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  • Noah Sabitti
    Noah Sabitti11 days ago

    Noah I did if

  • Shequarfy
    Shequarfy11 days ago

    What map is that?

  • Glitch or Fix
    Glitch or Fix12 days ago

    I had got the ray gun in outbreak then my internet went out right as I got it

  • Evan 5000
    Evan 500014 days ago

    Outbreak isn’t super hard but it is hard later on

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gaming22 days ago

    Wait but does the dismemberment part do anything

  • Kingston Grigg
    Kingston Grigg23 days ago

    Noah: “I hate me soo much” Me;: “me too bud, me too

  • Vancien Gaming
    Vancien Gaming23 days ago

    I've never seen so many commercial blips on a video in my life lol.

  • Ian Nadeau

    Ian Nadeau

    Day ago

    @Nicholas Giangregorio I KNOW RIGHT!

  • Nicholas Giangregorio

    Nicholas Giangregorio

    6 days ago

    Oh my god it is all yellow

  • Adam Rhodes
    Adam Rhodes24 days ago

    Yes using a shaver and his whole community is based off 10-12 year olds

  • Delightfully Delirious
    Delightfully Delirious24 days ago

    What song was playing at the beginning with his furries

  • Brandon Wolff

    Brandon Wolff

    21 day ago

    1 of the battlefield music theme songs

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer24 days ago

    Bet I have school tomorrow and it’s 12:36 AM and I’m about to watch a 4 hour video bet

  • Mason Evans
    Mason Evans25 days ago

    Yes 5 monitors is overkill but it will even it out and look equal

  • Tøastyy
    Tøastyy26 days ago

    51 midroles tf noah And yes I counted all of them

  • Nibba Faggot
    Nibba Faggot26 days ago

    Manscaped is better

  • Ian Cullen
    Ian Cullen26 days ago

    I bet he used that to shave only his beard

  • ole hickory
    ole hickory26 days ago

    No one that watches these needs to worry about the hairiness of their junk.

  • Alex Meneses
    Alex Meneses26 days ago

    The bitter syrup endosonographically snatch because hour likely drip with a flat romanian. obsequious, offbeat mother

  • Luna The Hell Hound - Vasilia Wolf
    Luna The Hell Hound - Vasilia Wolf26 days ago


  • 公斤ヾGhʚüł
    公斤ヾGhʚüł26 days ago

    No one gonna talk about the Molotov bug when your game crash?

  • xXChroniesies Xx
    xXChroniesies Xx26 days ago

    I got the crossbow yesterday

  • Daiyaan Deshields
    Daiyaan Deshields26 days ago

    That’s the best thing I’ve heard , keep the paid custom guns on all the parts ! 🤯

  • Jayy
    Jayy27 days ago

    Just came here to chill and watch some zombies, ended up buying a $60 trimmer lmaoooo. Love the streams man

  • Jin Xi
    Jin Xi27 days ago


  • Will Delaney JR
    Will Delaney JR27 days ago

    Pc players are better than console players because they take the game waaaaaaay more serious . Console players are just players. Playing for fun . Pc players are gamers for life .

  • Tim Broadrick
    Tim Broadrick27 days ago

    Dude the crossbow with teir 5 elemental pop is so op its crazy

  • Black Rifle
    Black Rifle27 days ago

    Cold War zombies is WAY too easy. Never run out of ammo, infinite chopper gunners, infinite self revive, open maps making it very easy to train an avoid zombies. Its a shame because i really do like Cold War in general :(

  • FireBlaster290
    FireBlaster29027 days ago

    I love my got ray gun shirt

  • iam fatality
    iam fatality27 days ago

    Cod is gunna end up going pay to win like this and then everyone's gunna go back to Apex or blackout or whatever they played b4 lol

  • tavenner82
    tavenner8227 days ago

    How can it possibly be pay to win ,when you're killin NPC zombies

  • Logan Bryce

    Logan Bryce

    19 days ago

    @Edward Smith Have you watched the video yet?

  • Edward Smith

    Edward Smith

    19 days ago

    @Logan Bryce this man thinks he’ spawns with cryo freeze. 😭

  • Logan Bryce

    Logan Bryce

    19 days ago

    @Edward Smith Are you blind? The gun comes with cryofreeze right off the bat. You can't tell me that that doesn't affect gameplay.

