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  • Carter Rutherford
    Carter Rutherford16 hours ago

    Yooo I cant believe I missed this stream! I love the Among Us content ❤️💯

  • Matthew Simmons
    Matthew Simmons2 days ago

    Need more of this!

  • john miesbauer
    john miesbauer4 days ago

    The PAIN on the trusting Conway omfg 🤣

  • Cotton Nissen
    Cotton Nissen4 days ago

    I just sat through 4 hours of intense gaming

  • MTM Productions
    MTM Productions4 days ago

    You guys gotta play among us more . So funny 😂

  • Surendra Kocharekar
    Surendra Kocharekar7 days ago

    is it live

  • braden bune
    braden bune8 days ago

    Commenting again, more Among Us streams!

  • GoldStar Games
    GoldStar Games10 days ago

    lol I love how noah sees joey and doesn't think he's an imposter even though he followed Noah up the ladder

  • Beckett Watson
    Beckett Watson11 days ago

    not sure why this vid feels nostalgic. remember gettin psyched for these streams last year!

  • stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws
    stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws12 days ago

    the no eyebrows Noah at the bottom 🤣🤣🤣

  • nicholas heelan
    nicholas heelan12 days ago

    yup that awesome isn't Noahj456 2 new maps Shrek zombies @t is coming soon to steamworkshop and than you are going to record it to USplan fnaf @t

  • braden bune
    braden bune13 days ago

    Miss these streams man!

  • crashall4807915
    crashall480791514 days ago

    Play minecraft dungeon

  • Lotta Loot
    Lotta Loot14 days ago

    Truly it’s crazy how good the drink is ;)

  • Bachi
    Bachi14 days ago

    You opened

  • Sloth Gahd
    Sloth Gahd14 days ago

    You're pretty good; you should play with Valkyrae some times. They're always looking for fills as it is, and she's your co-boss now ;)

  • xXTheGodMosesXx
    xXTheGodMosesXx14 days ago

    1:44:26 did he censor himself lmaoo 😂😂

  • Neeko21
    Neeko2115 days ago

    Noah play the horror game “find yourself”

  • White Midas
    White Midas15 days ago

    Cant go wrong with a classic wild berry, but that stawberry lemonade hits different

  • Abdulaziz Alhussien
    Abdulaziz Alhussien15 days ago

    Play cod cold War campgain

  • Dakota Pearson
    Dakota Pearson15 days ago

    Can you make a playthrough of dead island

  • Brady Vang
    Brady Vang15 days ago

    I love among us

  • Michael Norman
    Michael Norman16 days ago

    when are you going to start subnautica below zero

  • Ashley Nelson
    Ashley Nelson16 days ago

    Hey Noah pls can I play with you I’m a kid I have nobody to play with I can onley play bo3 I have zombie cronicles I get lonley a lot so I hope you respond back

  • Ned Curfman
    Ned Curfman16 days ago

    Just vent in front of JC and see how he reacts

  • Jacob Signarowski
    Jacob Signarowski16 days ago

    Yo Noah! Love the content, you should react to either the Getting over it speedrun wr, or Distance speedrun wr. Both crazy games with crazy speedruns :)

  • PeakEd ExPLOsion
    PeakEd ExPLOsion16 days ago

    Hahahahah LMAOOO SUSSY 😩💀☹️❤️😩😩👨🏿‍🔬😒☹️😐😐😙🙈💔✅😌😌😈

  • Crimson W1ld
    Crimson W1ld16 days ago

    Noah will never trust Conway again

  • Tsar
    Tsar16 days ago

    3:01:47 Milos "oh" in pure shock and knew he made a mistake lmao

  • mage350
    mage35016 days ago

    I love how JC and Noah both have linked minds in the sixthh to last game (I went through too much to get these numbers)

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski16 days ago

    I'm not sure why Noah gets sponsered with Alcohol when I fell like more than 60% of his viewers are under 21

  • Jaron VDB

    Jaron VDB

    14 days ago

    Because not every country has a legal drinkin age of 21.

  • zombie slayer
    zombie slayer16 days ago

    Truly slap bro

  • itshouseejr
    itshouseejr16 days ago

    man I am proud to say that Noah is my favourite streamer

  • Braddeezy
    Braddeezy16 days ago

    It's so easy to tell when JC is the imposter because he picks on someone so hard and doesn't let up

  • Griffin Johnson

    Griffin Johnson

    13 days ago

    Oh Oh Oh well dang

  • Griffin Johnson

    Griffin Johnson

    13 days ago

    Oh Oh Oh well dang

  • James MacLeod
    James MacLeod16 days ago

    Umm WHERE TF is your stream from the day after this??

