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  • Alex Pina
    Alex Pina6 hours ago

    What’s the best new load out for outbreak now a days?

  • Jerry
    Jerry2 days ago

    TaCtIcAl NuKe InCoMiNg!

  • Squirrel Nutz97
    Squirrel Nutz973 days ago

    This map was on multiplayer

  • Impassive Bru
    Impassive Bru6 days ago

    Noah has temporarily gone under

  • HonieFlakes
    HonieFlakes6 days ago

    Holy yellow ball's

  • James Hannawell
    James Hannawell6 days ago

    Noah you've been an awesome inspiration to me for streaming I've watched you since gta would love if I could catch a game with ya keep up the good work bro πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Isaac Howard
    Isaac Howard7 days ago

    I played cod zombies and I fell out of the map

  • Michael Negron
    Michael Negron8 days ago

    Anyone know his Hauer attachments?

  • Dark_Wolf_846
    Dark_Wolf_84610 days ago

    We can all yoink things sometimes

  • Mordecaix Rigby
    Mordecaix Rigby10 days ago

    Bro what's the green effect he shoots off with his gun

  • Alexander Ismajlvo
    Alexander Ismajlvo11 days ago


  • zparkz25
    zparkz2511 days ago

    yes sad brow

  • Cosmic Archon
    Cosmic Archon11 days ago

    1:38:19 Noah use OBS for streaming

  • Cosmic Archon

    Cosmic Archon

    11 days ago

    And for editing he uses adobe Premier

  • Evan Syntax
    Evan Syntax11 days ago

    Begging for β€œlikes” while he makes over 5k a day.... 🀣🀣only in America

  • Evan Syntax
    Evan Syntax11 days ago

    Begging for β€œlikes” while he makes over 5k a day.... 🀣🀣only in America

  • Andrew Dickerson
    Andrew Dickerson12 days ago

    If a 4-year old Mr. Slave played video games instead of working. I can't believe how many worthless people there are. I blame your parents.

  • wild and free42
    wild and free4213 days ago


  • Alex Pendley
    Alex Pendley14 days ago

    1:30 freaking hilarious feel the METAL Noah lmao

  • SchecterGuitar
    SchecterGuitar15 days ago

    Bro the 115 intro tho

  • Gage Sieger
    Gage Sieger15 days ago

    Yo I wish I could play with these guys. It’s so hard to just play and get atheriame because everyone who plays just tries to get to high rounds and I just want to get my things to tier 5



    14 days ago

    You need to get to high rounds to get flawless. flawless upgrade tier 5. Lol. Rd 30 or higher for flawless on Die and FBZ. Rd 3 and higher on outbreak.

  • Tyler Smart
    Tyler Smart16 days ago


  • Gator Whiskers
    Gator Whiskers16 days ago

    just disable all of the other songs

  • SBG Sledge Games
    SBG Sledge Games18 days ago

    Sometimes they respawn in different areas (like sanitarium or Ruka) and area like the refinery y’all found it in and next to the police station in golova

  • DaToddler
    DaToddler18 days ago

    It starts at 4:33

  • Breanna Brice
    Breanna Brice18 days ago

    Bro your videos are amazing

    YOUR_NORMAL_PERSON Poop18 days ago

    Damn the outbreak map has been out for months and he barely streamed this ._.

  • Frank Woods

    Frank Woods

    16 days ago

    It wasn't in outbreak until the previous update

  • Stephen G
    Stephen G18 days ago

    Noah in so much better mood w/o JC in the game... JC = stress. no JC = POG. lol You know what always trips me out when watching these streams... people still using the super chat to donate to Noah despite him always saying dont use that and to use the link in the description to donate so he can read it and it pops up on screen... like who are these people that dont watch Noah play enough to know this but yet still come in here to donate him their money?!? Who?!? Please tell me... lol

  • smartguy161
    smartguy16119 days ago

    I'm very really confused why zombies in cold war why there are differnt maps likeπŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Daniele A
    Daniele A19 days ago

    if you reroll the weapon stats you loose the puck-a-punch.

  • deadlierzeus 23
    deadlierzeus 2320 days ago

    Its a dart table on outbreak in ruka in the barracks in one of them rooms on the wall

  • Isaiah Schuster
    Isaiah Schuster20 days ago

    Man ur so blind Noah j lil

  • uni
    uni20 days ago

    Day 362 of asking noah for a firebow tutorial

  • Gavino


    3 days ago

    @RestPlays YT bruh

  • RestPlays YT

    RestPlays YT

    15 days ago

    For fortnite??

