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  • pewdie absher
    pewdie absherMonth ago

    I cant find the video of him reacting to the modern warfare finals

  • Samy playz
    Samy playzMonth ago

    Do you wanna play some black ops three

  • NLH
    NLHMonth ago

    Anyone know the music in the intro of the stream?

  • SmokeyIsHere
    SmokeyIsHereMonth ago

    Ima put your support code in and buy the stitch bundle tonight

  • Robin Kay
    Robin KayMonth ago

    My only problem with Outbreak is having a friend that lets you open the chest, but then is a giant douche and runs in and grabs everything

  • Nasir Perren
    Nasir PerrenMonth ago

    I just got cold war😫worth it

  • PR Racer2021
    PR Racer2021Month ago

    Faze up yess siiirrrr🔥🔥🔥😂

  • Bass Boosted
    Bass BoostedMonth ago

    Intro on point tho sheeeesh🥵

  • derpy assassin
    derpy assassinMonth ago

    Bro there’s more yellow than gray

  • Zack Morrissette
    Zack MorrissetteMonth ago

    You should make a video of your setup

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo ZengMonth ago

    I got ray gun on difficulty 2 from a loot chest, not even a gold one lol

  • Zach Spott
    Zach SpottMonth ago

    Dallas is and has always been trash

  • TheRealScorpion YT
    TheRealScorpion YTMonth ago

    I think you guys need to admit that FaZe is a better team, this ain’t Modern Warfare

  • Unstableshadow on tik tok
    Unstableshadow on tik tokMonth ago

    Can u comment on zombobbles vid they have been trying to get u to notice them for ages i tried to tell u on stream but got put on time out 🥲

  • its a sport
    its a sportMonth ago

    This dude straight yelling at me

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo ZengMonth ago

    Steve got to difficulty 100 by useing the slow ability and useing ether shroud. Bc he use those two to run around the map

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo ZengMonth ago

    Just a reminder, you can loose change from the wonder fist when you are in the teleportation count down

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo ZengMonth ago

    You can use the cryo freeze to freeze the split magatons

    STILLMonth ago

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🔺

  • Lolbit
    LolbitMonth ago


  • Enduro X
    Enduro XMonth ago

    Name of intro song?

  • Enduro X

    Enduro X

    Month ago

    @Lucas Lamberjack sweet. Thanks

  • Lucas Lamberjack

    Lucas Lamberjack

    Month ago

    Come 2gether

  • Patrick Dyer
    Patrick DyerMonth ago

    "Want bigger mag w shotgun" Why u using a 6 mag instead of the 8...

  • Hugo Zeng

    Hugo Zeng

    Month ago

    Because 8 will makes your reload speed slower by quit bit

  • Legolas
    LegolasMonth ago

    When are the hoodies getting sent out?

  • Riley Lewis
    Riley LewisMonth ago


  • ConArt1st
    ConArt1stMonth ago


  • ConArt1st
    ConArt1stMonth ago

    What gun was he using

  • Luke Bailey
    Luke BaileyMonth ago

    Why Noah so ugly

  • Black Keanu Reeves
    Black Keanu ReevesMonth ago

    What’s the song called like in the first 3 min

  • AM HaZe
    AM HaZeMonth ago

    Still dont get how people like cold warr zombies its just to easy and not even good looking in my opinion

  • Jonathan Morgan

    Jonathan Morgan

    Month ago

    I’ve played all zombies and Cold War definitely has potential to be the best one yet they literally just started a few months ago and it’s already brought me back to cod lol.. black ops 2 transit was one of my all time favorites.. they still have so much more time to give us so much more

  • dennis. k
    dennis. kMonth ago

    Pov: You never touched a woman

  • Caleb j
    Caleb jMonth ago

    i wish i could this everyday

  • gHOST 3301

    gHOST 3301

    26 days ago


  • Arjun Tack
    Arjun TackMonth ago

    Remember when noah first played cold war zombies on die maschine and said that he would really miss electric cherry

  • Justin
    JustinMonth ago

    Was weird watching you without headphones lol 🎧 😱🤯🤬

  • Adrian Rivera
    Adrian RiveraMonth ago

    When you do the crystals objective with other players whoever is holding the crystal can just stand on the vehicle and it won’t take damage

  • ronnie corcorran
    ronnie corcorranMonth ago

    You do the most op options but what about doing a video of start out op options and mid level op options as you level your character up. Like... ok guys today if your at level 50 on cold war here are your most op options..

