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  • brandon corbitt
    brandon corbitt15 days ago

    I was playing split screen and I had built the raik and my brother was texting to get it I was spinning for fun but I got the raik out of the box whilst having another raik I was not able to pick it up so he could get it

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva28 days ago

    Rip wooh dogs

  • Dan McGarry
    Dan McGarryMonth ago

    Man, I love watching your excitement over something like this. It’s been two weeks..I can’t wait to watch some other videos and see what strategies you’ve adopted!!

  • Ghost Busters
    Ghost BustersMonth ago

    Fyln is eating my sisters pooop of my carpet make sure to tell Alia Avery on the carpet make sure to tell Alia Avery likes wood and eats the dog food and our cat food

  • Grady Brecher
    Grady BrecherMonth ago

    Imagine using quick revive tier four with stamina up tier five and aether shroud tier 4

  • Harry Leigh
    Harry LeighMonth ago

    I just use Die Machine to grind XP for guns

  • NitroNTV
    NitroNTVMonth ago

    Why is his first door 1250, mines always 1500??

  • carlos pantoja
    carlos pantojaMonth ago

    Hahah sooo im waiting for the new world record reaction tho

  • Tucker Scott
    Tucker ScottMonth ago

    wraith before she got nerfed

  • Lifeline _
    Lifeline _Month ago

    The missile did more damage because of ring of fire

  • Mickeeymoose Unknown
    Mickeeymoose UnknownMonth ago

    Yo how did he bye quick revive and door he only had 1000 points

  • iHitTheBox -
    iHitTheBox -Month ago

    Tier 5

  • Mason Bertelsmeier
    Mason BertelsmeierMonth ago

    Does anyone want to do high rounds with me just reply to this comment

  • Kody Nelson
    Kody NelsonMonth ago

    orda health is true. was on wave 75 solo and only got it half health

  • Edim.z
    Edim.zMonth ago

    Noah did some serious foreshadowing

  • eerohughes
    eerohughesMonth ago

    Bro the cruise missel always destroyed the boss. I found that out day 1

  • Damian Leon
    Damian LeonMonth ago

    My first door costs 1500 everyone else i see is 1250??

  • Lamine Nachi
    Lamine NachiMonth ago

    Ive gotten the rayk 4 times in mystery boxes

  • Rob Boden
    Rob BodenMonth ago


  • Tyrese Geser
    Tyrese GeserMonth ago

    I just got the raygun for the first time and omg that weapon is a beast in this game

  • Urusai Hito
    Urusai HitoMonth ago

    6:37 you’re gonna regret that

  • Tiny Child
    Tiny ChildMonth ago

    The ring of fire upgrade the damage of the cruise. Missile

  • SnipesMakesRandomContent
    SnipesMakesRandomContentMonth ago


  • Shadow weilder
    Shadow weilderMonth ago

    He used ring of fire which increases the power of the cruise missile

  • waterzila
    waterzilaMonth ago

    I broke ather chage once I was getting the dubble charge

  • Littlemangump30
    Littlemangump30Month ago

    Some one got round 100 on outbreak

  • De Duivel
    De DuivelMonth ago

    I love how try hards are crying about this lol

  • J0LTS
    J0LTSMonth ago

    On xbox too. Gotta respect this guy lol

  • CrazilyRyan
    CrazilyRyanMonth ago

    When you rescue Maxis as Maxis she's gonna be like: "You are... me?"

  • Ethan Blandon
    Ethan BlandonMonth ago

    Get tier IV Quick Revive, have Stamin Up, and tier IV Aether Shroud, revive a teammate in Aether Shroud, with Quick Revive and Stamin Up then you'll sprint as fast as you can with that.

  • Robert Mosack
    Robert MosackMonth ago

    Rip the woo😭

  • Mason Jennion
    Mason JennionMonth ago

    Almost 5 mill

  • Ventura
    VenturaMonth ago

    to be the flash it’s simple, aether shroud and staminup as well as picking someone up with quick revive = light speed

  • T Kam
    T KamMonth ago

    If he got elemental pop it would’ve been even easier and maybe faster

  • T Kam
    T KamMonth ago

    The fully upgraded fara does more damage than pack 3 rai k to orda

  • DrippingPickle
    DrippingPickleMonth ago

    ring of fire makes streaks damage higher too. if you hit all three missiles you could probably kill it with just that...

