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  • Not Finding Super
    Not Finding SuperDay ago

    He’s playing in English because he’s just that cracked

  • Nigel Dreher
    Nigel Dreher2 days ago

    Imma need a zombie mentor after watching this🥲

  • Judah Waahkah
    Judah Waahkah2 days ago

    Me 0:00 when I am doing the box for the 3099090000668977 time and I still don’t get the ray gun

  • Natalia Badran
    Natalia Badran3 days ago

    0:00 he is hiding his pain

  • Matthew MistWeaver
    Matthew MistWeaver13 days ago

    oh.. i thought it was high round

  • Matthew MistWeaver
    Matthew MistWeaver13 days ago

    what about Die Maschine?

  • J W33R
    J W33R14 days ago

    Imagine having a wr and someone beats it by a second

  • Sparky on Yt
    Sparky on Yt16 days ago

    I already saw that

  • Veronica Lopez
    Veronica Lopez18 days ago

    I thought I pasused on 0:01

  • Veronica Lopez
    Veronica Lopez18 days ago

    I thought I passed on 0:1

  • JackClapz
    JackClapz18 days ago

    It takes me 22.59 to get to round 10

  • Samuel Lea'ea
    Samuel Lea'ea20 days ago

    This is cods Stevewilldoit

    WHOMEVER23 days ago

    Wtf i did the world record

    WHOMEVER23 days ago


  • Random crap daily Ayy!
    Random crap daily Ayy!23 days ago

    Y is pansormorder in thumbnail? I clicked this vid thinking it was cod ww2, which is my favorite cod, so I was hoping for something and got the opposite

  • beatrix
    beatrix24 days ago

    his utilities spell god at the bottem right lol

  • Dawn Freier
    Dawn Freier27 days ago


  • Xavier Lombardo
    Xavier Lombardo28 days ago

    I've seen all of steves spedruns

  • tristan maughan
    tristan maughanMonth ago

    i couldnt tell if the video was paused or not at the start, the stare, so....beautiful?

  • engines
    enginesMonth ago

    I’m going to try to beat this speedrun so I can be featured lol

  • Dylan Monteiro
    Dylan MonteiroMonth ago

    8:45 - me when new cod zombies map is released

  • Mario Orefice
    Mario OreficeMonth ago

    Bruh tf is that intro 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vewayy
    VewayyMonth ago

    “no one is beating this” 22:05. speed run gets released *shit*

  • DeadSoldier559
    DeadSoldier559Month ago

    Remember Noah his field upgrade with stamin-up makes you run so much faster

  • Dawn VZ
    Dawn VZMonth ago

    Orda spawns on round 30 and when I got that far I didn’t know he existed so died lol

  • quacktack
    quacktackMonth ago

    He needs 20k points to get wr yet he still did without it straight away

  • Cardodger games
    Cardodger gamesMonth ago

    noah is going insane lol

  • Jordan Beavers
    Jordan BeaversMonth ago

    If you like both sides of your pillow will be cold all night sold out at 5k

  • Elijah Ramos
    Elijah RamosMonth ago

    primis dempsey:hey player i need more ammo or were going down primis richtofen:srry i don't speak japanese primis takeo:my weapon is low on hono primis nicholai:i save gun for when i need it i miss primus and oltimis 😭😭😭😭

  • Yugiyo Gaming
    Yugiyo GamingMonth ago

    I thought my phone froze

  • John D
    John DMonth ago

    well if you STFU for 2 seconds and pay attention, you might learn something. youre worse them a female. you dont stfu for 2 seconds.

