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  • NoahJ456
    NoahJ456Month ago


  • Trottersindependanttraders


    Month ago

    You y. Yyyyy and y

  • Nathan Chandler

    Nathan Chandler

    Month ago

    Gg man

  • Aiden Smith

    Aiden Smith

    Month ago

    g day mate

  • Firegodofwar 846

    Firegodofwar 846

    Month ago

    Only 15 small seconds away you got this

  • jay.


    Month ago

    @mage350 Wrong

  • Keiron Rowe
    Keiron Rowe10 days ago

    Play with You Always Win he's a God at Call of Duty Zombies

  • MajestiK77
    MajestiK7722 days ago

    Warzone stressful but fun af, yeah matchmaking poo xxx

  • Kera Levell
    Kera Levell25 days ago


  • Kera Levell
    Kera Levell25 days ago

    Me got job headphones

  • El Jhonny Tapatio
    El Jhonny TapatioMonth ago

    You could collaborate with El Jhonny Tapatio 😬🤘🏻😁 ppl say he is a cool guy 🤪

  • Rrok Daragjati
    Rrok DaragjatiMonth ago

    It’s crazy how Noah is competitive in almost every game I’ve seen him play. He’s not just ok. He’s almost always better then 80 percent of players. This guy can play any game and be good at it. Pretty cool. And this is coming from a 35 year old. So I know my games boys.

  • Drags OG
    Drags OGMonth ago

    High rounds with IISteveII 😎

  • Drags OG
    Drags OGMonth ago

    IISteveII would be sick 😈😎❤️💚

  • Gaige beast
    Gaige beastMonth ago


  • payton conner
    payton connerMonth ago

    You should run shatter blast on your m16 too so you can take out armored zombies and manglers even faster. Those few seconds could get you there

  • payton conner

    payton conner

    Month ago

    Only 2k points and most of the time you’re just short of the 2nd pack anyways

  • Kjupiter king
    Kjupiter kingMonth ago

    I would love to see u and spuddley potatoe

  • Gamaliel Villalobos
    Gamaliel VillalobosMonth ago


  • MysticMini 54
    MysticMini 54Month ago

    Wait would it be Mr.J or Mr.456

  • eric loveless
    eric lovelessMonth ago

    Hey Noahj456 I'm down to play some zombies with you if you want I may be really far away but I'd still play with you oh love the content

  • zombusplayz
    zombusplayzMonth ago

    Lol he spent a whole minute yelling at his pc

  • Stephen G
    Stephen GMonth ago

    Should say "actively throwing for shitty content" cuz we wanna see u get to the end and it come down to mere seconds on if u will beat the WR or not.... having to restart mid-run cuz the EE glitched and didnt spawn a mimic or u forgot to grab something u needed, etc just makes us lower our heads while slowly shaking it side to side. BEAT THE DAMN EE WR ALREADY YA JERK! PS, THIS STREAM IS LIKE GOING TO SPAIN BUT WITHOUT THE S.... had to do it.

    P3T3R PARKOURMonth ago

    I’ll grind with you.

  • The Magic Geek
    The Magic GeekMonth ago

    What's the optimal build for the M16 for speedruns?

  • Isaac Hain
    Isaac HainMonth ago

    noah play with timhansen

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo ZengMonth ago

    Noah always have the best intro ever c:

  • Slingy Sling
    Slingy SlingMonth ago

    Noah is the king

  • Aiden Smith
    Aiden SmithMonth ago

    im in love with maxis

  • ouchthathurt2426
    ouchthathurt2426Month ago


  • Official J
    Official JMonth ago

    You and swag together on warzone

  • Official J
    Official JMonth ago

    Play with swag plsssssssss

  • Tayy Huncho
    Tayy HunchoMonth ago

    Why not you always win

  • Gator Whiskers
    Gator WhiskersMonth ago

    I like watching your speed runs.... But your music is SO BAD

  • White Freddy
    White FreddyMonth ago

    What is the song on 1:46:09 ?

  • Luis Rymer
    Luis RymerMonth ago

    I love to see a vid with faze jev:))

  • Nikki Burbank
    Nikki BurbankMonth ago


  • WetLike Splash
    WetLike SplashMonth ago

    How do you move so fast?

  • Smokey
    SmokeyMonth ago

    I like how games can fix glitch and stuff ppl like but can’t fix hit that need to be fix are they dumb in da head

  • Ciaran Condon
    Ciaran CondonMonth ago

    Why do you keep restarting every time you get double points?