  • BloodWalker96
    BloodWalker9616 days ago

    Imagine Loud Ones X Valkyrae X Nadeshot X Courage X Brooke 👀👀🤔🤔💖💖💖💖

  • biggwill21931
    biggwill2193117 days ago

    1:29:09 that laugh LOL!

  • Beastboy


    15 days ago


  • biggwill21931
    biggwill2193117 days ago

    1:27:08 "CHeck the CHat" LOL

  • Joseph Hunt
    Joseph Hunt17 days ago

    L O L imagine TRUSTING JoeyConway22

  • Jack Snack
    Jack Snack17 days ago

    What is your favorite ultimate weapon in black ops 4 zombies

  • Potato Deluna
    Potato Deluna17 days ago

    This bring a tear to my eye. Lex is so tipped right now. 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski

    16 days ago

    Yee, It was nice to see Lex with the bois

  • Helljumper 347
    Helljumper 34717 days ago

    Please do more drunk amoung us

  • zxxak.k
    zxxak.k17 days ago

    where the fire bow tutorial at?

  • Damian Whitmore
    Damian Whitmore17 days ago

    I feel like the lesson learned is to not trust Conway.

  • Diamond Ninja Gaming
    Diamond Ninja Gaming17 days ago

    Damn haven’t watched Noah since I got the dope ass self revive club my girl is “borrowing” it lol

  • Denoicius 1
    Denoicius 117 days ago

    I'm in tears.... dude everytime you trust anyone just instant slap.

  • Э С

    Э С

    14 days ago

    Ch x

  • Derek Schneider
    Derek Schneider17 days ago

    3:43:34 best part hands down 😂

    M3M3DADDY17 days ago

    I missed the among us streams

  • Tyler Fuoco
    Tyler Fuoco17 days ago

    imagine being sponsored by trulys lol

  • Tommy Moore
    Tommy Moore17 days ago

    Noah I no you might not see this but you need to go play pixelmon with marcel asap!!!! I watch his streams and they're lit

  • alex39082
    alex3908217 days ago

    This game is so much more fun to watch when the people playing don’t have it down to a science.

  • Marcus Leverette
    Marcus Leverette17 days ago

    Tell me when Noah was imposter the first time he didn't big brain on jc when lights were off.

  • Harvick4444
    Harvick444417 days ago

    1:04:03 lol you thought 😂

  • Nicholas Giangregorio
    Nicholas Giangregorio17 days ago

    Does anybody know what the song at the beginning is? I've heard it a few times before and I don't know it's name.

  • Evan Jones

    Evan Jones

    17 days ago

    I also want to know fs

  • All Mighty Death
    All Mighty Death18 days ago

    Zombies community minecraft server

    VICTOR18 days ago

    You and the zombies boys playing among us is soo good to watch noah, keep doing these!

  • Most_lives_ matter
    Most_lives_ matter18 days ago

    noah you should stream on twitch

  • Peter Jochal
    Peter Jochal18 days ago

    Meke a gta 5 police glidsch

  • Garrett Kittredge
    Garrett Kittredge18 days ago

    They are a “truly” amazing sponsor congrats brotha

  • conor kmartshoppingexperience
    conor kmartshoppingexperience18 days ago

    he knows not of the henry stickman games. you must

  • Arachno Crawler
    Arachno Crawler18 days ago

    This Aint A Plug, I Just Want To Say I Was Disappointed With Black Ops 4's Aether Ending And So I Rewrote The Entire Ending Past Classified It Would Be Awesome If You Could Check It Out

  • Coopdog
    Coopdog18 days ago

    When Noah is sus😳😳😳 Good vid tho

    KAIS_ GAMING PRO18 days ago


  • Killer Bean fan
    Killer Bean fan18 days ago

    i don’t see Tim Hansen 🤨⁉️⁉️

  • Imnotverycool11
    Imnotverycool1118 days ago

    When its at 115k views

  • Mr. Skeltal
    Mr. Skeltal18 days ago

    eyebrowless Noah is frightening

  • Aidan Calipari
    Aidan Calipari18 days ago


  • The_Rage_Gamer 67
    The_Rage_Gamer 6718 days ago

    Noah you need to play all the Henry stickmen games to make sense of this map

  • Michael Mooney

    Michael Mooney

    17 days ago

    @Most_lives_ matter ah yes Henry Stonkman

  • Most_lives_ matter

    Most_lives_ matter

    18 days ago

    so it is based off of the henry stockmen games. i thought it was but i didn’t know

  • Chaoimhín Nolan
    Chaoimhín Nolan18 days ago


  • FancytheCreator
    FancytheCreator18 days ago

    Ludwigs Mogul Moves Season 4. We be out here.