  • C_ Force
    C_ ForceMonth ago

    I’m waiting to see shadows of evil

  • Bret Oscar
    Bret OscarMonth ago

    Worst game ever released

  • Letsgameforfun
    LetsgameforfunMonth ago

    Hey Noah! I found a cool secret area on outbreak with my friends. Theres a piece of intel inside and my friends and I think were the first people to find it! How can I show you??

  • DBo2018 YT
    DBo2018 YTMonth ago

    All of the new grub hub perks give you the deals you love

  • MrJ 94
    MrJ 94Month ago

    noah, the reason kingman's cruise missile did all that damage to the orda is because of his ring of fire. very op

  • Jackson McGrady
    Jackson McGradyMonth ago

    I hate outbreak

  • Mr Clean
    Mr CleanMonth ago

    There are new ways to bypass the first door

  • Matthew Plant
    Matthew PlantMonth ago

    Box spin faster is speed cola higher tier I believe

  • Kyan Cope
    Kyan CopeMonth ago

    For some reason I feel like Steve will come back

  • William Ball
    William BallMonth ago

    wow i cant believe this is bo1 according to yt

  • Keagan Mckiernan
    Keagan MckiernanMonth ago

    19 seconds for the boss fight wtf kingman

  • Miel
    MielMonth ago

    Deadshot doesnt increase damage, only critical damage. The normal damage number going up was cuz of ring of fire tier 5

  • lasgamer gr
    lasgamer grMonth ago

    Where is the ray gun come on

  • James Unger
    James UngerMonth ago

    *NEW EASTER EGG HELP* On firebase a I’ve realized multiple notes with possible cyphers or random words in 5 different locations by 5 chalkboards (note there are other similar chalkboards around the map but with no notes. ) 1st in spawns power room, 2nd left as soon as you enter military command, 3rd as you enter planning offices, 4th in weapons lab, 5th looks a little off but is by the window by dr peck. Spawn #1: BOUQK Military Command #2: TSAGR Planning Offices #3: YMWVC Weapons lab #4: JXDHN Dr. Peck #5: VEKDICT PLFIE

  • matthew tomei
    matthew tomeiMonth ago

    Ring of Fire effects kill streaks

  • xXBeekenXx
    xXBeekenXxMonth ago

    "They pached the WOOOOO"

  • T R A S H 新 ドラゴン
    T R A S H 新 ドラゴンMonth ago

    Whos this homeless guy? Go trim ya beard

  • RazAlguise
    RazAlguiseMonth ago

    Outbreak is buggy as hell. I literally can’t play with other people. It crashes or if they leave I lose connection to host. I can only play by myself. Even then it still crashes sometimes

  • nick
    nickMonth ago

    The mimics step is single handedly the worse step in any easter egg ever i hate it

  • 123 123
    123 123Month ago

    the box spin thing is a perk

  • Scary LUX Sway357
    Scary LUX Sway357Month ago

    Poor poor Noah

  • TechniqueGaming
    TechniqueGamingMonth ago

    You can still get up there without buying the door using aether shroud

  • Freckly Python
    Freckly PythonMonth ago

    If he never missed a shot he could get faster

  • Talkin_Potato
    Talkin_PotatoMonth ago

    the aether shroud and stamin up speed it going to get patched that was way to fast

  • Dust Snipez
    Dust SnipezMonth ago

    That’s what I said when I saw the new upgrades for everything.”The FireBaseZ Speed Run World Record will be broken 10 times in a single day”

  • JT Swagger
    JT SwaggerMonth ago

    @noahj456 saying it’s impossible to get the rai k Me: going for ray gun round 25 getting rai k in first 10 tries

  • Solar Chronic
    Solar ChronicMonth ago

    is no one gonna talk about leage of legends thats in the background

  • Finn Torbett
    Finn TorbettMonth ago

    Could the damage the cruise missile did be affected by him standing in ring of fire when he called it in?

  • Krouls FC
    Krouls FCMonth ago

    He needed the perk for the box to go quicker

  • Johnny
    JohnnyMonth ago

    I think the balcony jump in the beginning isn't really needed considering staminup + aether shroud speeds.

