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  • roblox dude
    roblox dude3 days ago

    Play more my guy siege is great

  • Kamwron Dragoo gaming
    Kamwron Dragoo gaming4 days ago

    Noah be simping for mira

  • Y so serious
    Y so serious10 days ago


  • B. C. Vincent
    B. C. Vincent14 days ago

    i was doin my homework...he said "blackbeards kinda cracked chat ngl" i look up and laughed so hard i started choking lmao

  • Karan Phull
    Karan Phull17 days ago

    Reading through the comments, you already played this game so how does one not know the core concept of this game. The angles and set up while preparation was terrible. It’s painful to watch someone play this game when they don’t play it correctly.

  • K248
    K24817 days ago

    Play more

  • K248


    17 days ago

    And play nokk and oryx

  • Zackandsharkboy09
    Zackandsharkboy0919 days ago

    Oh no fortnite kids are about to join seige thinking its easy

  • Vlue Heres
    Vlue Heres20 days ago

    Speedrun 1:56 secs ace

  • Rocco A.
    Rocco A.21 day ago

    you should go back to rust...

  • Rocco A.
    Rocco A.21 day ago

    Probably one of the most competitive games if you’re good at it

  • Shade Baxter Live
    Shade Baxter Live22 days ago

    1:05:25 A ace... my god

  • BanditHimselfToo
    BanditHimselfToo23 days ago

    This video hurts. The reinforcements, op choices and all. Just everything

  • Karan Phull

    Karan Phull

    17 days ago

    I agree, dw you’re not alone.

  • chicub white
    chicub white24 days ago

    I love that game

  • Two Katanas fn
    Two Katanas fn25 days ago

    I love siege buuuuuut the community is kinda trash

    RAZ!N GIRAFFE26 days ago

    Yes Seige is EPIC

  • Goldspike645
    Goldspike64527 days ago

    You should totally play siege with milo. That'd be the best content of 2021

  • SuperBlooperBoss
    SuperBlooperBoss27 days ago

    me, a level 152 on console and level 40 on pc watching this wondering how noah is better than me:

  • Mike FromMN
    Mike FromMN27 days ago

    This game does not look like fun lol

  • Fruitch


    27 days ago

    Noobs playing in "higher elo" is never fun in any game...

  • Dark Fang9000
    Dark Fang900028 days ago

    Noah looking at the claymore thinking of shooting it

  • Harry Lawson
    Harry Lawson28 days ago

    this game has a steep learning curve but i have faith that noah can learn

  • Carson_Riot _Frost
    Carson_Riot _Frost28 days ago

    Copper >=D

  • Nadia Webb
    Nadia Webb28 days ago

    finally he is cultured

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious28 days ago

    “I thought I headshot him” said every siege player in the history of ever.

  • Why So Serious

    Why So Serious

    21 day ago

    @Rocco A. flightreacts the controller.

  • Rocco A.

    Rocco A.

    21 day ago

    “HOW IS THAT NOT A HEADSHOT!?” *throws control or monitor across the room*

  • Mitch Massuet

    Mitch Massuet

    23 days ago

    yup true i have done it too

  • Ghost From COD
    Ghost From COD28 days ago

    Thank you

  • Ghost From COD
    Ghost From COD28 days ago

    Play lion plz you will not regret it🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  • KalobAFK
    KalobAFK28 days ago

    Yesss play more Rainbow man I’ve been waiting for a good streamer to start it😍😁

  • husky man 10
    husky man 1029 days ago

    GL Noah it's gonna take a few months to learn but you'll do good

  • Sav James
    Sav James29 days ago


  • NotTheAverageKing
    NotTheAverageKing29 days ago


  • Rylan Kaye
    Rylan Kaye29 days ago

    how already level 30

    TRIPPYorDIEMonth ago

    Hard camping and still can't get a kill 😭

  • Jay R8
    Jay R8Month ago

    all we want is just one fire bow tutorial

  • Eesa Khan
    Eesa KhanMonth ago

    I swear he used to stream this game alot

  • pewdie absher

    pewdie absher

    29 days ago

    @Sav Jameshere is the attention you need

  • Sav James

    Sav James

    29 days ago

    @pewdie absher lo

  • Sav James

    Sav James

    29 days ago

    @pewdie absher lo

  • Sav James

    Sav James

    29 days ago


  • Sav James

    Sav James

    29 days ago

    @pewdie absher lo

  • OdieRaptor
    OdieRaptorMonth ago

    YES I HATE THIS GAME. I play every day.

