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  • Meme Toy Sonic
    Meme Toy Sonic18 hours ago

    Yk Olympia can one shot dogs, I still support m14 gang

  • Robert Crago
    Robert CragoDay ago

    when the kino song plays i act like its a music video and act all pro

  • I Hate Normies
    I Hate Normies2 days ago

    9:38 that is my friend every time he comes over 💀

  • Sandy Benton
    Sandy Benton3 days ago


  • Mitsos
    Mitsos3 days ago

    No bows or staffs to save you from panzers😰

  • g money gaming
    g money gaming3 days ago

    Nah it is when the coseplayers/furries attack

  • E E
    E E3 days ago

    Me who never had the bois:

  • Angelo Matheeussen
    Angelo Matheeussen4 days ago

    Nice babysitting😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cheetos
    Cheetos5 days ago


  • Kenneth Ventura
    Kenneth Ventura5 days ago

    They remove infected 🥲

  • Swaaz
    Swaaz6 days ago

    I remember I shit on my friend and he was all "I have a better gun than you" then I pull the apothocan out the box lol

  • Tea Rex
    Tea Rex6 days ago

    The KSI part got me

  • FaintThrone
    FaintThrone6 days ago

    5:14 MY EARS HURT!

  • Alex Nunez
    Alex Nunez7 days ago

    @NoahJ456 nice jazz in the background

  • Gman Makes
    Gman Makes7 days ago

    I guess I’m insane

  • Skyler Moser
    Skyler Moser7 days ago

    Me I have been the babysitter for the zombie I remember the of maps it puts a year in my eye

  • Tristan de Jong
    Tristan de Jong7 days ago

    1:02 what is the music at the end of that TikTok called?

  • Nuk4lear
    Nuk4lear8 days ago

    Remember the times when u called in a chopper gunner and you took no damage. Now when u call it in u get hit to 80 before your view switches.

  • Naikintojas 336
    Naikintojas 33610 days ago

    10:05 i played a call of duty black ops 1 and my friend starts the song after 10 seconds he died and i survived over 3 rounds and didint revive him just cause he died :D

  • WoW_Pro_2020
    WoW_Pro_202010 days ago


  • 9 year old user friendly
    9 year old user friendly10 days ago

    2:40 spongebob music at its finest

  • Rainbowappleslice
    Rainbowappleslice11 days ago

    12:57 this is exactly why I only run aether shroud

  • Rainbowappleslice
    Rainbowappleslice11 days ago

    I always used the Olympia

  • Osiah Riggs
    Osiah Riggs12 days ago

    I’ve been that guy that has to babysit the zombies

  • Judah Waahkah
    Judah Waahkah12 days ago


  • stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws
    stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws12 days ago

    You know somebody is dog water when they go 5-11 in zombies

  • Motionbeats75 _
    Motionbeats75 _12 days ago

    Who else was surprised to see Greg renko? 😂

  • Game Addictions
    Game Addictions13 days ago

    I started playing at bo1 even tho bo2 was out and I would use the olimpya every time now that I’m older I have started training useing better guns and getting past the dog rounds I have to things to thank the zombie you tubers and my dad

  • yes under
    yes under13 days ago

    when revalations theme or shadows of evil last easter egg or doom eternal music plays im invincible in zombies (revalations shangri la btw if ur wondering)

  • JohnJames Cralle
    JohnJames Cralle13 days ago

    Me and its torture i hate babysitting the zombie

  • Crl Electro
    Crl Electro13 days ago

    Can I say three words and probably not that much people know ok... snake skin boots

  • Liam Amaro
    Liam Amaro14 days ago

    game oretyr funny

  • cheeze itz
    cheeze itz14 days ago

    Me plays cod 1 buy shotgun when i saw that meme i didn't know i was a bad player

  • Geradw22
    Geradw2214 days ago

    The buried one obviously hax they have 25k round 1

  • Remington Krieger
    Remington Krieger14 days ago


  • A Humble Star
    A Humble Star15 days ago

    7:51 is always me

  • The Talons
    The Talons16 days ago

    Apex legends

  • Hydra
    Hydra16 days ago

    I am the one doing the easter egg because my friend don't know how

  • Weeazzo07
    Weeazzo0716 days ago

    Why can I clip this vid now that’s new

  • James roque
    James roque16 days ago

    Close but my boy was super off it one night and we were playing zombies and he went down 250 times we exviled round 56

