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  • Isaac Sabalsa
    Isaac SabalsaMonth ago

    What if its sergis head from firebase

  • Budzbrazy
    BudzbrazyMonth ago

    The trailer looks soo good, amazing reaction. Looking forward to it

  • Aspen Ingham
    Aspen InghamMonth ago

    And the new field upgrade

  • Si Crombie
    Si CrombieMonth ago

    Fantastic news. Season 2 drops tomorrow 👍👍 Bad news is, I'm in Hospital with Chest Pains waiting for Cardiology to come and see me 😂😂😂

  • Grvxvity
    GrvxvityMonth ago

    Hey sorry to be that guy and shit, but if any of you have time to check out some of the zombies content I’ve put out lately I’d greatly appreciate it and owe ya. Any feedback is appreciate, thanks gamer bois

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob DominguezMonth ago

    its just zombies it not that cool 😒

  • HowDuckingTastic
    HowDuckingTasticMonth ago

    I swear part of this map is the blackout map

  • Kyletrolol0
    Kyletrolol0Month ago

    Day z?

  • Aqua Designs
    Aqua DesignsMonth ago

    4:05 is Warzone. They are bringing the mini guns back on the helicopter

  • Kirk Gibson
    Kirk GibsonMonth ago

    Looks dumb as hell thanks for screwing up a perfectly fine game

  • WaterFlame3030
    WaterFlame3030Month ago

    Escort missions... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????!!!!!!

  • Grim
    GrimMonth ago

    It means danger the Russian text

    DMG- TANKMonth ago

    The ammo mod is basically fire works from bo3, works is back-ish!

  • Brandon Koch
    Brandon KochMonth ago

    They need to make characters free

    REKONZE41Month ago

    Noah your hyping me up for the mode but just can't belive its just reskin multi-player maps. Just like the newest zombies I played it 3 times and got tired of it because its to similar to a campaign map. But I had fun tho

  • Bob Saget
    Bob SagetMonth ago

    The monkey you have to protect is a ghost on the plane wing in die machine on the plane wing in the either

  • Max Chapin
    Max ChapinMonth ago

    I wonder if your able to get the ray gun and rai k in this mode, and what the damage it would do to players

  • Kyza IV
    Kyza IVMonth ago

    This game mode makes no sense to me

  • Kush Og
    Kush OgMonth ago

    I can’t wait for the glitches on this imagine

  • Kryptonary xx
    Kryptonary xxMonth ago

    So outbreak is a warzone gameplay? So people vs people vs zombies?

  • Devontea Mays
    Devontea MaysMonth ago

    I’m just excited to try it out to see how it turns out look dope🔥

  • Orcustrated Knightmare
    Orcustrated KnightmareMonth ago

    I'm most excited for tier 4 and 5 perks

  • AngryXlee
    AngryXlee2 months ago

    Wait if you dont get a gun in the season pass can you get it after the season ends?

  • Cristian Santiago
    Cristian Santiago2 months ago

    Jesus Christ is king

  • Sinister Surfer
    Sinister Surfer2 months ago

    Hope you and the fam are staying warm!

  • KC - 05CS 810844 Dolson PS
    KC - 05CS 810844 Dolson PS2 months ago

    What is the new wonder weapon?

  • Andrew Bischof
    Andrew Bischof2 months ago

    You can see the ship in the storm already in verdansk but you just can’t go to it yet

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith2 months ago

    That big zombie was from origins

  • Phat ballz
    Phat ballz2 months ago

    That death machine gonna be clutch for speed runners in the boos fight

    SILENT FTW2 months ago

    They make the trailers so epic and bad ass but when you actually play it, it's basically a chinese version of a iphone it was nothing like on how it looked in the trailer

  • Matthew Nicholson-Upcott
    Matthew Nicholson-Upcott2 months ago

    Anyone got a theory on the monkeys in the rover look like the ghost ones on die maschine?

  • Vermcoltシ
    Vermcoltシ2 months ago

    Can’t wait for the 500 gb update

  • Insert_status_effect
    Insert_status_effect2 months ago

    Y tf do we need normal zombies (dlc 1 and base map), onslaught, dead ops, and now this?? Y can’t Treyarch just focus on fixing the zombies that we have now? There’s so many problems with Die Maschine and Firebase Z but instead of fixing it they keep giving us new content. I feel like this is gonna be BO4 all over again. They need to just focus on balancing, fixing issues and adding GOOD content. For example, they need to buff guns and elemental pop, fix all these godmode glitches, fix getting outside the map, fix monkey bomb, fix bluescreens, fix mimic and mangler high rounds spawns, buff cryofreeze, fix the gun levelling up system and this isn’t even including the shit in multiplayer. They have a fun game and adding to much content will ruin it. I’m not saying remove everything they’re trying to make, I’m just saying don’t have tunnel vision and expand their views. Like, I don’t know who plays onslaught so that’s basically useless, and dead ops arcade shouldn’t have this “advanced start” just because you played it before. That’s like giving zombie players a chance to spawn in on round ten with 30k points and a packed gun. They also need to fix tombstone and make sure that thus new zombies mode isn’t just Warzone or fire team with zombies on places in the map cause that’ll just be Blackout recycled, and we all know what happens to that.