  • Lewis McKenna
    Lewis McKenna20 days ago

    6744444444444444444444444444444444444444 :)

  • Drops Dtc
    Drops Dtc20 days ago

    Me just viben to the music at 2.07 in the morning and then seeing the new map 😧

  • SBG Sledge Games
    SBG Sledge Games20 days ago

    26:06 y’all straight from stupid town

  • Aswaya
    Aswaya21 day ago

    I just accidentally subscribed but I’m too lazy to fix it

  • GreenEYESfromOHIO
    GreenEYESfromOHIO21 day ago

    Bro the update on Xbox for Warzone for me was 58GB!!! That’s not an update that’s an entire game! Anyone else’s huge?

  • Chairman
    Chairman21 day ago


  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon21 day ago

    I think that I should get Cold War

  • Jakob Surber
    Jakob Surber21 day ago

    The pain of watching Noah pass "The One" in his music player at least 5 times while saying "damn I guess it's not here" is very, very real


    I just play black ops 1 zombies you know what i first try spin the box i get the thunder gun and i pap it on kino

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon21 day ago

    "Drunk Outbreak" Never thought Noah could drink anything except G-Fuel

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon21 day ago

    Waiting for the part when 115 gets to "The end of creation again"

  • CrusherCrash
    CrusherCrash21 day ago

    Roadman Noah on the block 😎 Protec Ur Gurl Fam!

  • vanibale
    vanibale21 day ago

    What is you're hauer loadout its awesome

  • Eric Morgan
    Eric Morgan21 day ago

    My dream is to be able to play with Noah and chop. I'm not a member or anything but I'm someone decent at cold war zombies

  • Hosaphena Thomas
    Hosaphena Thomas21 day ago

    I have gold war zombies I wish I could play with you

  • Hosaphena Thomas
    Hosaphena Thomas21 day ago

    Me big big fan

  • elliotone Martinezone
    elliotone Martinezone21 day ago

    They nerfed kneeling/proning and the whole animation for Fps and 3ps to on cod mobile also it’s no good anymore. They even nerfed movement speed. I also miss playing cod zombies for mobile so dam bad😞!! if only those crybabies blood sucking content leeches would be satisfied with just normal high rounds and boss rounds mobile zombies dude SMDH!!!

  • Trevor Pandher
    Trevor Pandher21 day ago

    cryo will activate every other bullet with an auto gun

  • Tara Boltjes
    Tara Boltjes21 day ago

    Can you play killing floor 2 it's a zombie game that's all you need to know......

  • exel wanted
    exel wanted21 day ago


    4TH WORLD WILDERNESS21 day ago

    They could have a day/night cycle that changes every map.. starting at daybreak, then to mid-afternoon, then to sunset, and then late night... that would be interesting.

  • Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C
    Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C21 day ago

    Streamers so busy reading chat, they missed the you can shoot tempest projectiles out of the air loading notes

  • NightmareDenn
    NightmareDenn22 days ago

    Bullet penetration so? FMJ Interesting enough FMJ exists... not in Cold War

  • BuzzWithBrandon 517
    BuzzWithBrandon 51722 days ago

    1:43 what my grandma as be saying lol

  • Xxxkkakkaka Kwkw
    Xxxkkakkaka Kwkw22 days ago

    Yo whats that huer class

  • DarkO-AgeS
    DarkO-AgeS22 days ago


  • Tim.
    Tim.22 days ago

    Streamed live 22 hours ago

  • Mr. Error
    Mr. Error22 days ago

    1:05:30 YO IS THAT A SUPRA??!

  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson22 days ago

    What is Noah’s attachments????

  • Gabriel Demaj
    Gabriel Demaj22 days ago

    Now this is how you start a stream! 115

  • Jim Chandler
    Jim Chandler22 days ago

    Noah looks like hes not having fun anymore. Watching him play is like watching someone work because he has to. None the less still my favorite streamer. 😎

  • Mikey Reilly
    Mikey Reilly22 days ago

    Noah clean with the fresh shaveπŸ”₯

  • AsKyOdA
    AsKyOdA22 days ago

    On exfill, it is crazy fun if you use the jump pad to land inside of the helicopter and shoot down while chopper rounds them up below.. Try it bro !!

  • The 3 flip bros Caiden,Carter,Carsen
    The 3 flip bros Caiden,Carter,Carsen22 days ago

    Go back to bo1



  • Nola-G-Waddy
    Nola-G-Waddy22 days ago

    Why raygun in almost every thumbnail

  • Michael M
    Michael M22 days ago

    I clicked on this video this morning after watching a little bit last night just to see Noah having a seizure to the song lol

  • Randall Wilson
    Randall Wilson22 days ago

    So are these radios at same spot every game or random spots every game I went to that spot and nothing so I guess they change every game

  • Bernie Torres
    Bernie Torres22 days ago

    bro those zombie bangers hit different

  • Rion Mann
    Rion Mann22 days ago

    Waaaaiiiiiittttt.... isnt 115 DMCA claimed??????

