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  • Nelson
    NelsonDay ago

    this map looks so nice

  • Linda Huffman
    Linda Huffman5 days ago

    Noahj has played doom and didn’t know that the boss is a cyber demon wow just wow

  • KillShotDead420
    KillShotDead4205 days ago

    It's the avocado

  • Spectrum Slayers
    Spectrum Slayers7 days ago

    This boss looks like straga from darksiders the mini boss when you start the game

    KV2 SOVIET TANK8 days ago

    I see zombies boss fight the thumbnail being the cyberdemon

  • Strik3r
    Strik3r10 days ago

    NOAHJ456: they also have afterlife a never seen before thing in a zombies game ME:Bo2 mob of the dead has afterlife only OG's know

  • ErRoR SaNs
    ErRoR SaNs10 days ago

    Im Pretty sure Lex aka Lester played this map

  • Xray Roblox
    Xray Roblox11 days ago

    No way this is call of duty black ops zombies 1!

  • Sailman
    Sailman13 days ago

    I love you like a brother and Idek you❕❕❕

  • Paaplo Coco
    Paaplo Coco13 days ago

    De boss is 2016 doom boss

  • deTTi
    deTTi16 days ago

    U do grubhub noah

  • EMBR
    EMBR17 days ago

    been watching y'all play custom zombies for years now, Safe to say this is my comfort entertainment, Thanks Noah! You make life way easier for a lot of people! (:

  • Jasper Crowell
    Jasper Crowell18 days ago

    This custom map is definitely top 5 best custom zombies maps of all time

  • Badify
    Badify19 days ago

    Lol it's the cod ghost ims

  • Dilprit Khinda
    Dilprit Khinda19 days ago

    The boss is the Cyber Demon from DOOM (2016).

  • Gavino
    Gavino19 days ago

    So close to 5 m

  • Doohey Playz
    Doohey Playz19 days ago

    I need someone to time mark the boss battle cuz I'm to lazy

  • Christina Draper
    Christina Draper20 days ago

    The custom maps that brings the boys together

  • Jay
    Jay21 day ago

    nice hairline bro

  • Kush Kanthan
    Kush Kanthan22 days ago

    45:25 (bookmark)

  • No legs Nic
    No legs Nic22 days ago

    Noah you should play "it takes two" with your wife! I feel like that would be an amazing video or maybe even a steam! 😁

  • Skater Legend
    Skater Legend23 days ago

    ayo its dr straubb

  • Master Player Channel
    Master Player Channel23 days ago


  • yewint lu
    yewint lu23 days ago

    can i get a hooyah

  • Simone Antibelli
    Simone Antibelli23 days ago


  • Chrysler 300
    Chrysler 30023 days ago

    That fire hole looks like my pc trying to run this map

  • Elizabeth Coley
    Elizabeth Coley23 days ago

    That boss is from doom2016

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport24 days ago

    Me who knows alot about Doom 2016 and all the other Doom games the cyberdemon is not a。 COD。 ZOMBIE S。boss

  • whoopthereitwas
    whoopthereitwas24 days ago

    I like watching his videos especially the zombie ones but his voice makes it hard to watch an I'm not trying to be mean but that voice is so loud and pitchy persay to were I have to turn down the volume and then the gameplay and stuff and other people's voices that's playing with him you can't hear cause he's so loud so then you have to turn it back up and either deal with his voice or deal with everything else being very low it very frustrating some times.

  • LovelyEU
    LovelyEU24 days ago

    56:53 yo you and chop said it at the same time

  • RPshmuck97
    RPshmuck9724 days ago

    If treyarch just made creative maps like these...

  • inugamii
    inugamii24 days ago

    I clicked because I saw DOOM

  • Soul Eater Evans
    Soul Eater Evans25 days ago

    was that the cyber demon from doom ?!