  • KIRBIFAN79 #3310
    KIRBIFAN79 #331017 days ago

    I cant find funny in this vid

  • RyRy
    RyRy17 days ago

    Tik tok not funny

  • Matthew MistWeaver
    Matthew MistWeaver18 days ago

    1:58 you must be a weeb to know this song.

  • Im Hex
    Im Hex19 days ago

    I'm level 1000 in bo4 zombies ^_^

  • Spencer Kristianson
    Spencer Kristianson20 days ago

    Me bc all my friends try do the ester egg in every map

  • fallen pegasus
    fallen pegasus21 day ago

    10:00 is the most truthful thing I've ever heard in my life

  • LilCommander Gaming
    LilCommander Gaming21 day ago

    115 is the most powerful zombies song

  • its_dimond wolf
    its_dimond wolf22 days ago

    Always me being that guy who babysits

  • S4NTINO24K
    S4NTINO24K22 days ago

    Who else used the olampya just because it was a shotgun

  • Ryan Duncan
    Ryan Duncan22 days ago

    Straub... that is ww2 my dude. Cool video

  • Joey Sanz
    Joey Sanz22 days ago


  • Deathofsweates YT
    Deathofsweates YT22 days ago

    I have did a babysitter for a zombie

  • equitine _
    equitine _22 days ago

    No God's use the olympia

  • Navi
    Navi23 days ago

    Dude forced himself to laugh for 13mins straight.

  • TempoMatix
    TempoMatix23 days ago

    I want Noah to react to Noah j rage compilations

  • Ryan Barcelona
    Ryan Barcelona23 days ago

    1:08 song?

  • Bel Vue
    Bel Vue23 days ago

    At 6:00 this happened to me in warzone

  • Leon Williams
    Leon Williams23 days ago

    The temporary mole computationally succeed because thunder conclusively guess out a truculent jumbo. therapeutic, boiling train

  • Aaron Heath
    Aaron Heath24 days ago

    During the firebase Z easter egg I made my homie babysit for like half of the game lmao

  • Mano Hanssen
    Mano Hanssen24 days ago

    I was playing moon on bo3 and i got the wonder weapen first out of the box and right after that i got the ray gun mark 2

  • Rohan Golani
    Rohan Golani24 days ago

    The true grape unintentionally bruise because tail seasonally snore till a cool computer. dirty, bawdy season

  • Gangsta Penguin
    Gangsta Penguin25 days ago

    Kino Der Toten EE song hit different

  • David Matney
    David Matney25 days ago

    When Treyarch is so bad at actually putting out content with replay-ability that you have more reaction videos than actual gameplay videos. Damn.

  • Theory Guy

    Theory Guy

    21 day ago

    The content is fine. You must be a multiplayer crybaby.

  • Bader Balhawan

    Bader Balhawan

    23 days ago


  • Gerdinah Newberry
    Gerdinah Newberry25 days ago

    Today i got wunderwaf on 2nd box try and lost a tooth

  • dead shot420w
    dead shot420w25 days ago

    No that not a game cube controller it a Xbox 360 controller

  • Aidan Satter
    Aidan Satter25 days ago

    I used to be a passionate zombies player, until cold war came with it's shitty zombies.

  • XboxXDplayz
    XboxXDplayz25 days ago

    Man I wish I could play call of duty 2 again with all my online boys but now we have separated from my disc getting scratched so many times

  • Joe stauber
    Joe stauber25 days ago

    Not as funny as Noah thinks it is, there were only a couple good ones like chopper jack and pirates of the Caribbean

  • Itz Shock
    Itz Shock25 days ago

    zombies again

  • Trix the Heretic
    Trix the Heretic26 days ago

    11 downs 5 kills...