  • Nugenman Gaming
    Nugenman Gaming22 days ago

    you already shaved your beard now just shave your eyebrows and you should be good

  • TBNRmaster
    TBNRmaster22 days ago

    Yo my guy.. Im interested in my hoodie delivery.. Still on the road or...? I know its gonna take long to europe.. But didnt thought this long.. Thanks for answering if seen noah

  • JIm Kool
    JIm Kool22 days ago

    How dis guy know bout wha gwaan...

  • Bear
    Bear22 days ago

    I love how Noah said that he wanted to figure it out for himself and chat still gave him the solution for the EE lmao

  • Ky Shogun
    Ky Shogun22 days ago

    Just in case so Noah doesn’t get copyrighted the music is archangel

  • AbdellahAsA \``
    AbdellahAsA \``22 days ago

    I mast the mp noahJ456

  • Ben McCarthy
    Ben McCarthy22 days ago

    The reason you can't join usually is because you are friends on your PSN account. Delete Chopper off your friends list on PS4/5 and you'll be able to join

  • Daniel Nijboer
    Daniel Nijboer22 days ago

    hee noahj, how do you start zombies whit a upgrade wapon???

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance22 days ago

    Hello, Humans. If language influences how we perceive color, what other things could languages be changing our perception of? TERRANCE OUT

  • Five
    Five22 days ago

    Also they changed it to if you’re down when the holdout ends then the game ends

  • MrSnowbiker87
    MrSnowbiker8722 days ago

    Whos man brought up the idea that getting rid of bullet penetration?

  • uhhDj
    uhhDj22 days ago

    Noah still putting up great content 😩

  • MrSnowbiker87
    MrSnowbiker8722 days ago

    Best intro ever. Got me so hype 🀘

  • Five
    Five22 days ago

    Holdout on the new map is hard due to its layout. If you go up the stairs to the roof that’s closed then turn around and jump up u can walk on the ledge above it

  • Alejandro Munoz
    Alejandro Munoz22 days ago

    Just finished a good match with the boys, I like the new map

  • Awkward Emails
    Awkward Emails22 days ago

    Outlast, Outlast whistle Blower and Outlast 2 speedrun reactions next for scary games????

  • boston wells
    boston wells22 days ago

    Cryo is the best! Use it all the time with the shot gun

  • boston wells

    boston wells

    22 days ago

    @jeremy roberts Haha fasho G. Not in my case but fasho πŸ€™πŸΎ

  • jeremy roberts

    jeremy roberts

    22 days ago

    What? Bro cryo is the worst and has been for awhile maybe 2nd worst at best. Dead wire has been the best for quite awhile even after it was nerfed the first time. Not sure now after the 2nd nerf how dead wire holds up but it’s still better than cryo.

  • DemonKillr
    DemonKillr22 days ago

    31:40 Spotify without premium

  • Mateo Salgado
    Mateo Salgado22 days ago

    Is it me or does he look younger?

  • Omar q8

    Omar q8

    22 days ago

    He used the youth serum

  • julio santiago

    julio santiago

    22 days ago

    He shaved

  • Bopper
    Bopper22 days ago


  • AnimePlaylists4Fun
    AnimePlaylists4Fun22 days ago

    Why does noah not use the biggest extended mag on his shotgun?

  • Alex Barboni

    Alex Barboni

    22 days ago

    @jeremy roberts no it doesn't lol it reloads "faster" because you have less ammo to reloadπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ that's kinda how things work if you have less ammo to reload you obviously are going to reload faster

  • AnimePlaylists4Fun


    22 days ago

    @jeremy roberts thx

  • jeremy roberts

    jeremy roberts

    22 days ago

    Because this setup with the 6 round mag has better reload speed

    THE RAZER22 days ago

    Drunk stream lol you guys just get tipsie

  • NOAHJ69
    NOAHJ6922 days ago

    That looks sus

  • Nathaniel Kinney
    Nathaniel Kinney22 days ago

    Wait how you supposed to play the 115 music Noah j456

  • Nathaniel Kinney
    Nathaniel Kinney22 days ago

    That's loud

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage22 days ago

    "We can all yoink things sometimes." - Noah LOL typically Noah man straight yoinking good loot/rewards. 🀣

  • NewGuy
    NewGuy22 days ago


  • Tommy Manyard
    Tommy Manyard22 days ago

    You guys should do drunk outbreak and take a shot after every round

  • Dustin Sears

    Dustin Sears

    21 day ago

    Weeds better bro