  • Malachy Tremble
    Malachy TrembleMonth ago

    Imagine saving Maxis with Maxis

  • Aaron Acosta
    Aaron AcostaMonth ago

    Bro u actin like I ain’t gonna be reviving you all the time

  • Mike Turner
    Mike TurnerMonth ago

    How did he change from shroud to the other one in mid game ??? When I update my class it says it will Change when you respawn

  • Jude Damiani
    Jude DamianiMonth ago

    Me a person who hasn't speedrunned when I heard HES DOING IT IN ENGLISH

  • Md Gunner
    Md GunnerMonth ago


  • DaPickleRick
    DaPickleRickMonth ago

    Boi pulled a Freddie foodie king face at the beginning

  • Samir Abawi
    Samir AbawiMonth ago

    Does anyone know what loudout the speed runner is using it looks really good

  • the next
    the nextMonth ago

    noah has gone insane

  • KaayJJelly Cvk
    KaayJJelly CvkMonth ago


  • Sandwichemi Roberger
    Sandwichemi RobergerMonth ago

    lol he is probably the best ever zombies player but he also has the multiplayer diamond camp lol how

  • James Beaudry
    James BeaudryMonth ago

    The new tiers for the perks are gonna shave so much time off now

  • Controlla Issa.
    Controlla Issa.Month ago

    at 25:00 noah: TIME TO SPEED RUN DA COMMENTS

  • 10 little monkeys
    10 little monkeysMonth ago

    That's uhh very nice intro their

  • W4LL33
    W4LL33Month ago

    Prolly gonna be another one because of how fast you run with aether shroud and stamin up Sorry Noah

  • Explosionrux YEET
    Explosionrux YEETMonth ago

    S T E V E S T I L L A R R I V E S

  • JoelDaKing
    JoelDaKingMonth ago

    am i the only viewer who’s never played zombies once?

  • Greg Vickers
    Greg VickersMonth ago

    Noah bro he targets a zombie near boss to shoot first missile

  • DripSplash
    DripSplashMonth ago

    Like I said I knew the last record could be beaten cause that one had mistakes

  • Saul Soto
    Saul SotoMonth ago

    Actually ridiculous that you have 600,000 views on this when you didn’t even do anything for the world record you’re literally just commenting on it proves my point to show how trash you are zombies

  • Travis Derby
    Travis DerbyMonth ago

    This run i noticed moments that could be done a few seconds faster

  • Asian Man
    Asian ManMonth ago

    Dude dosent need the rai k he needs the stoner at spawn

  • Christopher Gaffney
    Christopher GaffneyMonth ago

    Noah ur channel sucks now


    Ah the classic "the text lines move faster in Japanese" same misconception with Mario 64

  • All Greens
    All GreensMonth ago

    To shoot another missile you have to press L2

  • Dino Nuggs
    Dino NuggsMonth ago

    Man beat the speed run world record before I can craft the rai k😭😭😭

  • Nuk4lear
    Nuk4learMonth ago

    I completed the Firebase Z EE in 00:00:01 Noah: *eyes lit on fire while screaming.

  • Checkmate
    CheckmateMonth ago

    Why do imagine Noah with a bald head big round popped out eyes balls and a creepy grin.

  • Taco
    TacoMonth ago

    @0:00 I can imagine this being his reaction too looking through the new additions to perks and specials

  • Stu_Gahtz
    Stu_GahtzMonth ago

    So if they have the two wr building ww and not building did they do the same for maps like IX

  • Anarchy Entertainment
    Anarchy EntertainmentMonth ago

    Wheres Scotty Dogs when you need him?

  • Fuck Pmart
    Fuck PmartMonth ago

    You good?

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruhMonth ago

    I didn't know you could switch from aether shroud to ring of fire mid game?

  • luis garcia
    luis garciaMonth ago

    Oh no that laugh in the first few seconds looks like it's full of pain 😢

  • LacrosseSaint
    LacrosseSaintMonth ago

    WAP time ? ;)

  • Alexander Cress
    Alexander CressMonth ago

    Noah hot shoot in the missile. It makes the second one come off......

