Literally the BEST looking Custom Zombies map of all time!!

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  • Marcus M
    Marcus M11 hours ago

    It’s not

  • ButtSword
    ButtSword5 days ago

    I used this mod on town remastered on easy difficulty with zombie counter off and got sprinters on round 1🤣

  • B H
    B H8 days ago

    -No Fog -No Denizens -Seperate 4 player controlled Bus system -Better Pack-a-Punch setup -Bus Route B

  • FrankyXiii
    FrankyXiii9 days ago

    You a fraud , why do you but 100 on your zombie videos when you don’t even get to 100.

  • Matthew MistWeaver
    Matthew MistWeaver9 days ago

    Cold War? How this map in Cold War? All I see is BO3

  • Snapple Is Fire
    Snapple Is Fire9 days ago

    ya need to change the title bro...

  • Jacob Moody
    Jacob Moody9 days ago

    Black ops 3

  • Carson Hogan
    Carson Hogan9 days ago

    If they remastered tranzit with this lighting and the og stuff it would be a good map in my opinion

  • Rhett Sawyer
    Rhett Sawyer10 days ago

    Noah it’s in the same spot as always aren’t you supposed to be an og zombies player

  • Rhett Sawyer
    Rhett Sawyer10 days ago

    Use to

  • Rhett Sawyer
    Rhett Sawyer10 days ago

    The shield part it on the door lol

  • Xander Lara
    Xander Lara10 days ago

    I'm not the smartest man in the world but I'm pretty sure that's the BO3 engine, not Cold War

  • RyRy
    RyRy11 days ago

    Play advanced warfare zombies!!!

  • BIG-WhoShotYa
    BIG-WhoShotYa11 days ago

    They seriously need to remake this and Die rise ASAP!

  • EM re
    EM re12 days ago

    Who makes the custom maps

  • Anttii black
    Anttii black12 days ago

    Is this on Xbox series X???

  • Guadalupe Aragon
    Guadalupe Aragon13 days ago


  • Mr. Snail
    Mr. Snail16 days ago

    How much you wanna bet once they are done with all the reimagins for the diff tranzit maps there gonna put it all together and make the ultimate tranzit map

  • Kaleb Rutgers
    Kaleb Rutgers18 days ago

    Why does everyone hate on transit I thought it was a good map

  • Mr MurAT
    Mr MurAT20 days ago

    I just say i love bo 3

  • Luxur
    Luxur21 day ago

    32:05 best part.

  • SC4R-Evo
    SC4R-Evo21 day ago


  • Devil RainZ
    Devil RainZ21 day ago

    WE NEED THIS IN ACTUAL COLD WAR I miss this map 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • WeezyPacMan
    WeezyPacMan22 days ago

    They could totally remake transit, have you seen the new map? It's beautiful.

  • Rivid RNPG
    Rivid RNPG22 days ago

    this shit be lookin like a TheSmithPlays Thumbnail

  • Booba44 Gaming
    Booba44 Gaming22 days ago


  • Sky Florentino
    Sky Florentino23 days ago

    Game: black ops 3 Map: black ops 2 Systems: black ops cold war

  • Holidayseason
    Holidayseason23 days ago

    I would pay

  • Holidayseason
    Holidayseason23 days ago

    Ong this is better than cw

  • Kevin Hobday
    Kevin Hobday23 days ago

    I’m guessing this is for pc only??!

  • L
    L24 days ago

    Treyarch did a pretty good job to f*ck up the whole zombies experience. This map is a good example of how zombies has to be. All these new killstreaks, starting with a made class instead of the og handgun, bullsh*t drops, healthbar and other features make the zombies experience feel so bad..

  • Abusive Squirrel
    Abusive Squirrel24 days ago

    18:58 best part of the video

  • Chris Marple
    Chris Marple24 days ago

    This is insanely good

  • aerostopolis
    aerostopolis25 days ago

    RTX Zombies?

  • XboxXDplayz
    XboxXDplayz25 days ago

    Olso is that a map code or something if it is what’s the code

  • XboxXDplayz
    XboxXDplayz25 days ago

    Bruh o, it’s at the start you said jc and my name is jaycee that’s my short name lol

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James25 days ago

    Who makes these maps can some one let me know please

  • y0uar3p00p
    y0uar3p00p25 days ago


  • Ashton Vasquez
    Ashton Vasquez26 days ago

    I’m watching this with my brother and he said why do they need a avocado charge up a switch? Lol🤣

  • Ashton Vasquez
    Ashton Vasquez26 days ago

    I would literally do anything to play 1 game of zombies with you

  • Ashton Vasquez

    Ashton Vasquez

    26 days ago

    I like how the perks are glowing and around the wall buys

  • Ashton Vasquez
    Ashton Vasquez26 days ago

    Where are you getting all of the remastered and the weird maps I see you play

  • collin summers
    collin summers26 days ago

    Whenever you think that it’s a Cold War leak, you turn on your console and there’s no DLC 🤣🤣🤣

  • 4hb.e
    4hb.e26 days ago


  • gavin skates
    gavin skates27 days ago

    Just gave my hopes up wooooow man disappointed 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez27 days ago

    That black ops 3 not Cold War

  • Mikey Finny
    Mikey Finny27 days ago

    Does the bus come still?

  • Daegan Butler
    Daegan Butler27 days ago

    What type of game your playing

  • Ayo Peepeepoopoo check
    Ayo Peepeepoopoo check27 days ago

    Did he just drop a trade a ray gun for an lmg

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim27 days ago

    they rlly have to remake bo2 zombies

  • LustParadox
    LustParadox28 days ago

    Light Aether camo

  • U don't know me
    U don't know me28 days ago

    Treyarch are idiots if they do not hire any of these zombie map creators. They could really use some of these prodigies.

