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  • Shywisconsin
    Shywisconsin7 days ago

    Outriders didn't age well

  • RAJ
    RAJMonth ago

    I already know it took him many attempts to get a game where he gets a rai k 84 on the first box

  • Mr_Sher
    Mr_SherMonth ago

    hey you need to update coz theres another WR!!

  • matthew
    matthewMonth ago

    When earthoman beats it lmaoooo

  • Craig Haught
    Craig HaughtMonth ago

    7.5 seconds

  • Moshipsword
    MoshipswordMonth ago

    Can someone Link me the build the ray k leader board if there is one I can't find one

  • RNG 2F4CE
    RNG 2F4CEMonth ago

    first he said tombstone... then he said... quick revive. xD

  • CharlieRL13
    CharlieRL13Month ago


  • MilkMan Productions
    MilkMan ProductionsMonth ago

    Watch stamina up be even faster next season and then there will be a better run πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  • Brohodi
    BrohodiMonth ago

    Literally is the word for this video because Noah can’t stop saying it lol

  • Samuel Venuti
    Samuel VenutiMonth ago

    No one beats the STEVE

  • Amaan Qume
    Amaan QumeMonth ago

    M16 or Hauer 77 not for speedrunning but in general what's the better starting class?

    ZOMBIE DOGZ316Month ago

    Can you stop telling people want to do they can do the world record whatever they want and you are not the boss of them.

  • HK
    HKMonth ago

    This is great and all but Noah still needs to react to the new moon speedrun

  • Rebatable
    RebatableMonth ago

    Omg this dude named Rishofficial beat der eisendrach wr

  • Sahib Rahman
    Sahib RahmanMonth ago

    You can now brain bot a mangler

  • Mr. Chicken
    Mr. ChickenMonth ago

    Play a game called the shore

  • EffJayR
    EffJayRMonth ago

    β€œI wanna fight u”.. Noah looks like the type to throw wide ass haymakers like a windmill πŸ˜‚ guy can’t fight for shit πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • Moistayyy Lien
    Moistayyy LienMonth ago

    Is anyone having an issue with a glitch on die maschine where if you use the new field upgrade with a plagehound spawned in it causes the plaguehound to become invincible?

  • Jason Andrews
    Jason AndrewsMonth ago

    Did he say farther adu?

  • Mohammed Haddaoui
    Mohammed HaddaouiMonth ago

    when you are gonna play some bo3 zombies

  • nightwolf36777
    nightwolf36777Month ago

    open the crates when its your player name color

  • Ashley-Rae Y
    Ashley-Rae YMonth ago

    You alive?

  • dat pro boi12
    dat pro boi12Month ago

    My head so many speed runs ahhhhhh (snorts crack) ahhhhhh keep up good work hahaha

  • Max S
    Max SMonth ago


  • Ethan Reed
    Ethan ReedMonth ago

    The aquatic jeep routinely bore because poet inadvertently entertain pro a abusive suede. tired, guttural H habitual sauce

  • EVVSlayyzz
    EVVSlayyzzMonth ago

    Hey Noah. Just letting you know I am a big fan. I've been watching since GTA VI FNAF Mods. My first xbox username was based off you. It was EVANMAN456

    Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EMMonth ago

    πŸƒ Speed

  • Casey Correy
    Casey CorreyMonth ago

    I love how the vids get shorter the more annoyed Noah gets

  • Takeo
    TakeoMonth ago

    20:54 no he’s not you Also shave your eyebrows

  • Tyler Peterson
    Tyler PetersonMonth ago

    Whats his m16 clasd

  • TCC_sHiFt
    TCC_sHiFtMonth ago

    So uh when does merch ship again?

  • Orlando Rivera
    Orlando RiveraMonth ago

    Noah it saying the u are confusing the community why noah why u calling outbreak dlc 2 the gaming revolution say u messing up the community confused all the zombies community. Lmao

  • bbguns1234
    bbguns1234Month ago

    nope.... it'll be broken.... And we'll be watching you cry. xD

  • dylan falcon
    dylan falconMonth ago


  • AltoMando57
    AltoMando57Month ago

    I got a Ray K in 1st box tryπŸ€™

  • Yyoo, it’s DOM !!
    Yyoo, it’s DOM !!Month ago

    Haha there’s no way lol I should start streaming cause I did this shit in literally 15 mins lol

    TROY_GAMERMonth ago

    This is secret

  • Corbin Threlkeld
    Corbin ThrelkeldMonth ago

    I like how noah completely IGNORED A DONATION just because the guy asked about Outbreak EE's. What a douche..