  • Royal Viziion
    Royal ViziionMonth ago

    Loved this reaction video, we need more of this Noah!!!

  • Armalitexelite11
    Armalitexelite11Month ago

    Faze dusted them. Faze up woo I love gfuel

  • Dom Scott
    Dom ScottMonth ago

    Huke single handedly lost these finals for his team. Quite clearly even if he died, was not providing info for his team after it

  • Robert Lazimbat

    Robert Lazimbat

    Month ago

    yeah he was kinda just dead weight until hard point

  • Boris Woudenberg
    Boris WoudenbergMonth ago

    2:10:50 dallas who?

  • ThatGuyXander
    ThatGuyXanderMonth ago

    Do you think that esports players get checked for adderall instead of steroids?

  • ItzAbstract


    Month ago

    Ye, look up the previous events reports, a few players got disqualified due to adderall lol

  • saturn
    saturnMonth ago

    Hey what's the into song name I searched for it for hours and the link doesn't help

  • NOAHJ69
    NOAHJ69Month ago

    Best part of the stream 20:24


    I wish all the students who is having there exams get 90%+ marks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • cory suydam
    cory suydamMonth ago

    Thing is with Abezy being an entree his job is just get info an get a kill or two if possible

  • MrCOD187
    MrCOD187Month ago

    I heard everything they were found to much tho

  • ّبٌـ عّـــ يُــ. رً
    ّبٌـ عّـــ يُــ. رًMonth ago

    The title was outbreak speed run

  • Brandon Marks
    Brandon MarksMonth ago

    you can always drive yourself with the crystal and even on full squads bro

    KILLER JOE123Month ago


  • Scooby King
    Scooby KingMonth ago

    Illey on empire looks like fat faze sway😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Declan Mcgrane
    Declan McgraneMonth ago

    Public lobbies are basically cod league matches this game has gone so bad with sbmm

  • ItsNotMeKyle
    ItsNotMeKyleMonth ago

    Hey Noah! I dont know if this is something new that i found on Firebase Z but there was a thing called Sergis head that i found lyind around and you are able to pick it up I made a video on it if you want to try and see if its a ee.

  • Sarmad The REAPER

    Sarmad The REAPER

    Month ago

    Its a side easter egg

  • Sarmad The REAPER

    Sarmad The REAPER

    Month ago

    Pick up the head bring it in that room where you make the serum for peck their will be a mechine on the left side of the door which lead to the dome area there place the head on there and maybe you get a free tombstone or maybe a random perk

  • manrique 420
    manrique 420Month ago

    Faze needs a drug test dawg lol

  • Armalitexelite11


    Month ago

    Too much gfuel.

  • manrique 420
    manrique 420Month ago

    Pog brother

  • Nonerb Backwards
    Nonerb BackwardsMonth ago

    Day 7 of asking Noah to react to the Breath of the Wild world record speedrun

  • Nonerb Backwards

    Nonerb Backwards

    Month ago

    @C Cross so you're an xbox fanboy that can't accept any other console. Got it

  • Nonerb Backwards

    Nonerb Backwards

    Month ago

    @C Cross so is halo, smo, protal, portal 2, shadows of evil, the list goes on. Just cuz it's old doesn't mean it's bad 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • NOAHJ69
    NOAHJ69Month ago

    I had all my etherium crystals 2 days ago....and have everything upgraded

  • FuZe Bullen
    FuZe BullenMonth ago

    Does anyone know if the ow league is still going?

