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  • AlohaChawn
    AlohaChawn14 hours ago

    Adler lemme hit plzzz

  • Christian Vargas
    Christian VargasMonth ago

    It turns gray

  • Drunktio YT
    Drunktio YTMonth ago

    dead ops arcade sucks

  • Moshipsword
    MoshipswordMonth ago

    I work a lot in flooring since before I was 15 I and saying playing video games isn't a job is dum because if Noah dose not get people watching him he no make money and that could be very stressful

  • Michael Anttila
    Michael AnttilaMonth ago

    Is this skin going to be rare I already got it I'm just wondering

  • Sc Ev
    Sc EvMonth ago

    I fking hate Activision pawns . Hey pay for the game for free maps lol games 20$ extra this year . Turn on game , every 3 seconds pop ups to spends cod points . Hey let's all support this guy n buy 26 $ of micro transactions . You twit . Why don't u tell Activision to give us a full game instead of putting everything under pay walls . You clown !

  • Allison Autrey
    Allison AutreyMonth ago

    1:24:30 my whole morning

  • O J
    O JMonth ago

    Adler maxis confirmed????????

  • Metallica 79
    Metallica 79Month ago

    2:18:35 halo flood meatball

  • Cyber Bean
    Cyber BeanMonth ago

    What did he sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Mason Bertelsmeier
    Mason BertelsmeierMonth ago

    Does anyone want to do high rounds with me just reply to this comment

  • Ethan Bolda
    Ethan BoldaMonth ago

    Dude dead ops in first person looks a lot like BO4 🀣

  • John Simon
    John SimonMonth ago

    There's a difference between a job and a life. A job is something you grovel to the government to get to provide supposed status quo and security and a life is something you do for yourself to survive and thrive! But if y'all what daddy government to take care of your childish butts then enjoy your slavery.

  • John Simon
    John SimonMonth ago

    Yo I'm sure I haven't watched all your videos but of what I've seen you seem to be a stand up guy! I enjoy your work and appreciate it! don't sweat the hate and envy like you said it's toxic!

  • Brando Brunt
    Brando BruntMonth ago

    I don’t think a spend $20 so quick in my life when I saw this bundle drop

  • TG Mathis

    TG Mathis

    Month ago

    same I bought hers and parks style and sleek one asap when I saw lol I'm king simp plus samantha is awesome😭

  • fattycontroller
    fattycontrollerMonth ago

    Maxis a baddieπŸ₯΅πŸ˜

  • Stephen G
    Stephen GMonth ago

    Noah not even realizing that every time he gets downed in dark ops, he loses all his gems which makes his weapons a lot stronger and he keeps leaving them on the ground after he gets revived and has to start from the bottom again was such a rip... even milo was like "noah grab all the gems u dropped" and he just ignores him and leaves them there... smh, facepalm, I swear dude has blinders on when he plays games. Also prob helpful to read the screen b4 clicking shit when ur playing a new game u havent played b4... idk just maybe.

  • Babydoll C
    Babydoll CMonth ago

    Will there be a time limit on how long she in the store?

  • WetFattDogg
    WetFattDoggMonth ago

    Did Noah not know this was a mode before but was only found in the private lobbies

  • Bun 030
    Bun 030Month ago

    Legend with the halo theme song, I swear we r soul mates

  • Dr Blitz
    Dr BlitzMonth ago

    outbreak was a fail

  • Sinister Surfer
    Sinister SurferMonth ago

    Please do a campaign stream!

  • Zack Mullen
    Zack MullenMonth ago

    Damn people comin at noah for β€œnot working hard” seemed so pathetic like just don’t watch the stream, much love noah❀️

  • Tyler Gore
    Tyler GoreMonth ago

    Ya know they just want to be where you are in life .

  • Flamynerd Nicholas
    Flamynerd NicholasMonth ago

    Sam be pay to win

  • Sert Games
    Sert GamesMonth ago

    with these new tier 5 perks and ammo mods makes me think of the possibility of tier 5 pack a punch as its the only thing in the game that didn't get tier 5? lol just a random thought but what if??

    DUNKSZMonth ago

    Hey Noah one question I orderd a hoodie when will it ship

  • Ethan Shearman
    Ethan ShearmanMonth ago

    Skin must be bugged I’ve been able to play as maxis on all the maps and always only had her dialogue

  • Canucks4ev
    Canucks4evMonth ago

    Should be ashamed of yourself as a zombies fan and zombies content creator. The complete lack of respect to Dead Ops Arcade you showed was pathetic. You clearly know nothing about the mode, have no skill whatsoever at it, and have the patience of an infant considering you left due to the embarrassment you call gameplay. Educate yourself a bit on the mode and you’ll realize how sad this video actually is.