  • Charlie Driver
    Charlie Driver25 days ago

    Map feels like motd, zns, Shino & shangri la

  • J C
    J C25 days ago

    This game looks like junk

  • bane of your existence
    bane of your existence25 days ago

    I'm disappointed that noah doesn't know doom

  • g money gaming
    g money gaming25 days ago

    Chop is emporer palpitene

  • Dark Souls ツ
    Dark Souls ツ25 days ago

    i have been watching since bo3, and im realising now, im not subbed. But im subbed to NoahJAfk

  • Ryan Bergen
    Ryan Bergen25 days ago

    new call of duty lobby rap freestyle? lmaooo

  • Zachmanx 576
    Zachmanx 57625 days ago

    27:33 well I thought the day would never come

  • SG Scrap_302
    SG Scrap_30225 days ago

    I need this map wat is it called 😂😂

  • Ronald Yates
    Ronald Yates25 days ago

    Ims call of duty ghost

  • Mip Watts
    Mip Watts25 days ago

    What map is this

  • Creede 420
    Creede 42025 days ago

    I hate how he still plays these shit modded games

  • Unknown WiFi Gaming
    Unknown WiFi Gaming25 days ago

    Just from looking at the thumbnail of the video it looks like the boss is a combination of megaman doomslayer and resident evil

  • Dr Phils Ranch

    Dr Phils Ranch

    18 days ago

    It’s literally just the cyberdemon from doom 2016 😂

  • Aïmen El Abdellati
    Aïmen El Abdellati25 days ago

    Yo Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cod mobile zombies is coming back can you plzzz play it again end there is now pack a punch

  • KingDinoMite
    KingDinoMite25 days ago

    You know the boss fight makes sense now with the revenant mini bosses

  • Jacob Tarango
    Jacob Tarango25 days ago

    It took me 15 minutes to realize that chop was not jc lmao

  • Ryan Peterson
    Ryan Peterson25 days ago

    Mob of the dead has after life

  • Eve Elasick
    Eve Elasick26 days ago

    I beat every single map in Call of Duty and also the one-eyed I also died in one it was the one with you f****** because you guys kills all the zombies I didn't get a f****** single kill.

  • Deadlydragon173
    Deadlydragon17326 days ago

    1:14:50 how does he not know the ghost ims😕😔

  • Simone Stuart
    Simone Stuart26 days ago

    If you were to choose a perk a cola to come back into cold war what would it be mine would be vulterade or doubletap

  • Durp
    Durp26 days ago

    i played this map by myself once, i hated my experience, its a great map but its hard

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man26 days ago

    "looks like a jacked keeper" *Angry doom fan noises*

  • Zotac store
    Zotac store26 days ago

    Hey nouh you should react to the spider man PS4 world record

  • MrEnderson
    MrEnderson26 days ago

    Doom 2016 boss 1 - Cyberdemon

  • Suspect
    Suspect26 days ago

    Someone should make a Mortal Kombat custom map.

  • Owen Hansel
    Owen Hansel26 days ago

    Play Star Wars empire of evil

  • Russell Pierzinski
    Russell Pierzinski26 days ago

    love how the mark 2 is just god mode for these boss fights.

  • Jessie Menchaca
    Jessie Menchaca26 days ago

    Noha i was playing Cold war on die meachin and I got the die shockwave out of the loot chest uh i just wanted to tell u

  • 『HIghRuler』
    『HIghRuler』26 days ago

    Can you do PubG costoms again plz :)

  • Kyle Wayde
    Kyle Wayde26 days ago

    Them: wow it looks so good and the graphics are great. Me watching on 240p because my internet sucks: ;-;

  • Ethan Fitzpatrick
    Ethan Fitzpatrick26 days ago

    Repost this so Noah sees that below zero is now on Consol

  • Ethan Fitzpatrick
    Ethan Fitzpatrick26 days ago

    Below zero is now one Consol

  • MoonMan 788
    MoonMan 78826 days ago

    imagine packing the wonder weapon and you insert your hands into the pack-a-punch machine

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith26 days ago

    Yooo Noah I have the victini vmax you need pulled it yesterday

  • Gavatron 178
    Gavatron 17826 days ago

    I would like to let u know noah that u played that map 3 weeks ago and remembered that much on a really complex map, u have big brain, no smooth brain, keep up the good work 👍🏼. and I was thinking of becoming a member, what are the benfits?

