I finally got here though 🙂

  • Nat FourNine
    Nat FourNine23 days ago

    Bro wtf did he just do I just be playing the f!cking rounds til I die

  • James Tsoukalas

    James Tsoukalas

    21 day ago

    Some straight up gangsta shit

  • Ummed Adeli
    Ummed Adeli23 days ago

    whys his gun so op?

  • Noobjesus 13
    Noobjesus 1323 days ago

    It must be that stamia up you can walk faster while aiming so thats probably y

  • FS611
    FS61124 days ago

    I know what ring means, but what dose it stand for

  • Nutty Coco
    Nutty Coco24 days ago

    how hard can you milk speedruns for views

  • The Plug ATC
    The Plug ATC24 days ago

    The homely bench phytochemically welcome because drama surely mess up than a nasty baker. broken, icy cousin

  • Dominic Earl
    Dominic Earl24 days ago

    did he just say dee machine?

  • Floris ter Steeg
    Floris ter Steeg24 days ago


  • call me holden
    call me holden24 days ago

    You can't build the die you use the key card to find it

  • FizZy _
    FizZy _24 days ago

    Die MaschinE "E" "E"

  • AXG Insanity
    AXG Insanity24 days ago

    Edited video playback at 1.25x

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski24 days ago

    What's up with the subtitles in the intros?

  • That’s Aj
    That’s Aj24 days ago

    I went from tier 40 to 80 in 2 days can you believe it guys

  • ItZJust PlaZma
    ItZJust PlaZma24 days ago

    Idk how I feel about this new editing doesn’t seem like NoahJ

  • Skully bully
    Skully bully24 days ago


  • Alezyy
    Alezyy24 days ago

    you shouldve worn your dutch football jersey :(

  • Billys Gaming
    Billys Gaming24 days ago

    He didn't even need to do the full die weapon kills. He could have saved about 15seconds easily. If you get the keycard from megaton, you can do the diary stage and whilst inside the diary aether, activate the ghost at the die room and pick the DIE up through the door whilst in dark aether without getting the kills

  • luis rosales
    luis rosales24 days ago

    Why is orlov called megaton but mayak just mayak?

  • MrShocker329
    MrShocker32924 days ago

    i love how the description says black ops 1 lol

  • Nini Cardoso
    Nini Cardoso24 days ago

    OMG excellent video

  • Jimmy bridges
    Jimmy bridges24 days ago

    Hey bud did you know that you don’t need to open the door for the wonderwepon in this map you can use the remote to start sucking up souls and jump at the door while it’s sucking and take the weapon without the door open if your gonna do the world record try this trick it saves time

  • cruzz
    cruzz24 days ago

    I reakon steve will come back breaking this record Steve is a god

  • cowwow124 da man
    cowwow124 da man24 days ago

    Day 7 of trying to get Noah to react to hollow knight

  • Martin Bigboi
    Martin Bigboi24 days ago

    But you know for a fact this man used all his rng for the year

  • Elmin L
    Elmin L24 days ago

    Wasn’t carrying the ball forwards ACTUALLY slower? Could it be that the new stamina buff or possibly a hot fix to the ball, could’ve changed it?

  • David
    David24 days ago

    Hey, the new upgrade can get a godmode dog to show, never can go away, it's like a ghost that follows and harasses you every minute of your life

  • J Webb
    J Webb24 days ago

    The edits were a bit much on this video. Regardless of that still great content

  • Max Catastrophe
    Max Catastrophe24 days ago

    Its crazy how fast these speed runs are going and then you realize the run still has time losses, so it really can get even faster 😭

  • Logan Solze
    Logan Solze24 days ago

    My guy couldn’t do this on his main channel because of the sponsorship

  • StudioBot_Sonic
    StudioBot_Sonic24 days ago


  • cod dog
    cod dog24 days ago

    Noah I got raygun round four 1 try on the bow plz read this thx

  • Navi
    Navi24 days ago

    He has a new video. 21:57

  • ejai augustin
    ejai augustin24 days ago

    This guy watched fired up

  • Bobby Sells
    Bobby Sells25 days ago

    Oh look noah j making more money off of somebody else's stream. Please do what I do and just go to the person's channel who uploaded the WR and watch it from there.