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie CheeseMonth ago

    poggers waiting for Noah to rage for a couple hours

  • Silvestre Lomeli
    Silvestre LomeliMonth ago

    Name of the intro song

  • Jayden Ta aru
    Jayden Ta aruMonth ago

    Dude stop playing rainbow and stick to cod

    WARCHEMIST1Month ago


  • Jesus Betancourt
    Jesus BetancourtMonth ago

    I miss you always playing randoms games🥺😭 plz do more

  • Hayden Camp
    Hayden CampMonth ago

    This man Noah will do anything in the world but a fire bow tutorial

    TRIPPYorDIEMonth ago

    Don't blame the shotgun lol my man's you didn't even fire off 1 round when you died then be like it's cuz I had a shotgun it's not it lmaoo🤣 well you gotta shoot that's how it works. (1:09:05- 1:10:07)

  • Galactic PizzaGod

    Galactic PizzaGod

    29 days ago

    Bruh are you stupid? Even if he fired off one round he wouldn’t have kill him out the window😂 you probably don’t even play siege or know how it works lmao

  • Stephen G
    Stephen GMonth ago

    I felt like I was watching a 5 year old play this game... like wtf was that? DIdnt grab armor like ever, not picking a player in time and getting some random one u have never used and dont know their abilities literally during an overtime match point game... not knowing any of the maps or even player abilities at all... not using abilities or cams when they literally would be perfect for it. Idk I get u dont play this game, but damn it was very frustrating to watch just due to super rookie mistakes. GET GOOD KID! lol (or at least play a bit b4 streaming so u can have some map knowledge and a go-to character for clutching games).

  • Lilly Merry
    Lilly MerryMonth ago

    Yo let’s goooooooooo

  • NSB_Ruggrat👿
    NSB_Ruggrat👿Month ago

    Finally bro I've been wanting you to Play this for the longest

  • Maxwell
    MaxwellMonth ago

    hey Noah great vid love your channel

  • Evercut 25
    Evercut 25Month ago

    You have to play more

  • Doggocaty
    DoggocatyMonth ago

    45:53 cam watching him

  • Jxoshua S
    Jxoshua SMonth ago

    Please play siege more

  • Kingdom00Hearts
    Kingdom00HeartsMonth ago

    Yeees after many time i done it i like the vidoe with my ear 😂😂😂😂😂🌹

  • Skater Legend
    Skater LegendMonth ago

    chat im gonna clutch this does 2 seconds later

  • Keegs Ramk
    Keegs RamkMonth ago

    I'm from Trinidad too! 😁🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • The one that games Creed tanker
    The one that games Creed tankerMonth ago

    Dare you to play wellerman song on one of your videos

  • Deezy G
    Deezy GMonth ago

    Bruh this is dope seeing you playing this again brings back memories

  • Kaden
    KadenMonth ago

    Pls talk to me this is somthing that I would be very grateful to pls Get back to me if you would pls

  • Kaden
    KadenMonth ago

    I need to get ahold of you pls get back to me when you can talk on youtube pls

  • Kaden


    Month ago


  • TripyDayz TDZz
    TripyDayz TDZzMonth ago

    Who all would love, absolutely love, the og flame thrower from world at war to return as a loadout weapon, most likely a streak though. I'd love a flame thrower with frost ammo mod :D

  • TripyDayz TDZz

    TripyDayz TDZz

    Month ago

    Even just if it's a zombies exclusive as a load out, streak in mp

    SPRINGY BOIMonth ago

    If you some how read this Noah then no more ray k and hello crossbow for boss fight

  • cracker yesir
    cracker yesirMonth ago

    He said your house was burned down? I didn't watch the rest of the video to let you know

  • Bryce Crenshaw
    Bryce CrenshawMonth ago

    Every time he plays lion I puke

  • Bryce Crenshaw
    Bryce CrenshawMonth ago

    As a diamond player, this was the cringiest and most painful thing to watch.

  • Bryce Crenshaw

    Bryce Crenshaw

    Month ago

    But please play more because you’re a god on the mouse. Get good scrub, it’s possible.