  • Edward Smith

    Edward Smith

    20 days ago

    @Logan Bryce it’s just a cosmetic, how does it effect you’re gameplay?

  • Logan Bryce

    Logan Bryce

    23 days ago

    Because you pay for something that alters gameplay.

  • Austin Gowell
    Austin Gowell27 days ago


  • Brock sherwood
    Brock sherwood27 days ago

    NoahJ!!!! Please ask Treyarch to fix all the guns in zombies! Only the Shotguns are any good with Task Force Barrel in higher rounds and it really stinks that it is this way! Shotguns and Wonder Weapons are all that is really any good. This video proves it and only reason I’m not spending 2400CP on dragon Kroc gun is because it sucks at higher rounds. I’ve also never been lucky enough to find a shorty with the Task force Barrel unless I start with it!

  • Brock sherwood
    Brock sherwood27 days ago

    Nice NoahJ! You slid that ending right in there! Just over 4 hours so dying on 30 so called accident was Epic lol! I did the same thing on 14 but mine was actually an accident. Tried to self revive in holdout at last second and I was 1 second to late :-(

  • GunnrMan
    GunnrMan28 days ago

    Wait what do you mean dark aether is already unlocked? If I remember correctly I didn’t have it. None of my guns are plague diamond yet

  • PJ saggu
    PJ saggu28 days ago

    Die machine wonder Weapon would be sooo much better if it was the electrobolt variation instead...

    LOGIKYL328 days ago

    Such a hype intro!

  • Alex Eisengart
    Alex Eisengart28 days ago

    I hate that you can only use cryo, like I want to use brain rot on firebaze but cant when I use it

  • Karen Got Sauce
    Karen Got Sauce28 days ago

    Who else wondering when Noah going to show his gaming setup? I’ve been waiting for a while Noah!

  • king tut
    king tut28 days ago

    Are you gonna play the new dying light when it comes out ??

    CATALINA VELEZ28 days ago


  • peewee weepee
    peewee weepee28 days ago

    for those wondering the "pay to win" aspect, the blueprint gives you an ammo mod right off the bat.

  • Theo McGlashan
    Theo McGlashan28 days ago

    Battlefield theme song to start off a COD video? You're a madman.

  • Devin Brown

    Devin Brown

    27 days ago

    Sometimes playing Halo music as well lol

  • Rocking aka damian
    Rocking aka damian28 days ago

    So we have a tutorial for all the origins staff..... Three of the der eisendrache bows.... And he really showed us how to get an ice AR before the fire bow 🤣

  • Gage roberts
    Gage roberts28 days ago

    Just my opinion but outbreak is complete and utter trash

  • Lewis Cole
    Lewis Cole28 days ago

    ur code is mine

  • Luke B.
    Luke B.28 days ago


  • ForzaWiz
    ForzaWiz28 days ago

    Y’all need to hop on the wave. You don’t even need legendary it can be epic, pack tier 3. Use either the Samaria sword or knife with cyro freeze. You can two hit mimics and with cryo it automatically freezes every zombie you hit 99.9% of the time. I haven’t tried this on other bosses yet. Just mimic and manglers. It’s stupid OP. The bosses can’t even touch you once with that setup.

  • no one important
    no one important28 days ago

    How know what 115?

  • Stephen G
    Stephen G28 days ago

    Just get a custom made big red rug for the room noah and have ur noahj456 logo stitched into the middle of it as well. U could literally choose the colors and how big u want it, what materials as far as if u want long shag style, shorter more outdoor rug style, etc. Have it fit the room perfect and then this way ur not putting bright red carpet in a room or something more permanent that would never really be something u would normally see in a regular person's house. Whatever color u decide to paint the walls or trim or the lighting u go with, u could then take to the rug store and just tell them u want this or that color for the rug and then give them a pic of the logo and how big u want it and a color for that as well and ur set. This way too if the room has wood floors in it now or it does under the carpet in there now, if u ever need hardwood flooring for something, u can just lift the rug up or even change the rug down the road to something else too so u got options and adjustability. A big thick bright red noahj456 rug with black or white boarder trim on it would be pretty gangster and u kno it.