  • gaming god chum lee
    gaming god chum leeMonth ago

    I mean I would love to play with you I'm not a bug channel but I'm always looking for zombies to play but I'm on console so no customs

  • Jamie Falconer
    Jamie FalconerMonth ago

    Use cruise missiles on the boss 3 tap

  • Charlie Stauffer
    Charlie StaufferMonth ago

    I’d love to play custom zombies but I play on Xbox and stream on twitch been playing since the beginning love all the custom maps and love zombies so much lol

  • Stu_Gahtz
    Stu_GahtzMonth ago

    Noahj456 im only 25 minutes in on watching it and how the hell have you not reacted to the final reich hardcore solo ee world record. It is literally insane how much this guy optimizes his time. Thats an impressive speedrun

  • Craig Haught
    Craig HaughtMonth ago

    You don’t need double points at all for the WR 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • PrinceHenry Xx
    PrinceHenry XxMonth ago

    When does the merch ship out I haven’t gotten it yettt sksjsksjsj

  • Nathan
    NathanMonth ago

    Yo man. I have a small gaming channel, but I’m down to play with some fun people. Always liked your zombie vids, I’ve even gotten into solo Easter eggs myself. Hit me up and let’s chat!

  • BmazJr 2007
    BmazJr 2007Month ago

    You should do high rounds with samual the 17th

  • BmazJr 2007

    BmazJr 2007

    Month ago

    Or maybe IIsteveII if you want someone that will grind with you

  • Mason Bertelsmeier
    Mason BertelsmeierMonth ago

    Does anyone want to do high rounds with me just reply to this comment

  • Aoiexe
    AoiexeMonth ago

    Noah doesn't know that on trials to get the ray k the chance of the ray k, in my book is 86%

  • Richard Watson
    Richard WatsonMonth ago

    9:50 PokemoNoah

  • Aaron Ramirez
    Aaron RamirezMonth ago


  • Garrett Elam
    Garrett ElamMonth ago

    Love the content recently Noah J! it seems like you're enjoying yourself, cant wait til my long sleeve SRC arrives

  • The Magic Geek

    The Magic Geek

    Month ago

    Yoo same. I was fortunate enough to be able to get the full set!

  • Bryce Ramsbottom
    Bryce RamsbottomMonth ago

    Play with Timthetatman

  • tiktok thots
    tiktok thotsMonth ago

    I doubt noah will see this or even acknowledge it but I would love to see some Origins gameplay. Whether that be him doing speed run attempts or just doing the easter egg cause it's been years since he has

  • Wayne Muthersbaugh
    Wayne MuthersbaughMonth ago

    what is ur hauser77 loadout

  • AlphaOmegA BigJ
    AlphaOmegA BigJMonth ago

    Bro I think speed cola is the new meta

  • B Roy
    B RoyMonth ago

    Can I get you as a friend to do the fire base z Easter egg

  • Iron Chancla
    Iron ChanclaMonth ago

    Noah you are the GOAT!

  • Fernando Rosas
    Fernando RosasMonth ago

    Are you friends with Indian_Jones

  • julius elmore
    julius elmoreMonth ago

    Play dead by daylight again!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheKingpin28
    TheKingpin28Month ago

    Honestly, Dysmo would be an amazing stream. I know he doesnt do Zombies, but the both of you are the only reason I watch any kind of streams play.

  • Daniel Byrne
    Daniel ByrneMonth ago

    I’m that guy Moonlight

  • Daniel Byrne
    Daniel ByrneMonth ago

    Hey man

  • GreenEYESfromOHIO
    GreenEYESfromOHIOMonth ago

    Sorry for being stupid but are these “speed runs” just to see how fast you can complete the main Easter egg?

  • smok3z


    Month ago


  • Cameron Pachico
    Cameron PachicoMonth ago

    42:23 that wouldve legit been world record by like a full minute if you didnt get downed right there

  • JulianTL
    JulianTLMonth ago

    Hey Noah My mom ordered your self revive hoodie way before Christmas and it still hasn’t came in is anyone else having this problem

  • Slapzie
    SlapzieMonth ago

    next speedrun you should watch is mirrors edge

  • SeanConneZombie
    SeanConneZombieMonth ago

    Should reach out to Partially Royal. I think you two would get along well.