  • Dads Son
    Dads Son26 days ago

    Okay so I’m a psychopath

  • 6oh8
    6oh826 days ago

    Hey Noah I pulled 3 ray gun rifles in one match😭😭

  • Alex Meneses
    Alex Meneses26 days ago

    The wacky wood philly arrest because writer optimally arrest beneath a skillful daniel. eatable, gaudy grandfather

  • fanta spy
    fanta spy26 days ago

    5:46 what round 30 and above feel like after coming back to life

  • Andrew Barajas
    Andrew Barajas26 days ago

    How did dug get that many points

  • Defcon48
    Defcon4826 days ago

    115 makes you super saiyan

  • Mr Tibbzz
    Mr Tibbzz27 days ago

    What happened to the old Noah this content is trash

  • Delisa Smith
    Delisa Smith27 days ago

    if anyone has every got down when the song comes on i will slap them🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Peanut Cool
    Peanut Cool27 days ago

    Why do you look like faze jev

  • Andrzej Noga
    Andrzej Noga27 days ago


  • Beefyethy2007 93
    Beefyethy2007 9327 days ago

    I love zombies I’ve been playing since i was 5 I’m now 13

  • Kiricat Barney
    Kiricat Barney27 days ago

    man i did the easter egg well almost with a public lobby and it was the worst thing ever

  • chris comerota
    chris comerota27 days ago

    How is he playing sideways tho 😂

  • Alex LK
    Alex LK27 days ago

    Not a gamecube controller my man it's a rock candy wired for the xbox I think

  • Angry Sagan
    Angry Sagan27 days ago

    I saw my edit at 10:19 - insane!

  • Its Frizz
    Its Frizz27 days ago

    Noah, I am very glad I just got Cold War yesterday and I need your discord to chat and play with you. Sorry I don’t have Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter oh also twitch I actually have twitch

  • EagleRising948B
    EagleRising948B27 days ago

    Anytime my friend and I try to do the easter egg he gets stuck with babysitting the zombie cause he never looks up easter egg steps (my trash ass has only done like 4 easter eggs not including cold war)

  • Jacob Hamann
    Jacob Hamann27 days ago

    3:31 is me, my buddy, my bro, and then there's......... my dadXD

  • WaterErmine 862
    WaterErmine 86227 days ago

    Last year when cold war came out I really loved playing zombies and still do. I have also recently bought zombies chronicles and der eisendrache.

  • Will Lau
    Will Lau27 days ago

    Damn. I'm the zombie babysitter of my friend group.

  • Niggtosis
    Niggtosis27 days ago

    Wait noah hasnt seen a plug in xbox 360 controller? Thats what was in the first one not a gamecube controller

  • Crakakin Riling
    Crakakin Riling27 days ago

    Please more. shit made me happy, made me smile

  • Gabriel Winterowd
    Gabriel Winterowd28 days ago

    I hate tik tok so delete this video please

  • Justice Peequaquat
    Justice Peequaquat28 days ago

    7:21 is me and my bros breaking out of jail when the zombies start coming 8:31 me and my little brother LMAO

  • Eesti Poiss12
    Eesti Poiss1228 days ago

    I like this new editing stuff

  • Dr. NoFace
    Dr. NoFace28 days ago

    2:02 that music is from the EPIC anime Re: Zero btw

  • Austen Fields
    Austen Fields28 days ago

    Me i have been that guy

  • ZombiesOnMe
    ZombiesOnMe28 days ago

    love you noah keep making shit like thyis

  • Tito 1
    Tito 128 days ago

    For WaW I was the guinea pig, Bo3 i did solo but never finished, For WWII I was doing it solo and almost finished it then never cared to do it again, Then Cold War with my friends I am the one to do the Easter egg.

  • Harold Walker
    Harold Walker28 days ago

    9.97M subscribers 😍