  • Lawrence Molloy
    Lawrence MolloyMonth ago

    *steve* joins chat So I heard u said it was never gonna beating couple hours later we see Noah reacting to onther

  • Lawrence Molloy
    Lawrence MolloyMonth ago

    *steve*left chat

  • Haroun Savage
    Haroun SavageMonth ago

    Would you shave your eyebrows πŸ€” for 1k

  • pEvident
    pEvidentMonth ago

    I miss your Gta 5 vids. I use to watch all the way back to 4-7 years ago. I quit watching you for a while. I kinda still wanna see you make a gta v vid even if the game is dead now.

  • Conor B.
    Conor B.Month ago

    We need to see Noah react to Steve’s round 100 outbreak solo

  • X_SupremeSkill_X
    X_SupremeSkill_XMonth ago

    Noah: β€œon my mama this record will never be beaten” Steve: β€œHope you’ve said your last goodbyes...”

  • Corogamerboi
    CorogamerboiMonth ago

    I one time got ray k on round six first mystery box I almost died both when I got it and when I crashed.

  • Memento Mori
    Memento MoriMonth ago

    *Yo Who Donated At **14:05** That Had Me Crying!*

  • lBabyy Games
    lBabyy GamesMonth ago

    Tells everyone go sub to kingman whilst he still isnt subbed

  • VideoJupinderS. 1
    VideoJupinderS. 1Month ago

    :) see this face

  • KingDeuces
    KingDeucesMonth ago

    Why was his first door 1250 but mine is always 1500?

  • Corbin Threlkeld

    Corbin Threlkeld

    Month ago

    Ahhhjhh wtf lol

  • KingDeuces


    Month ago

    @Corbin Threlkeld I figured it out, cause we were doing private not solo

  • Corbin Threlkeld

    Corbin Threlkeld

    Month ago

    Same!!!!!!!! Wtf

  • Harly Hetland
    Harly HetlandMonth ago

    Still hasn’t done the doki doki stream πŸ˜‚

  • Jon Nelson
    Jon NelsonMonth ago

    This game looks so fun brings back memories of old games i can tell you enjoyed it also you had a πŸ˜ƒ every time u used the slow down power an xray evaporated people lol

  • Emanuel Herbert
    Emanuel HerbertMonth ago

    Im looking for anyone to play zombies with reply if ur down

  • Ikonic builds
    Ikonic buildsMonth ago

    why i get a destiny reccomend in his descripton

  • Justin
    JustinMonth ago

    ||STEVE|| we believe!!!!

  • Resiptions
    ResiptionsMonth ago

    Noah might cause a war if Steve breaks this record again

  • willie boudreau
    willie boudreauMonth ago

    every video u have made in a while are all speed runs go do some anther things man mix it up a bit

  • Yazmeen Thompson
    Yazmeen ThompsonMonth ago

    Call of duty speed run

  • E Berk
    E BerkMonth ago

    Can a brother get more custom zombies maps plz?

  • Poptartbob
    PoptartbobMonth ago

    What was that weird sound at 14:25πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Calvin Cooke
    Calvin CookeMonth ago

    Noah : he got tombstone I mean quick revive Me : you mean stamen up

  • A B
    A BMonth ago

    Where is that digital clock from it's so cool

  • OhIDid
    OhIDidMonth ago

    Waiting for Steve to clap back

  • Solo Scar7
    Solo Scar7Month ago

    noah’s mom rn πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

  • Trevor Goodrich
    Trevor GoodrichMonth ago

    Back to shadows of evil

  • Drew
    DrewMonth ago

    Banana Bread is like you said before, a dessert bread. But it’s still bread! :)