  • Aaron Wallz
    Aaron Wallz28 days ago


  • Charles Lincoln
    Charles Lincoln28 days ago

    Hairy dude lol Anyways have u tried waxing lol I did my pits once and it did take forever to grow that shit back lol

  • Chris Leone
    Chris Leone29 days ago

    Uhmm.. why are you camping on Alpine holdout? You can run a train easily, just run circles around the room and kill the zombies that jump in front of you but don't kill any of the other ones. Also you can stay with frenzied guard as it gives you 15 seconds of invulnerability if you keep shooting which is 1 second shorter than 2 aether shrouds but at the end you will have full armor. Just keep moving on that one, it's really easy compared to others like Golova.

  • Chris Leone
    Chris Leone29 days ago

    You aren't meant to start with cryofreeze, it's a tracer/hit effect What I mean to say is you don't start with cryofreeze, it's not doing any extra damage

  • J


    24 days ago

    Yea I just bought it looks cool asf. Noticed in his video he didn’t actually apply crypfreeze at pack. It is a pay to win gun. It froze every zombie I shot after I added cryofreeze 5 there was no wait time

  • AbdellahAsA \``
    AbdellahAsA \``29 days ago

    I have to find that song i need help ❤️ !!!

  • Garrett Stegeman
    Garrett Stegeman29 days ago

    I think that song is coffin dance

  • Nekosno
    Nekosno29 days ago

    You could look into recessed lighting with the color change bulbs it will give you the same look as both of the you tube people you should. But I like your decorations currently it’s clean and not distracting.

  • Billy bob Joe
    Billy bob Joe29 days ago

    Pay to win. Treyarc we hate you fix this to not be pay to win

  • Andrew
    Andrew29 days ago

    WAXING IS better @NoahJ456 you should try it out!!!

  • Realboarder
    Realboarder29 days ago

    Bro! I can’t believe you made this rookie mistake!🤦‍♂️😂

  • Mediocre Gamer
    Mediocre Gamer29 days ago

    Hey Noah I know you don’t play games like this but you should play NFS Heat

  • Gcost18
    Gcost1829 days ago

    how the f do people get gold viper and whatnot on snipers

  • Gcost18


    29 days ago

    @Alan Camacho any advice for getting gold on the M79 in multiplayer?

  • Gcost18


    29 days ago

    @Alan Camacho Thank you

  • Alan Camacho

    Alan Camacho

    29 days ago

    use cryofreeze and frenzy guard, makes it super easy

  • Deadlydragon173
    Deadlydragon17329 days ago

    Play some bo2 your rusty af at zombies

  • King_Gamer.
    King_Gamer.29 days ago

    They need to make it when u get a gun out of the box it should have your cameo on it with your attachments like how bo3 was

  • Steezy D
    Steezy D29 days ago

    i feel bad i got the ray gun round 4 lastnight

  • Tristan Souza
    Tristan Souza29 days ago

    Heard that someone mentioned Zelda, you should really play Breath of the Wild Noah

  • Gcost18
    Gcost1829 days ago

    36:00 Go down with Tombstone

  • Mvuzo Mndawe
    Mvuzo Mndawe29 days ago

    U know u could ask raidaway if u want to play warzone

  • Jason Gibson
    Jason Gibson29 days ago

    “The Hair went everywhere but my hairline.” Big POG. I feel your Spain without the S bruthur.

  • Stickman Zombies
    Stickman Zombies29 days ago

    Remember when Pay to Win was a bad thing? Lmao

  • Nick Woolf
    Nick Woolf29 days ago

    What if we could pack a punch the mini gun

  • trent williams
    trent williams29 days ago

    Manscape them unwanted eyebrows 👀👀💯💯

  • TROLL Maestro
    TROLL Maestro29 days ago

    Dude the duplication glitch still works, don’t tell Treyarch.

  • Sunny Dade
    Sunny Dade29 days ago

    41:44 noah is playing the damned song 🎵 😅

  • HutchJH
    HutchJH29 days ago

    Uses the battlefield theme music doesn't play Battlefield bruhh

  • Lily Swann
    Lily Swann29 days ago

    Hewo Noah i am Lily i am 8 years old and I love your videos they always keep me happy and not sad from me past thanks for that 😊.

  • Christian Jensen
    Christian Jensen29 days ago

    Horrible trimmer

  • Kirito Loves Pizza
    Kirito Loves Pizza29 days ago

    1:37:53 YIKES 😬

  • Jacob Taurima
    Jacob Taurima29 days ago

    bro thats the gun from fortnite

  • Springy Gaming
    Springy Gaming29 days ago

    The ring of fire crossbow is OP P.S. I tried it

  • TheJuice Is loose
    TheJuice Is loose29 days ago

    Pretty sure it’s not OP or pay to win but okay Noah.