  • Daizohn Davis
    Daizohn Davis26 days ago

    Bro this is content wowwww

  • Tubby204
    Tubby20426 days ago

    You should keep the discord overlay so we can see who is talking at least. lol nvm just saw it on the other side of the screen

  • Jon Gale
    Jon Gale26 days ago

    When he said he was going back for the boiler room one I’m almost yelling at him to jump on the tank to grab it to extend his time

  • ANYTHING _idc_
    ANYTHING _idc_26 days ago

    I love the plant in the background

    ITS SPYDER26 days ago

    No homo. But Noah's eyes are a cool caramel color. Just saying 👌

  • Kree-lam -oth Gaming
    Kree-lam -oth Gaming26 days ago

    Doom music and the Cyberdemon

  • Rico Gallagher
    Rico Gallagher26 days ago


  • jesse balais
    jesse balais26 days ago

    I remember him watching him play this last month and it came out a long time ago cuz I don’t find anything interesting so I’ve been binge watching his custom zombies and it’s funny seeing him come back to finish the maps which is awesome cuz I love seeing all the amazing maps people make

  • N.S.D L
    N.S.D L26 days ago


  • Judah Waahkah
    Judah Waahkah26 days ago


  • Brett Christoferson
    Brett Christoferson26 days ago

    Best map in a while!! Thank you streamer

  • Logo airsoft
    Logo airsoft26 days ago

    It’s literally straight out of doom

  • Reden
    Reden26 days ago

    Why are you playing old zombies game

  • CJ
    CJ27 days ago

    when the doom 2016 cyberdemon

  • DeathsGamin
    DeathsGamin27 days ago

    Milo when he doesn’t know the map: I’m just trying to be useful and hug walls to find parts My Friends: Ughhhh this map sucksssss

  • TinyFoxtato
    TinyFoxtato27 days ago

    The Shadow Man do be a clout chaser tho

  • Micheal Green
    Micheal Green27 days ago

    noah do u still play bo4 zombies? pls reply

  • TheRealShadowNinja05
    TheRealShadowNinja0527 days ago

    Kill Zombies, Get Perks, Hit the Box, Repeat

  • Noah Lewis
    Noah Lewis27 days ago

    Noah and his lads in a sub for the french army:FIRE ZE MISSILES!!!!!!!! What shall we ever do Captian Noah? FIRE ZE MISSILES!!!!!!!!

  • God
    God27 days ago

    Imagine DOOM with survival mode...

  • All I Know Is
    All I Know Is27 days ago

    Therapist: Wookiee Noah doesn't exist, he can't hurt you. Wookiee Noah: 23:47

  • Jayden Lineberry
    Jayden Lineberry27 days ago

    The boss doe

  • Karen Got Sauce
    Karen Got Sauce27 days ago

    Noah I think the Sherk map was more harder for you in my opinion 😕

  • Damian Rodriguez
    Damian Rodriguez27 days ago

    cyberdemon *existing* chopp “yo swol keeper”

  • Julian
    Julian27 days ago

    when did he play this solo? I know I’ve seen this before

    SGT FROST27 days ago

    GG’s, but the real heroes are the devs, who really make masterpieces!

  • Dreadknightml
    Dreadknightml27 days ago

    Did nobody notice that the perks moved

  • FazZe Woah
    FazZe Woah27 days ago

    *Welcome to the underworld. *How was the fall?

  • ITz Skoonzzz
    ITz Skoonzzz27 days ago

    why is this better than cold war zombies?!

  • A rod Ferrara
    A rod Ferrara27 days ago

    The final boss is a boss from doom btw if u guys didn’t know

  • Its Slushyz
    Its Slushyz27 days ago

    Right before he hit the box and got the mark 2 I said to myself “he’s gonna get a ray gun” And now my mind is blown

  • Luke
    Luke27 days ago


  • icecube
    icecube27 days ago

    new dlc ?