  • MR. Major
    MR. MajorMonth ago

    The amount of smooth brain energy coming off of Noah is astonishing🀯 it’s over 9000!! I’ve been watching him for years now and he still can’t understand simple game mechanics sometimes I don’t know why but it’s honestly so frustrating seeing someone be so bad at a game sometimes. πŸ’€

  • How you Doing
    How you DoingMonth ago

    To tired to carry on playing but not tied enough to moan with chat for 30mins

  • Sempre Rotto
    Sempre RottoMonth ago

    I’m trying to play cod and the servers are full

  • sherbsworth
    sherbsworthMonth ago

    Wow 4 hours of video and 6 hours of adverts... brilliant

  • Mark Pinheiro
    Mark PinheiroMonth ago

    outbreaks bin really fun me and a budy got to round 29 but it was to crazy to end it went down in a holdout but was still fun hahaha

  • Toxixhex0
    Toxixhex0Month ago

    Noah your the reason I bought Cold War and Samantha maxis and I’m so I did. Your content is amazing

  • Toxixhex0


    Month ago

    I’m so glad*

  • mage350
    mage350Month ago

    Noah: *is fast* Speedrunners: *I SEE...*

  • Matthew Deavers
    Matthew DeaversMonth ago

    Apparently if u equip the Samantha operator through bundle locker it’s a work around for the Adler/ invisibility thing haven’t had the issue on any map since

  • Famine
    FamineMonth ago

    Can you earn camos from dead ops?

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph RodriguezMonth ago

    Im watching on a stone tablet

    VIPER GAMINGMonth ago

    1:33:54 noah seemed so sad😭

    VIPER GAMINGMonth ago

    I was using vr to watch

  • cod _filmz_
    cod _filmz_Month ago

    Noah sould try to beat the world record speedrun on the final reich

  • Nate Dogg420
    Nate Dogg420Month ago

    Has anyone ever told you, you look like the lead singer of A Day To Remember?

  • Jason Gibson
    Jason GibsonMonth ago

    It let me play as Maxis last night on FBZ Noah.

  • Craig Haught
    Craig HaughtMonth ago

    Milo is ready

  • Good Peanut
    Good PeanutMonth ago

    Noah: I'm feeling some type of way Me: He popped a bon3r

  • jackson rutland
    jackson rutlandMonth ago

    im down plz campian

  • Derezzed_ Program
    Derezzed_ ProgramMonth ago

    I hate how they didn’t give sam takeo’s sword in the bundle

  • Agent JME
    Agent JMEMonth ago

    Milo done it dark ops unlocked πŸ”₯

  • TripyDayz TDZz
    TripyDayz TDZzMonth ago

    Yeah that intel about the mimic turning to a gun,did you see the ak74u running around mp? Lmao

  • William Langlais
    William LanglaisMonth ago

    Hey Noah did you noticed that the robot in outbreak ( the one with the flame thrower ) oddly look like Nikolai robot in Gorod krovi

  • firescream25
    firescream25Month ago

    Adler maxies is that you? πŸ˜…

  • yammickchong 1
    yammickchong 1Month ago

    Is it only me that gets triggered by all the intel pieces left behind(spotted 2 in the first 30 mins lul)

  • Anthony Solock
    Anthony SolockMonth ago

    I used support a Creator code NoahJ456 in all caps to get the Maxis bundle

  • The Magic Geek
    The Magic GeekMonth ago

    Yoooo hear me out: a squad of Maxis rescuing Maxis. Thoughts?

  • Tuna Taki

    Tuna Taki

    Month ago

    Star wars the clone wars

  • Hampus Nilsson
    Hampus NilssonMonth ago

    campain stream!!!!!

  • Maura Ellinger
    Maura EllingerMonth ago

    strong, strong yes to a first reaction campaign stream

  • Dennis G.
    Dennis G.Month ago

    Somebody tell milo that left on the d pad is I on the keyboard. Smh

  • Waiwithit T
    Waiwithit TMonth ago

    Noah i think they didn't fix

  • vmwindustries
    vmwindustriesMonth ago

    NoahJ456 you're a good person at heart. Take care!

  • Mr PancakeDemon
    Mr PancakeDemonMonth ago

    When you gonna finish?

  • PT4U Richard
    PT4U RichardMonth ago

    the campain is qhite hard b i play it

  • Lewis Owen
    Lewis OwenMonth ago

    NOAHJ when are you commenting on Steve’s 100

  • Jayden ibarra
    Jayden ibarraMonth ago

    Is this julta from mw4

  • STONKS wave
    STONKS waveMonth ago

    Fck doa

  • TheDoubleTpredator
    TheDoubleTpredatorMonth ago

    This whole time they have been saying pog... I was thinking pawg πŸ˜…

  • ruben fisher
    ruben fisherMonth ago

    On my end it the color is black

  • charlie
    charlieMonth ago

    ha ha ha. Today I got Wonder weapon in the second round off the skull megaton on Alpine and had my shotgun double PAP and the WW by round 3. Did Holdout on 4 and it was knarly but a breeze with the WW. Then the people wanted to exfill. I was a little disapointted considering how easy it would have been to go at least round 10 no sweat. Such a bummer and a waste.

  • charlie
    charlieMonth ago

    glitching out stopped for me for the first time today excpet some of the games were very pixelated. I keep forgetting to tak epics. If I do where would I send those?