  • Horatio Johnson
    Horatio Johnson18 days ago

    Avxry is terrible

  • Lee
    Lee18 days ago

    I just subscribed.... HIT ME WITH THAT $10G!!! Seriously tho, I could really use it. Had an extremely tough few months (like everyone). THANKS BRO!!!

  • jacob hall
    jacob hall18 days ago

    who else memes this game but still enjoys the content

  • H0TR0D L1NK1N
    H0TR0D L1NK1N18 days ago

    Call me when he gets sponsored by titos

  • Connor Gregory
    Connor Gregory18 days ago

    Am I the only person bothered by how he stayed orange the whole time

  • Definitely Not Fizzarolli

    Definitely Not Fizzarolli

    18 days ago

    I think you are, if I'm allowed to know, can I ask why it bothers you?

  • A Person
    A Person18 days ago

    Will u ever play with pat

  • Devan Ramos
    Devan Ramos18 days ago

    Cursed video

  • Malfunctional- MissGamer456
    Malfunctional- MissGamer45618 days ago

    Gotta love that noeyebrowsnoahj on bottom

  • Yyoo, it’s DOM !!
    Yyoo, it’s DOM !!18 days ago

    Noah this is awesome lmao watching this while hitting the bong dude rofl

  • Adi Chandra
    Adi Chandra18 days ago

    I actually have waited so long to see more Among Us content by NoahJ

  • Toma
    Toma18 days ago

    Man the one stream I skipped out on was with the boys 😔

  • LaBelleGames
    LaBelleGames18 days ago

    My favorite Mr.Tlexify

  • LaBelleGames
    LaBelleGames18 days ago

    LaBelle was here

  • Mista McMuffin
    Mista McMuffin18 days ago

    i fuckin love u noah and all these big things ur doing. unreal sponsor. happy to see u happy brotha

  • Timmy Dallas
    Timmy Dallas18 days ago

    I waited so long for this type of content again

  • Muzzy
    Muzzy18 days ago


  • Kaine heeland
    Kaine heeland18 days ago

    Custom zombies bruv... 🤕😭👀

  • Matthew Leahy
    Matthew Leahy18 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks it is weird that there is 63 k veiws and 16 comments

  • Wes B

    Wes B

    17 days ago

    We all find it weird that people are still leaving comments like this in 2021

  • Candice Amos

    Candice Amos

    18 days ago


    DEATH TO THE MPLA19 days ago

    I had no idea this was going on

  • Austin Neel
    Austin Neel19 days ago

    Any lemonade truly is superior

  • NordicMann456
    NordicMann45619 days ago

    Hey Noah you missed my donos

  • Lil Wayne
    Lil Wayne19 days ago

    More my man

  • Matthew Leahy
    Matthew Leahy19 days ago

    Ur one of my favs

  • Dill Sanders
    Dill Sanders19 days ago

    I actually missed it.☹️

  • Venom 1 3 6

    Venom 1 3 6

    18 days ago

    Me too

  • Zach749
    Zach74919 days ago

    It’s always a good day when u see all the zombies boys playing together

  • Beckett Watson

    Beckett Watson

    11 days ago

    @Justin Holtman bruhh hes rad!

  • Baran Özses

    Baran Özses

    16 days ago

    @Oversimplified 2027 he quit being a zombies youtuber

  • eindje040


    18 days ago

    @Justin Holtman Im sure Lex and Noah likes him

  • Oversimplified 2027

    Oversimplified 2027

    18 days ago

    Where is pat

  • Justin Holtman

    Justin Holtman

    18 days ago

    To be fair I don’t much either

  • Noah Wright
    Noah Wright19 days ago

    It’s another Noah

  • no memes for u
    no memes for u19 days ago


  • DogOs_YT
    DogOs_YT19 days ago


  • Fernando Chavez
    Fernando Chavez19 days ago


  • EuF15
    EuF1519 days ago