    FUZIONMonth ago

    Legit cut out all the SoE attempts why

  • Qwertysfrendbob
    QwertysfrendbobMonth ago

    And the definition of insanity goes to.

  • Lewis Davies
    Lewis DaviesMonth ago

    JaygotnextZ wants to be your friend

  • Liam Kilraine
    Liam KilraineMonth ago


  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin WilliamsMonth ago

    Discovering how much it sucks to be 997 levels below the average R6S player? Sure, I'll watch. *makes popcorn*

  • That boy Snarly

    That boy Snarly

    Month ago

    Search NoahjAFK rainbow six siege

  • Ron James
    Ron JamesMonth ago

    he edited the video lmao

  • Nasty Nato
    Nasty NatoMonth ago

    Dont waste your time playing this game. Ubisoft devs ruined it a long time ago and are hanging on for dear life to keep it alive. This is not a game for new players trust me. You will get shit on. Smurfs out the ass

  • Dominic Sproul
    Dominic SproulMonth ago

    Noah new siege youtuber!? No joke I would watch 10X more than I already do

  • That boy Snarly

    That boy Snarly

    Month ago

    Search NoahjAFK rainbow six siege

  • Luke Shelton
    Luke SheltonMonth ago

    Same 😔

  • d fashion
    d fashionMonth ago


  • Ice Dexter
    Ice DexterMonth ago

    Give us all the siege content plessss😄

  • That boy Snarly

    That boy Snarly

    Month ago

    Search NoahjAFK rainbow six siege

  • Ice Dexter
    Ice DexterMonth ago

    Yes give us more Siege content 😁😁

  • Im_Lagging_Kid00
    Im_Lagging_Kid00Month ago

    On Noah’s 2nd channel rainbow six siege speedrun 😂

  • Im_Lagging_Kid00
    Im_Lagging_Kid00Month ago

    Ayyyyyyy welcome to the community Noah

  • Super Gogeta
    Super GogetaMonth ago

    What happened to shadows of evil half the video is gone

  • NotLoganHavlik
    NotLoganHavlikMonth ago

    I would love to see you play this more

  • Mike M.
    Mike M.Month ago

    Play more Noah we love competitive games

  • CollinG16
    CollinG16Month ago

    Why did he delete the SOE runs?

  • The one that games Creed tanker
    The one that games Creed tankerMonth ago

    Weller man is a song for you

  • Snow
    SnowMonth ago

    damn i missed it? too busy watching EUL 😂 hope noah had fun and just me who sees him playin console siege?

  • Often Matt
    Often MattMonth ago

    I got clickbaited cause I thought this was Easter egg attempts!!! :(

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando RamirezMonth ago

    It’s been forever to play r6 since 2018

  • Kaden Playz
    Kaden PlayzMonth ago


    Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EMMonth ago

    Shadows of evil e.e where 🤔

  • Ganesh Wadhai
    Ganesh WadhaiMonth ago


  • The Moose
    The MooseMonth ago

    i feel like this is suppose to be a joke because of the title but i also think it was a mistake xD

  • Tyler Maynard
    Tyler MaynardMonth ago

    I hate this man he got me so exited by the title

  • Zannoz
    ZannozMonth ago

    The deep troll title, I like it

  • PL Gaming
    PL GamingMonth ago

    You should play R6 with smii7y


    Noah won't stop beating the world record

  • Callum Glen
    Callum GlenMonth ago

    Noahhhhh please let me teach you seige

  • M
    MMonth ago

    Why does it have to be nero?

    MASTERMINDMonth ago

    I don't like when you play by yourself its more funny when u play with friends

  • GAMER3907
    GAMER3907Month ago

    Cold War zombies doesn’t even feel like zombies I miss this shit :(

  • Obito Uchiha

    Obito Uchiha

    Month ago

    I know I want to go back in time 5 years so bad bo3 is and always will be the g.o.a.t

  • Mahangsh Leshin
    Mahangsh LeshinMonth ago

    Still waiting for the firebow tutorial

  • eleclaw
    eleclawMonth ago

    Oh okay let's attempt one time then play other game

  • Mohamed El Khatib
    Mohamed El KhatibMonth ago


  • deathinrage
    deathinrageMonth ago

    luv ur vids they put me in a happier place thank u😸

  • Per Zoonen
    Per ZoonenMonth ago

    This is cap

  • Jake Howell
    Jake HowellMonth ago

    noah please play R6S again