  • HorrorPleb
    HorrorPlebMonth ago

    I was looking at the live chat and some guy said he beat kingmans world record, his name was called The AutoMator Look at Live chat around 13:05 and look for a guy that says "I BEAT IT"

  • Adam Power
    Adam PowerMonth ago

    .25 speed right at the start

  • K3ith
    K3ithMonth ago

    Give steve a few hours new video coming out for noah WORLD RECORD BEAT AGAIN

  • Noah Hirsche
    Noah HirscheMonth ago


  • Holly Cormier
    Holly CormierMonth ago

    I have Astro A40s with the mixamp tourney edition headsets for the Xbox series X. Absolutely love them, was wondering if anyone has the JBL headset that Noah has on in this video? Wondering if they are good. Thanks

  • Robin Kay
    Robin KayMonth ago

    14 second boss fight

  • Black Ops Police
    Black Ops PoliceMonth ago

    Steve has entered the chat

  • iHCSx
    iHCSxMonth ago

    This can be beat. Im pretty sure someone could get a sub 22. The 1 zombie was slow and the he missed the wall skip (which might be patched idk) steve is coming bois πŸ˜‚

  • Kairo Guzman
    Kairo GuzmanMonth ago

    Steve and earthomon are like I accept the challenge πŸ˜‚

  • Can I hit 400 before my birthday?
    Can I hit 400 before my birthday?Month ago

    Deadshot dosnt work on the boss xD

  • v Squill
    v SquillMonth ago

    React to Max Payne 3 speed run

  • Kevin Decker
    Kevin DeckerMonth ago

    Steve ain’t beating this

  • Xenon Fusion
    Xenon FusionMonth ago

    someone is gonna beat it

  • Shuri
    ShuriMonth ago

    sub 22 is possible i think

  • Flixayyy
    FlixayyyMonth ago

    **buys stamin-up** "HE DID IT! HE BOUGHT TOMBSTONE! Oh wait no, HE BOUGHT QUICK REVIVE!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Kieran turner
    Kieran turnerMonth ago

    So basically it's the division with super powers

  • Itsyourboy Jimmy
    Itsyourboy JimmyMonth ago

    Noah isnt even subed to kingsmanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • AaronTCU
    AaronTCUMonth ago

    Noah and king man: this is the god run Steve watching from a distance: 😏 *mumbles* I’ll see you soon

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerMonth ago

    Only real ones were here before Noah changed the title

  • chris derr
    chris derrMonth ago

    The cover transfer and the moving mechanics reminds me of army of two

  • Marvel Paradox
    Marvel ParadoxMonth ago

    Noah get some sleep

  • Majed O
    Majed OMonth ago


  • Tyler Fuoco
    Tyler FuocoMonth ago

    Lol has anyone noticed that this run was not in japanese. soooo does that mean that it can be faster?

  • Clockwork Rin
    Clockwork RinMonth ago

    from what i saw there were plenty of opportunities to go faster

  • steve
    steveMonth ago

    Anyone waiting for Steve and earthomon to upload their runs it's gonna break Noah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Voldmosis
    VoldmosisMonth ago

    Your eyebrows grow back too... that comment was cancerous. Don’t be afraid to shave em

  • Chris Cho12
    Chris Cho12Month ago

    This wont be the god run because there is a new way to get to teleporter without the door buy.

  • Rudy Cortez
    Rudy CortezMonth ago

    This game reminds me of Destiny

  • moist chimes
    moist chimesMonth ago

    love the noah and stone combo πŸ’ͺ🏻

  • finalbbq
    finalbbqMonth ago

    *mimic spawns anywhere * Noah : "he got one of the best spawns"

  • gerardo cruz
    gerardo cruzMonth ago

    Noah disrespects Stamin-up by calling it Tombstone, then tries to correct himself and disrespects it again by calling it Quick Revive

  • Frank Moses
    Frank MosesMonth ago

    Kingman: might go for sub 22 NoahJ knowing he said "On my momma no one will ever beat this run.": NO!!!

  • United EA
    United EAMonth ago

    This man destroys Noah's hopes and dreams

    JESTERMonth ago

    noah you and lex need to play with him omg