  • FuZe Bullen

    FuZe Bullen

    Month ago

    @ItzAbstract No im too lazy to check

  • ItzAbstract


    Month ago

    Did you find out?

  • dale garza
    dale garzaMonth ago

    If u buy "dead wire" for ammo mod on a gun than buy elemental pop does it get rid of ur dead wire and just go random or do u still have dead wire "Plus" extra mods added??

  • Jonathon Westover

    Jonathon Westover

    Month ago

    You’ll keep dead wire and it’ll give you random mods on top of that

  • C. D.
    C. D.Month ago

    Why does the screen do that when he reloads shotty?

  • Chris Konotopsky

    Chris Konotopsky

    Month ago

    Not sure what part but I'm assuming it's the new max level elemental perk, stuns nearby on reload

  • Monkeybrains
    MonkeybrainsMonth ago

    Hello, from one Noah to another

  • Erick Mayorga
    Erick MayorgaMonth ago

    1:18:20 Ok I couldn't stop laughing at that LOL

  • Tommy Manyard
    Tommy ManyardMonth ago

    I would have gone with brain rot

  • Local Foo

    Local Foo

    Month ago

    I would've gone with acid drop

  • Talkin_Potato
    Talkin_PotatoMonth ago

    really you only play with the bois this is your like first time solo. I only do solo since I have no bois to play with

  • Mr Gobble
    Mr GobbleMonth ago


  • Dylan J
    Dylan JMonth ago

    Literally looks like my pub lobby’s 😂😂

  • War Crimes
    War CrimesMonth ago

    27 comment's?!??

  • FlacoTaco
    FlacoTacoMonth ago

    Dallas empire choked like the cowboys

  • G3inferno Stephens
    G3inferno StephensMonth ago

    Was up

  • Winston Ballance
    Winston BallanceMonth ago

    Use NOAHJ456 in the store.

  • Shayne Healy
    Shayne HealyMonth ago

    Noice stream

  • Snyperz Official
    Snyperz OfficialMonth ago

    Finally Noah is off from some zombies. Noah play the season 2 warzone

  • SayHi2MyIcetea ay
    SayHi2MyIcetea ayMonth ago


  • Hiding Hunter
    Hiding HunterMonth ago

    Did you do it? No?!? Ok imma head out.

    SPIRITUAL SoMonth ago

    There’s No Comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Noobsad
    NoobsadMonth ago


  • Swaaz
    SwaazMonth ago

    Lmao EZAF

  • That_weeb_gamer
    That_weeb_gamerMonth ago

    Whats good noahj

  • Timo Thijssen
    Timo ThijssenMonth ago


  • Ibrahim Babar
    Ibrahim BabarMonth ago

    Help me build my pc

  • Yoda
    YodaMonth ago

    Yoda was here

  • Drippo
    DrippoMonth ago


  • Nathanael Maciel
    Nathanael MacielMonth ago


  • Terminated 8175
    Terminated 8175Month ago

    Early gang

  • Hisoka Morrow
    Hisoka MorrowMonth ago

    I miss when faze was simple

  • Neneleafy


    Month ago

    @FuZe Bullen yeah I looked at rug mans is basically Morgz and there’s people saying “I loVe ThiS DudE hE NeVeR lEt ThE FAmE aNd MoNeY cHanGe HiM” like bruh he clearly did

  • FuZe Bullen

    FuZe Bullen

    Month ago

    Yes i feel like jev is one of the only ones that sticks to the roots

  • xxxmx 45

    xxxmx 45

    Month ago

    Yeah I googled banks cuz looks like he’s on adderall

  • C_R HKY
    C_R HKYMonth ago


  • Owen Smith
    Owen SmithMonth ago


  • Garrett’s Gaming
    Garrett’s GamingMonth ago


  • Anonymous l
    Anonymous lMonth ago

    Hi sec

  • Chosen 7
    Chosen 7Month ago


  • NKCGamer115
    NKCGamer115Month ago

    nice stream

  • George Carrillo

    George Carrillo

    Month ago


  • Teg
    TegMonth ago

    Damm first