  • vanibale
    vanibale25 days ago

    I never try to beat the game I just go for kills

  • Israel Martell
    Israel Martell25 days ago

    Gallo Is Pronounced (Guy-Ohh) in Spanish and im pretty sure they’re using the spanish version or else it would be the spas it’s nerve Wrecking to hear it being butchered. In spanish if there are two L’s together they accent and form a Y when spelling, just a heads up...

  • Jordan Kent
    Jordan Kent25 days ago

    Remember when this wasn't a react channel

  • Andreas Scherer
    Andreas Scherer25 days ago

    oh no i can imagine steve now doing nothing more than practicing

  • joloboy5437
    joloboy543725 days ago


  • GreenEYESfromOHIO
    GreenEYESfromOHIO25 days ago

    Which is better the main EE in Firebase Z or Die Maschine?

  • Fíonn McCann
    Fíonn McCann25 days ago

    Love the content Noah

  • Shadow man
    Shadow man25 days ago

    I have a feeling Steve is going to beat the ee I could be wrong

  • _demi_187 _
    _demi_187 _25 days ago

    if u press 1 on ur keyboard it skips the sponser

  • Jack Spallone
    Jack Spallone25 days ago

    Nice weed plants noah lol

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos25 days ago

    What was the world record time before this

  • xAFilthyFatManx
    xAFilthyFatManx25 days ago

    The walking dead game for mobile is pish

  • xNiRoOMG
    xNiRoOMG25 days ago

    America don’t even have a language Noah tf u talking ?

  • The yellow Mustard
    The yellow Mustard25 days ago

    Noah is going to cry at some point

  • Justin
    Justin25 days ago

    If NoahJ doesn’t do a reaction upset video it doesn’t count lol.

  • Derrick Parr
    Derrick Parr25 days ago

    Finally beat D.I.E. Machine for the first time the other day (solo)

  • Luke Regan
    Luke Regan25 days ago


  • AquaMango27
    AquaMango2725 days ago

    If people wanted captions there’s an option for that already... it’s fine to put them up to emphasize something or for like one sentence, but having them for the entire intro like that is a little excessive and distracting.

  • Tyler
    Tyler25 days ago

    Good stuff

  • stalker84sot
    stalker84sot25 days ago

    Proficiat @MarkvanLeerdam / Congrats @MarkvanLeerdam

    THEBOOF9325 days ago

    These videos are lame upload something different

  • Lieutenant Ace
    Lieutenant Ace25 days ago

    It's 2 L's Steve 2 L's not i xD

  • Stijn van der Linden
    Stijn van der Linden25 days ago

    Dutch gang lets go de Netherlands will rule

  • Titaqua BOEIE
    Titaqua BOEIE25 days ago

    I feel like he could've used one aether shroud somewhere in that run

  • Hustle Humbly
    Hustle Humbly25 days ago

    This guy wasn’t even optimizing, you know for a fact Steve gonna put his shitting pants on and merk this kid

  • Dennis mildernis
    Dennis mildernis25 days ago

    Shouout to the netherlands yeeeeeeey

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins25 days ago

    7:55 stroke.exe

  • Trent Paulson
    Trent Paulson25 days ago

    makes sense because of how fast you run with full stamina up now, actually, yeah, speedrun faster than usain bolt

  • roger huibers
    roger huibers25 days ago

    Dutch people be getting them records! I love it :)

  • Bountiful Breathing Bliss.

    Bountiful Breathing Bliss.

    14 days ago


  • Donnie gamesters
    Donnie gamesters25 days ago

    I just played call of duty cold war zombies and I'm now upsest

  • oG_bulletzzz
    oG_bulletzzz25 days ago

    Noah not sure if you’re going to see this but for de D.I.E wonderweapon after you get card and run to the door and then jump and spam button to collect you can get it for without zombies kills