  • Colin Mann
    Colin Mann28 days ago

    i got so turned on when I saw the wunderwaffe in the box

  • Liam Benedict
    Liam Benedict28 days ago

    Homie really do be sponsored by AT&T lol

  • Flurpledur
    Flurpledur28 days ago

    This is a joke right? Its not even cold war

  • Chris Ilott
    Chris Ilott28 days ago

    Imagine photoshopping the minimap into the thumbnail 🤣

  • Matt Mueller
    Matt Mueller28 days ago

    Cold War zombies that doesn’t look like completely trash? Nice.

  • Justin JACKSON22
    Justin JACKSON2228 days ago

    hi noah

  • Young B.G.N
    Young B.G.N28 days ago

    How do you download this on ps4?

  • Edwin Benitez
    Edwin Benitez28 days ago

    Me after he gets the ray gun and puts it away I hope he hose not get the rayK him getting a teddy :D

  • CALiberTV
    CALiberTV29 days ago

    The moment when you realize black ops 3 from 6 years ago is better looking than Cold War just sad...

  • Runningjest
    Runningjest29 days ago

    Can we not get my neck like that again😞 I’ve been waiting for tranzit remastered

  • MenixYT
    MenixYT29 days ago

    I want them to remaster buried

  • Garrett Spivey
    Garrett Spivey29 days ago

    Wow, the colors on this remake are really nice. I also just got a new tv so that might be the reason lol

    CRAIG IS BEST29 days ago

    Noah: ooh i got the raygun Also Noah: trades it after 1 second Everybody: WHAT DID HE JUST DO

  • Tim Sonnen7
    Tim Sonnen729 days ago

    What game do you plays this on

  • Justin Taveras
    Justin Taveras29 days ago

    its still not good until the dolphin dive is back

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan29 days ago

    So we cant play that map RN

  • AdamsMusic
    AdamsMusic29 days ago

    Nice “Cold War” game play bro 😂

  • Caleb Rhine
    Caleb Rhine29 days ago

    I was in until I saw the guy that looked like a tempest🥴

  • go_dj954
    go_dj95429 days ago

    They say OMG more than pre-teens

  • Papo
    Papo29 days ago

  • mogeek x
    mogeek x29 days ago

    Noah I finally received my self revive club order and it was wrong 😢

  • Super gamer0124
    Super gamer012429 days ago

    Let's be honest most of the reason we r here is to see Noah spin the mystery box 😂

  • Cod Kid
    Cod Kid29 days ago

    The pog/pig

  • ItsTheBagel
    ItsTheBagelMonth ago


  • Oliver Prescott
    Oliver PrescottMonth ago

    It’s a bo3 modded map

  • Christopher Townsend
    Christopher TownsendMonth ago

    23:22 I would love to see an avocado flossing

  • mateo gonzalez
    mateo gonzalezMonth ago

    that map is in cold war?? i dont think so

  • Corey Bails
    Corey BailsMonth ago

    I’ve never had anything that made me wish I had a pc to play on....... UNTIL THIS!!!!! Wow

  • Spxral XD
    Spxral XDMonth ago

    Your insane

  • se_ Popel
    se_ PopelMonth ago

    This map is gorgeous, dont like the hitmakers in zombies though:/..

  • Seven 4One
    Seven 4OneMonth ago

    Quit saying half a sentence and then not finishing what you were saying ffs

  • Sami Achraf barsoum
    Sami Achraf barsoumMonth ago

    Play shrek

  • Gage Nichols
    Gage NicholsMonth ago

    this used to be called diner remake

  • Jmaster
    JmasterMonth ago

    i really thought this was cold war the clickbate tho

  • Brendin Godersky
    Brendin GoderskyMonth ago

    Me: sees the name of the video Noahj456: welcome back we are playing tranzit remake Me: I know that guy

  • Rob Reith
    Rob ReithMonth ago

    The first thing I would have been trying to do is get the avogadro to power up the Pack-A-Punch door

  • Captain Zest
    Captain ZestMonth ago

    Fun fact I physically can not say the word Avagadro out loud idk why but im physically incapable

  • x DOGG
    x DOGGMonth ago

    Yo this looks sick! 🤢🤮

  • Jourdan Moore
    Jourdan MooreMonth ago

    How do I play this map

  • Itzhunt1255
    Itzhunt1255Month ago

    This is why we need custom maps In console

  • Tommy Krenzer
    Tommy KrenzerMonth ago

    Doesn’t even have the hud smh

  • A K
    A KMonth ago

    This map looks insanely good! No fog makes it look 10/10

  • Joseph Kahn
    Joseph KahnMonth ago

    How do they play custom maps on cold war

  • BurningMoreXP.
    BurningMoreXP.Month ago

    For the past years I had a very important question on my mind... Noah.. how come you’re sponsored by all these major brands like JBL who literally make a year’s worth of living by selling one speaker despite all of that you still look homeless?? 🤷🏻😂 I’m a fan Noah don’t roast me 😂👀

  • Noah Riley
    Noah RileyMonth ago

    Did y’all notice the lighting 😱

  • Anthony Jernigan
    Anthony JerniganMonth ago

    Yyyyy can't they leave bo2 zombies alone. Yes they can improve it but don't change 98% of the map and call it a remastered

  • Kenny Webb
    Kenny WebbMonth ago

    Can you react to the fallout 4 speed run?

  • ZombiehKeny
    ZombiehKenyMonth ago

    Don't name your shit like this, there was no cold war elements at all, dumb

  • mankind5211
    mankind5211Month ago

    Noahj456 is my dad