  • MegaMurph13
    MegaMurph13Month ago

    Echo 419 at the start?

  • Caleb Peters
    Caleb PetersMonth ago

    I hate when i think im getting an actual update but its u talking stupidly for 10 minutes before the video nothing informational

  • Cash Up
    Cash UpMonth ago

    I need help can't link outbreak two warzone

  • Mr NoBody GD
    Mr NoBody GDMonth ago

    I haven’t played multiplayer yet been grinding zombies for dark aether im on 5/9 got my Lmgs, pistols, launchers, snipers, & shotguns diamond & knife gold just need ( tactical rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns & special weapon ) which ima do last cause it’s easy.

  • GregoryGunzz
    GregoryGunzzMonth ago

    Love the Halo intro music! Throwback!

  • eddy dagoat
    eddy dagoatMonth ago

    Can everyone who sees this comment tell Noah to tweet dark eather for Warzone

  • Aman Singh
    Aman SinghMonth ago

    people spamming phones and pc when noah asks what are you watching the stream on. me who is watching it on my Samsung smart refrigerator β€œbig sad πŸ˜”!”

  • Nero Narcotic
    Nero NarcoticMonth ago

    My Maxis only did her own quotes, round 1 -51, never Adler or anyone else o.0

  • Goku Black
    Goku BlackMonth ago

    This what zombies has come toπŸ˜‚... Hope the next zombies is better than this

    HP7 GAMESMonth ago

    Noahj kinda sus tho

  • Explicity
    ExplicityMonth ago

    Mans needs a week vacation, you deserve it

  • Quinlan Emmons
    Quinlan EmmonsMonth ago

    16 second boss fight btw

  • charlesean man
    charlesean manMonth ago

    Me and my friend got stuck under the map on golova in outbreak

  • Darkness’s Desire’s
    Darkness’s Desire’sMonth ago

    70hrs a week??? I remember my first part time job. Step your game up!!! 157.5 hrs a week is what I do. 2 weeks on 1 week off schedule

  • OutLair David
    OutLair DavidMonth ago

    Noah there is secret song for fire base Z in the music player it’s called Lost!

  • Nicholas Giangregorio

    Nicholas Giangregorio

    Month ago

    @Yomero 247 Oh, ok

  • Yomero 247

    Yomero 247

    Month ago

    @Nicholas Giangregorio no but it’s not new anymore

  • Nicholas Giangregorio

    Nicholas Giangregorio

    Month ago

    I don’t want to be rude, but is this comment a joke?

  • Matteo Pugliese
    Matteo PuglieseMonth ago

    New skin bundle "samadler maxis"

  • Vu Nguyen Duc Anh
    Vu Nguyen Duc AnhMonth ago

    Private lobby works lol

  • Fishing with Mike
    Fishing with MikeMonth ago

    Nobody can beat it in 5 seconds with a double packed gun even with deadshot

  • Quinlan Emmons
    Quinlan EmmonsMonth ago

    If you select her from the bundle locker you can actually use her

  • McOreoTims 250
    McOreoTims 250Month ago

    Lmao playing COD, has Halo music for the intro going XD LOVE IT!



    Month ago

    @McOreoTims 250 you're damn straight it does my guy

  • McOreoTims 250

    McOreoTims 250

    Month ago

    @VLTSCRW TV I’ll be walking to get munchies and jamming to it XD Makes a stoned walk a lot more badass lmao



    Month ago

    @McOreoTims 250 I'd happily just get baked and listen to it lmaooo

  • McOreoTims 250

    McOreoTims 250

    Month ago




    Month ago

    Because Halo music is simply 100000x better than cod

  • Justin
    JustinMonth ago

    When does the merchandise ship? That Maxis glitch sucked game kept crashing. My PlayStation rarely does. Glad they fixed it.

  • Micah Brown
    Micah BrownMonth ago

    Had to tune in on my apple tv, just came back to comment that on my phone πŸ˜‚

  • FatalEthan 517
    FatalEthan 517Month ago

    13 second boss fight

  • liam Plays
    liam PlaysMonth ago

    You turn into maxis when you go on teleporter

  • squints871
    squints871Month ago

    Its called a push pop

  • rxse ghost
    rxse ghostMonth ago

    They need to bring the old pap sound back

  • Sonic Speeder9
    Sonic Speeder9Month ago

    I watch this whole thing

  • Chad U
    Chad UMonth ago

    It’s pathetic they didn’t even give good attachments why would you give a Fo grip that makes you run slower while shooting in zombies

  • Brandon Waldrip
    Brandon WaldripMonth ago

    Need help which guns do u need to unlock the Dark Aether because I have 3/9 LMG SMG ShotGun

  • κ§εŒšΞ‰Ξ£Ξ£Ζ¬Σ¨κ§‚
    κ§εŒšΞ‰Ξ£Ξ£Ζ¬Σ¨κ§‚Month ago

    A🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨D🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨T🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨 I🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞M🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞E🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🎞🟨🎞🎞🟨

  • random videos
    random videosMonth ago

    That should have been free for beating firebase z

  • Louis James

    Louis James

    Month ago