  • Connor
    ConnorMonth ago

    Well they can beat it by those 3 seconds he lost

  • maxton-_-
    maxton-_-Month ago

    Am I the only one where I’ll go to catch a mimic and the essence trap will not acknowledge that there is a mimic to trap even though the mimic is standing right on top of the trap? Like it never says target in range

  • Robert Applegate
    Robert ApplegateMonth ago

    I'm calling BS!! Show me under leaderboards where is shows 22:59. Because when I have done it, the time doesn't stop until all cut scenes end. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing run but 22:59 I don't think so

  • Rick San Agustin
    Rick San AgustinMonth ago

    I got the special ak from the box as soon as I started and I didn't know it was for this

  • yrn_smoney
    yrn_smoneyMonth ago

    I hope IISteveII saw this video ❤️

  • Binks D
    Binks DMonth ago

    Does no one notice he spawned in with a selfie already?

  • Poison Tango
    Poison TangoMonth ago

    Noah: no time loss. Also Noah: except for that 3 second loss

  • Lost Capone
    Lost CaponeMonth ago

    Ayee been looking at your beats but I think the big thing u are missing is getting hooks with your beats as well and putting it for more money. I think I can help you. Message me on IG @iamlostcapone

  • Justin
    JustinMonth ago

    Run was so good other speed runners are losing there will to go on because of the time Steve put up.

  • Grvxvity
    GrvxvityMonth ago

    Hey sorry to be that guy and shit, but if any of you have time to check out some of the zombies content I’ve put out lately I’d greatly appreciate it and owe ya. Any feedback is appreciate, thanks gamer bois

  • Oklahoma Overland
    Oklahoma OverlandMonth ago

    You can hit the crafter through the wall before power is even on.

  • Oklahoma Overland
    Oklahoma OverlandMonth ago

    I wonder if his silver shotgun looks pink to him

  • kenneth
    kennethMonth ago

    Steve: im sorry, i dont speak japanese

  • austin brown
    austin brownMonth ago

    Are glitches allowed in Speedruns?

  • ViperZ_BehindYou
    ViperZ_BehindYouMonth ago

    Anyone tried Spanish instead of Japanese it’s kinda the same speed I think

  • bisrat nigatu
    bisrat nigatuMonth ago

    0:00 that face still haunts me to this day, going to sue for emotional damage xD

  • funtime9378
    funtime9378Month ago

    Anyone see aim bot around 16:15

  • funtime9378


    Month ago


  • JD
    JDMonth ago

    This guys uses 'D' as his key for his power? What does he use to walk?

  • lucas smith
    lucas smithMonth ago


  • Gamingdevil123
    Gamingdevil123Month ago


  • KnightOwl390
    KnightOwl390Month ago

    Like you said him go in Japanese some better RNG and minor things like when he fell off the ledge would save a lot of time combined.

  • KnightOwl390
    KnightOwl390Month ago

    Okay my only thing is another way he could have saved time earlier when he went back through the portal he seen the mimic was spawned there and it popped out and attacked him and then he went back to the portal and triggered the doctor Peck dialogue

  • Im_Lagging_Kid00
    Im_Lagging_Kid00Month ago


  • Adrian G
    Adrian GMonth ago

    Now he has to do that WAPPPPPP😩😩😩😈😈😈

  • Rixo
    RixoMonth ago

    Why they are all on Japanese what’s the purpose

  • Tony Winship
    Tony WinshipMonth ago

    Just waiting for Shadows to get beaten again just for Noah lol

  • Dr Jones
    Dr JonesMonth ago

    Hey I’m gonna beat this btw

  • JeffLodu
    JeffLoduMonth ago

    Wait, I thought when you are running and stop was stick drift

  • Luis Ambriz
    Luis AmbrizMonth ago

    Isn’t the street sweeper fastest to kill the orda?

  • H3RO993
    H3RO993Month ago

    Is no one gonna talk about his key binds

  • Stephen Thedford
    Stephen ThedfordMonth ago

    When will people we saved Samatha ya know the main zombies antagonist....

  • Stephen Thedford

    Stephen Thedford

    Month ago

    I apologize for posting this on a speedrun but still!

  • Tommy Walker
    Tommy WalkerMonth ago

    Noah You get the first missile to fire by spam clicking

  • Nick Schuman
    Nick SchumanMonth ago

    Park simp gang

  • Nick Schuman
    Nick SchumanMonth ago

    You can warp from like trial machine to aether reactor by jungle defense with aether shroud