  • Gooseberg69
    Gooseberg69Month ago

    Should see if legiqn is keen on zombies

  • Grayson Frank
    Grayson FrankMonth ago

    Noah be bring back the nostalgia with crab rave

  • Grayson Frank
    Grayson FrankMonth ago

    Eather shroud is broken

  • Grayson Frank
    Grayson FrankMonth ago

    Cold War zombies should purposely have glitches hidden in the game so speed runners can compete with each other on speed runs

  • Grayson Frank
    Grayson FrankMonth ago

    Why is Noah just so POG at every zombies game

  • EnzoPlays
    EnzoPlaysMonth ago

    what is the play;list he use ?

  • Josh Farrough
    Josh FarroughMonth ago

    Also got my new PB for firebase solo with a 34min run. Not amazing bit definitely proud. My previous was 39min

  • Josh Farrough
    Josh FarroughMonth ago

    What happened to all of 100T🤣🤣 you got Nade, Courage, Rae, Brooke, and tons others

  • Osman_03
    Osman_03Month ago

    Zombies is way to easy

  • Micah Brown
    Micah BrownMonth ago

    Maybe I’m missing something, but what in the world is that gun samantha is holding 😂

  • Joe fry
    Joe fryMonth ago

    Yo noah ive got something u might wanna see never seen it before

  • Mirek Tocik
    Mirek TocikMonth ago

    You are best

  • Rnk0r
    Rnk0rMonth ago

    Yo but tyler plays zombie sometimes

  • Christian Yeary
    Christian YearyMonth ago

    You and TimTheTatman would be so fun to watch

    H00T ZOMBIESMonth ago

    Wtf is a dlc skin world record speedrun?

  • Pluuid
    PluuidMonth ago

    dogshit game

  • Khiran Patel
    Khiran PatelMonth ago

    Warzone with jukeyzzzzz

  • The Industry
    The IndustryMonth ago

    This is probably going to get buried but I just started doing satirical class setups videos for cold war and I dont like self promo but I would appreciate it if yall could check the first two out and tell me what you think, thank you.

  • Robin Kay
    Robin KayMonth ago

    How is the first door 1250? My game says it is 1500

  • CheZZoX
    CheZZoXMonth ago

    why not play with huntertv?

  • -Tobygun23 -
    -Tobygun23 -Month ago

    If your not using a weapon with the increased salvage drop rate attachment (AKA the Rai-K) its actually not that rare to not get rare salvage drops on an early round like 10. If you kept using your M16, which i assumed uses the flashlight attachment, you probably would've been able to purchase your cruise missile

  • Matt Conger
    Matt CongerMonth ago


  • Greek Guy
    Greek GuyMonth ago

    I don’t understand what’s going on with Lex, has something happened between him and the boys?

  • Greek Guy
    Greek GuyMonth ago

    You can play with Smii7y and Wildcat Also Delirious is a great option, but not for zombies And they’re all friends

  • Crimson_ Knight630
    Crimson_ Knight630Month ago

    My friend is becoming more scheduled zombies streamer/content creator, I think he should hit you up so he can get more confident. He wants to be a content creator for a living. He is syoval if anyone is curious

  • kyle cramb
    kyle crambMonth ago

    Whens the merch going to be shipped?

  • DirtyDan Uchiha

    DirtyDan Uchiha

    Month ago

    We need answers

  • Jay Mullen
    Jay MullenMonth ago

    U and rayan upchurch play worzone

  • Josh Iles
    Josh IlesMonth ago

    Get nade to do an Easter egg

  • Brandon Dees
    Brandon DeesMonth ago

    I literally have so many friends that play video games and none of them play COD and whenever I ask if they wanna hop on, no response... sad

  • Embroyonicend
    EmbroyonicendMonth ago

    What’s the song at 1:57:40

  • Janvictor Pagan
    Janvictor PaganMonth ago

    So many emotions through this stream lol good thing JBL kept you somewhat sane Noah

  • Terron Oster
    Terron OsterMonth ago

    You should play with Jackfrags

  • Necro games
    Necro gamesMonth ago

    Play with lazarbeam and muselk again

  • Nathan Leutzinger
    Nathan LeutzingerMonth ago

    Everyone talking ab who he should collaborate with. But nobody is talking about the amount of pain this man went through because treyarch didn’t give him any salvage...pain

  • Sour diesel315
    Sour diesel315Month ago

    Drdisrespect and noahj456 teach each other their ways

  • MegaMurph13
    MegaMurph13Month ago

    Wow you don’t understand the value of a dollar being a USplanr. You’re politically based wish that wasn’t the case

  • Lohmoeller
    LohmoellerMonth ago

    please never leave youtube streaming, twitch is so inconvenient