  • Kyle Meyer
    Kyle MeyerMonth ago


  • Leo Stromberg
    Leo StrombergMonth ago

    Was playing die maschine earlier and got the ray gun back to back 5 TIMES

  • toxic_love69
    toxic_love69Month ago

    The pred missle did so much damage because of ring of fire

  • Natsukiii26
    Natsukiii26Month ago

    Noah the question is are you getting tier 3 aether shroud

  • Tyler McGuire
    Tyler McGuireMonth ago

    Wait is the ray-k in the “AR” category or is it the new “special” weapon class? I thought special meant the D.I.E shockwave and ray guns

  • Rhyno13
    Rhyno13Month ago

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but when you cuss, can you please just say the word, it’s driving me insane just hearing you say “f it” all the time. 🤬🙂

  • Mattytorbs
    MattytorbsMonth ago

    >Every reaction video "If he misses these box hits he's done" Well he got the new WR time and you're watching the video, so he obviously gets it xD

  • Rhyno13
    Rhyno13Month ago

    There’s a new way to get up without spending money on the door. It’s on the subreddit. So you make sure there’s a zombie in front of the ledge to the left of the ammo box stairs, and then you run and mantle up and you get up on the upstairs. Please forgive my awful explanation.

  • T man
    T manMonth ago

    what happened to noahj456 staring into my soul for the first 5 minutes

  • Jessie Mayhew
    Jessie MayhewMonth ago

    He's beaten this run already Noah🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous UserMonth ago

    Noah: is he playing it out???? Me: 👁 👄 👁 well yes or the video would be as long as it is..



  • Jack Smith
    Jack SmithMonth ago

    @NoahJ456 they buffed Explosive damage too Missile explodes

  • Jack Smith
    Jack SmithMonth ago


    XANDSSAMonth ago

    He beat it again.......

  • Dark wolf
    Dark wolfMonth ago

    Kingmans skill with speedruns is formed entirely out of spite for noah

  • Liball 6
    Liball 6Month ago

    so close to 5 mil

  • Casey Kelly
    Casey KellyMonth ago

    you cant wait for the boss fight I cant wait for season 5 of My Hero Academia

  • luke ramsey
    luke ramseyMonth ago

    What about the knife jump skip??

  • Jude Damiani
    Jude DamianiMonth ago

    40K more until 5mil WHOOP WHOOP

  • Jony Nawar
    Jony NawarMonth ago

    Nothing better than finishing school for the day getting comfortable in bed and watching noah

  • Pavel Lopez Ruiz
    Pavel Lopez RuizMonth ago

    can you do shawdows of evil speed run or orgins in bo3

  • Zackary Thibeault
    Zackary ThibeaultMonth ago

    Does ring of fire affect the cruise missile?

  • Zolvh
    ZolvhMonth ago

    noah the box was the same speed cuz he didnt have speed cola?

  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn HughesMonth ago

    ring of fire makes scorestreaks stronger as well as your weapon

  • Dazz_Tuff Games
    Dazz_Tuff GamesMonth ago

    Hell hounds doing the woo is gone🥺w̑̈ȏ̈ȏ̈ w̑̈ȏ̈ȏ̈

  • Key Genius
    Key GeniusMonth ago

    He fucked up a bunch so stop giving him attention. With Steve's upcoming WR, it'll probably be like 20:45 or something like how I told all y'all from the beginning.

  • Kingman


    Month ago

    Right because 20:45 is possible on solo. You’re correct of course. 🧢

  • Nicolás Muñoz
    Nicolás MuñozMonth ago


  • Royon1
    Royon1Month ago

    noah is hilarious when he start screaming lmao

  • Dark Crimzonn
    Dark CrimzonnMonth ago

    Noah to get the box to spin faster you need speed cola. Its tier 4 or 5

  • Anthony Gierbolini
    Anthony GierboliniMonth ago

    Non of the hell hounds did the wuuu -noah

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew ThomasMonth ago

    he uh... he beat it again, he got 22:09

  • Deepest Ocean
    Deepest OceanMonth ago

    Noah is so CRINGEY

  • Michael D Calautti
    Michael D CalauttiMonth ago

    No one: Absolutely No one: Bus sprint zombies: 9:36