  • J Sleep
    J Sleep29 days ago

    So I was playing Outbreak with my buddy and he goes to the box and I say "yo thats a waste of money box is hot trash .." Mid sentence he pulls a Ray Gun ... ON WORLD 1!!!! 🤬😭😂

  • Brock sherwood

    Brock sherwood

    27 days ago

    I got a Rat Gun from a Megaton round 2 yesterday! Who would have thought! Mystery box usually sucks till at least round 6 or so on outbreak

  • Nalhan 2016

    Nalhan 2016

    28 days ago


  • MuscledRMH
    MuscledRMH29 days ago

    These titles are exactly what is wrong with the COD community

  • Some One
    Some One29 days ago

    How does he keep changing ring of Fire and dark either ?

  • Nordin Elbouhy
    Nordin Elbouhy29 days ago

    Noahj: super op it pay to win Everyone else: nah it's just visual and its trash there is no cryfreeze lol he stupid

  • Matthew Pool

    Matthew Pool

    29 days ago


  • perks
    perks29 days ago

    I mean the skin is cool but i'm not going to spend $25 dollars for an bundle lol.

  • Ray Man
    Ray Man29 days ago


  • The supported
    The supported29 days ago

    I think I had Noah's rayguns. I got 15 Rayguns on round 4............

  • Sabre F4i
    Sabre F4i29 days ago

    This hun is absolutely not super OP it’s garbage at zombies

  • Ralo Hunt
    Ralo Hunt29 days ago

    Lave town but with clear epoxy

  • juhozz
    juhozz29 days ago

    Cold war zombies are very cood

  • Wyn0t aid-en Golloogly
    Wyn0t aid-en Golloogly29 days ago

    1:50 no cuts? Damn my arm already been cut sorry about that- not to be an attention seeker but my girlfriend hasn’t answered in more than 3 days I think

  • DerpCrew


    29 days ago

    You okay man?

  • Brandon Boma
    Brandon Boma29 days ago

    Does anyone wanna play die maschine on ps4 I have no friends

  • technoender kitty

    technoender kitty

    29 days ago

    Just in about 8 hours

  • technoender kitty

    technoender kitty

    29 days ago

    I will gt is bass_liner1999

  • Trevor Tellschow
    Trevor Tellschow29 days ago

    Bruhhh saw that coming from a mile away

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson29 days ago

    At what point does he start his best run?

  • Master Player Channel
    Master Player Channel29 days ago


  • Brandon Dees
    Brandon Dees29 days ago

    I like ya cut Moose

    HELP GINGERS29 days ago

    Okay i don't know why but I love the videos you put out there absolutely amazing. but man do I us Half of them to sleep too. I felt to sleep watching this video and woke up still watching it and then watching the rest like nothing happened lol.

  • captaincookie Andmilk
    captaincookie Andmilk29 days ago

    3:59:13 “Noah you are a beautiful man and make the best content love you man” Noah: looses the whole game by forgetting to revive himself on time 🤣

  • Pedro
    Pedro29 days ago


  • Shinigami 3yes
    Shinigami 3yes29 days ago

    Need to try Sem tech on manglers it one shot don't know how u haven't figured this out

  • Brandon Dees
    Brandon Dees29 days ago

    Same my friends hate warzone. So I have nobody to play with

  • DeathZone
    DeathZone29 days ago

    Guys for those who don't know, If the timer of the survive objective runs out, it isnta revives you so he was waiting for the timer to runs out instead of just wasting a self revive but unfortunately he died first 🙂

  • Brock sherwood

    Brock sherwood

    27 days ago

    He did clearly say 4 hours in a multiplayer outbreak stream a few weeks or go or so! Said USplan longer then 4 hours takes like 3-4 times longer to upload properly to USplan. It’s in his 4.5 hour video towards the end of it

  • DeathZone


    28 days ago

    @big nico if you were actually smart, you would have guessed that I haven't heard him saying that he doesn't like to stream over 4 hours. Otherwise my comment wouldn't be here

  • big nico

    big nico

    28 days ago

    IF you were actually smart youd know he killed himself on purpose and used that as an excuse to not "quit the game" he said multiple times he doesn't like streaming more than 4 hours he finessed everyone