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  • Henry XV1300
    Henry XV1300Day ago

    Noah IISteveII beaten the world record of fire base z

  • Reden
    Reden14 days ago

    Why is it japanese you love japanese

  • I like horses
    I like horses14 days ago

    Yo this intro is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shore Gods
    Shore Gods20 days ago


  • Ethan Dempsey
    Ethan Dempsey21 day ago

    Noah needs to start a music career

  • Kinetic
    Kinetic23 days ago

    Anyone care to explain about the mimic glitch? i've been forced to exfile due to mimics not spawning AT ALL

  • Madness4Mankind
    Madness4Mankind23 days ago

    Mad Respect for the 100T cap.

  • Nick Thornton
    Nick Thornton26 days ago

    cruise middle can’t split unless it has a target to lock onto. the boss can be hit but not lock on

  • Omran Amin
    Omran Amin26 days ago

    I'm rewatching this just for the rap 🤪

  • Trash talker
    Trash talker29 days ago

    That noahj beat tho :O

  • R4Productions
    R4ProductionsMonth ago

    I just did this yesterday with your tutorial Noah and it took me 3 hours because I kept getting distracted with other things in my house

  • OzzyTheSloth
    OzzyTheSlothMonth ago

    I would buy a dollar tree toy sell it for $5 go back buy 5 more then make $25 dollars

  • Austin Pipkin
    Austin PipkinMonth ago

    This was awesome

  • Voidz Lord
    Voidz LordMonth ago

    song used in intro ? :D

  • Ceiling The High
    Ceiling The HighMonth ago


  • Bird Mustard
    Bird MustardMonth ago

    Love how Noah says this is probably not going to get beaten and that nobody is playing this map anymore even though people are still speed running things on bo3, bo2, and bo1.

  • Bobby S.
    Bobby S.Month ago

    Yo Noah, you gotta quit zombies and go 100% on the rap career

  • David Costanza
    David CostanzaMonth ago

    def gonna be a sub 22 at some point.

  • 6 Sur
    6 SurMonth ago

    Please stop rapping. It’s to cringey bro🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • get it done
    get it doneMonth ago

    Why is Noah’s intros 5 years long always

  • Emil Lundh
    Emil LundhMonth ago

    The intro is littttt

  • tuna skeleton349
    tuna skeleton349Month ago

    I beat Easter egg on 23 with my friend I think that's pretty good right?

  • Chase Copeland
    Chase CopelandMonth ago

    that intro hit differently when he rhymed page with made

  • Brittney Starling
    Brittney StarlingMonth ago

    That intro rap LMAO

  • Luke Regan
    Luke ReganMonth ago

    Absolutely insane Noah

  • TTVYeet 2
    TTVYeet 2Month ago

    react to campain world records

  • William Fuller
    William FullerMonth ago

    yo real shit dont ever do that rap shit again. that shit was so corny, im really mad right now lmao

  • Abdul da Cool
    Abdul da CoolMonth ago

    Literally the most fire free style

  • Style and Steel
    Style and SteelMonth ago

    Saying pog is so stupid

  • KZ Styles Gaming Channel
    KZ Styles Gaming ChannelMonth ago

    who said it was going to be the last one

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie SmithMonth ago

    Look up the ted talk about trading a paper clip for a house

  • Qaosy
    QaosyMonth ago

    Sheeesesesshhsshhhhhh Fireeeee

  • SSJ_Trewizzle
    SSJ_TrewizzleMonth ago

    No cal Noahj456 is better than playboy carti

  • Explic1t Kill3r1
    Explic1t Kill3r1Month ago

    Steve coming back 3 days later

  • Hunter 2050
    Hunter 2050Month ago

    Noah that rap was fire

  • Inderveer Sandhu
    Inderveer SandhuMonth ago

    Bro someone please link that beat that Noah used that shit was fire.

  • Berlin
    BerlinMonth ago

    These easter egg vids give me Dream vibes

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge GarciaMonth ago


  • donovon95
    donovon95Month ago

    I'm gonna die laughing when this is beat again

  • FendrZwag
    FendrZwagMonth ago

    This mans got bars for daayyyyys🔥🔥🔥

  • Jake the Zig
    Jake the ZigMonth ago

    Hmmmm.... There should be different categories. A Japanese run can't beat an English run, or vice versa.

  • Arithmeticulous OG
    Arithmeticulous OGMonth ago

    What happens if the mangler shoots into the dark either portal on firebase Z. Or if you shoot a mangler when its next to the portal with the napalm burst or shatter blast.. Maybe its a hidden side Easter Egg 🍕🍕🍕

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas MillerMonth ago

    He needs help

  • Noah Sebro
    Noah SebroMonth ago

    Lemme remix this with you

  • dox r
    dox rMonth ago

    Watch ||steve|| beat this

  • Niece B
    Niece BMonth ago

    Good thing you can clip on here now

  • Kingvontai
    KingvontaiMonth ago

    Why is this intro, lowkey fire asf

  • Polo LaFlare
    Polo LaFlareMonth ago

    Noah j wit the 🔥 freestyle 😂‼️‼️

  • CashCxrtii-
    CashCxrtii-Month ago

    I always get the raiK out of the trials on like round 8

  • josh saba
    josh sabaMonth ago

    Next video: “final final world record”

  • Francisco Rosario
    Francisco RosarioMonth ago

    Yoooo whens that album coming out noah!?!?!

  • LazyRuffles
    LazyRufflesMonth ago

    I think he means Dogecoin

  • DracoNugget412
    DracoNugget412Month ago

    Famous last words

  • CashCxrtii-
    CashCxrtii-Month ago

    Isn’t this the guy who could’ve got a bette time but got knocked while doing the boss fight ?

  • David Tidwell
    David TidwellMonth ago

    Kinda slaps tho

  • Justh4cking
    Justh4ckingMonth ago

    I be vibing no cap😂👌🎉

  • James Hallock
    James HallockMonth ago

    Daym u spitting bars fam send me the beat pls 🙏🙏🙏

  • Quinlan Emmons
    Quinlan EmmonsMonth ago

    Okay but like why is that door 1250 for speed runners when it is always 1500 for me

  • OhIDid
    OhIDidMonth ago

    Need tas on this maybe in the future

  • Evelyn Barkley
    Evelyn BarkleyMonth ago

    that rap was SLICK

  • HadesOasis
    HadesOasisMonth ago

    No one gonna talk about how fire the beat was tho? Haha

  • CursedAngel
    CursedAngelMonth ago

    Zombies content is so dry right now

  • Jesse Mills
    Jesse MillsMonth ago

    Need help to run throw it

  • Ty not cute
    Ty not cuteMonth ago

    That laugh cry after the rap had the same energy as the cat in the hat live action movie

  • gauge moore
    gauge mooreMonth ago

    Noah has the freaking beats

  • Denzex
    DenzexMonth ago

    Steve watching this: Im bout to end this mans whole career

  • Will Stipes
    Will StipesMonth ago

    can we get this song on spotify? plz shit smacks

  • Dylan Parnin
    Dylan ParninMonth ago


  • Assassin Productions
    Assassin ProductionsMonth ago

    When noah say Frikin(💀)

  • dgamerpro
    dgamerproMonth ago

    I almost beat my record today at about 27, got the rai k from coffin and the exact same mimic aether crystal as this! But my net cut :/

  • HerSheyDoG
    HerSheyDoGMonth ago

    Best RNG

  • christopher maldonado
    christopher maldonadoMonth ago

    I literally don’t get sick of his freestyles at all lmgaooo

  • christopher maldonado
    christopher maldonadoMonth ago


  • MINI-SQUISHY Productions
    MINI-SQUISHY ProductionsMonth ago

    So like... can I have that soundtrack?!?!

  • LoaftsOT
    LoaftsOTMonth ago

    I would get a 0.01 g of The good snow 😜

  • EnviK
    EnviKMonth ago

    Final? Cap. Dude you know there’s some way these absolute freaks of natures will get a faster time when you’re not expecting it.

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald WilliamsMonth ago

    That Instrumental Tho 🙌🏿🔥

    CALEBTHEGOAT 07Month ago

    I needed this

  • Jaycob Parker
    Jaycob ParkerMonth ago

    Still don’t get why the speed runners don’t grab the free airstrike while they’re in the same area

  • dab
    dabMonth ago

    Low key u got Some rap: I wish hamlinz could see this :(

  • Trash Gaming
    Trash GamingMonth ago

    When’s the mixtape dropping Noah 😂🔥

  • Moblie Ghost
    Moblie GhostMonth ago

    I’ll see y’all here next week :)

  • Awang333
    Awang333Month ago

    been waiting for another video

  • Heber G
    Heber GMonth ago


    SCARINGMonth ago

    obviously dialogue is faster in japanese fallout NV italian is 13 seconds faster than english thats the only reason they would change language

  • Lunixeen
    LunixeenMonth ago

    Shissshhh that was fire noah

  • Owen Barraza
    Owen BarrazaMonth ago

    dream is gonna use this run to prove that crazy rng is real

  • THE Guy
    THE GuyMonth ago

    The only fans bar was sick

  • ixKismet
    ixKismetMonth ago

    Where is Showfeetguy


    17:48 Lol the chat knew noah was coming

  • Jaziah Marrero
    Jaziah MarreroMonth ago

    the free style tho fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Mallory
    MalloryMonth ago

    The beat to the freestyle is hard

  • Kevin817 _
    Kevin817 _Month ago

    Trash rap 💤

  • Kieran Oates
    Kieran OatesMonth ago

    There’s this app called “Griffin” that actually does exactly what you said I just found it a few days ago

  • wavy!
    wavy!Month ago

    the beat at the beginning lowkey slaps every time

  • John Salvatore
    John SalvatoreMonth ago

    The song goes HARD

  • Invader Aid
    Invader AidMonth ago

    You know there is a chance that he already knew Japanese?

  • CasenGamer
    CasenGamerMonth ago

    Japanese can scroll through dialogue faster

  • Logan Zacur
    Logan ZacurMonth ago

    Someone beat the record so we all can see Noah’s feet

  • Shawon Roy
    Shawon RoyMonth ago

    USplan will take this down