  • Otaku Man
    Otaku Man2 months ago

    It is just it comes out on my birthday

  • Jake Combs
    Jake Combs2 months ago

    panzer soldat- armored soldier

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez2 months ago

    7:02 he is opening a crate with a smile on it

  • Forever_Derpy
    Forever_Derpy2 months ago

    Cold War hopefully turning out to be the all time greatest zombies game

  • ToxicGun150
    ToxicGun1502 months ago

    I like how he doesn't shut up when the video is playing. Just react after the video.

  • lil darkie is awesome
    lil darkie is awesome2 months ago


  • Dennis G.
    Dennis G.2 months ago

    Ray robot thing is Nikolai in that robot thing in beginning of gorod krovi

  • Michael Tan
    Michael Tan2 months ago

    How many people are going to be in the outbreak game lobby

  • Tommy Krenzer
    Tommy Krenzer2 months ago

    I can’t wait to see 4 samanthas save Samantha

  • N8 The Great
    N8 The Great2 months ago

    I was already sold on buying a dlc BUT ITS FREEEEE!!!!!!!!????????

  • Dumplings Boi
    Dumplings Boi2 months ago

    Looks like wArzone zombies

  • ironic zz
    ironic zz2 months ago

    Dude in 2:24 is John Price change my mind

  • gæ
    2 months ago

    New objective: escort da monke

  • Dark Shadow_YT
    Dark Shadow_YT2 months ago

    Imagine they brought survival from mw3 back

  • Jan Mera
    Jan Mera2 months ago

    this DLC is free? like the base z or not?

  • Psybrations12
    Psybrations122 months ago

    the truck with the "rocket" on the back is an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile). These were very common during the cold war, especially in the USSR which is where the Ural mountains just so happen to be located. This is exciting. Just sucks that I will be going out of town the day before this drop. I wish this was available on steam so that I would be able to play remotely. Dang. I guess I'll just have to tune into the streams ( I would anyways he he).

  • adam
    adam st.george2 months ago

    Bruh shut up I'm tryna watch it

  • Samuel Freeman
    Samuel Freeman2 months ago

    Lol all I’ve been seeing from Cold War is reused assets 😂🤣. Waste of 60$, trash ass game.

  • B3 RY3
    B3 RY32 months ago

    Ya boy be looking cold

    ITRURELIG1ON2 months ago

    the gibbon monkey in the cage looks like the ghost monkies from die maschine dark eather, maybe the unsolved side ee might get something activated in season 2 to make us go back and play the maps again? thoughts guys???

  • Aaron Starnes
    Aaron Starnes2 months ago

    While watching this I got the Cold War trailer thanks USplan.

  • Benjamin Filice
    Benjamin Filice2 months ago

    lol and they used a white zombie song... new zombies mode is def coming

  • Unnamed film Channel
    Unnamed film Channel2 months ago

    Will I need to download Warzone to play Outbreak or will it just be in the traditional Cold War and if so, how would that connect to people playing Outbreak on Warzone?

  • HippyRaveGuy
    HippyRaveGuy2 months ago

    Hell yeah cant wait to play and stream this zombies mode

  • Farry x
    Farry x2 months ago

    Imagine they let us use all the old wonder weapons from previous zombies in that outbreak mode

  • MacnCh33se
    MacnCh33se2 months ago

    Aye Noah listen I will never forget the little big planet days remember the build offs with the boys and fun missions I love you

  • I Am Toast
    I Am Toast2 months ago

    Vehicles + Zombies? Hmmm Me'sa don't know whether good or bad

  • Salman
    Salman2 months ago

    I never seen Noah this excited i only watch his speedruns reaction btw

  • Chris O.
    Chris O.2 months ago

    This gives me cod online vibes

  • Headley Walters
    Headley Walters2 months ago


  • Brandon W
    Brandon W2 months ago

    Btw for anyone who doesnt know the trailer song Rob zombie - more human than human

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W2 months ago

    Me: sees name "outbreak" *ptsd from aw zombies*

  • Lucius Negrillo

    Lucius Negrillo

    Month ago

    AW zombies was fun though

  • Rattaporn Mokkhamakkul
    Rattaporn Mokkhamakkul2 months ago

    Thai operator yeah

  • Viper
    Viper2 months ago

    All this needed was them adding the ray gun or d.i.e. To fire base, it would make sense it terms of story because requiem collect these weapons after die maschine, would only make sense for them to want to use them in the field

  • Mindless Magnum
    Mindless Magnum2 months ago

    Did anyone notice the prison in the final few seconds it looks oddly like the one in warzone? Does this mean it's on warzones map?

  • Banditx ya
    Banditx ya2 months ago


  • Yuri Bertozzi
    Yuri Bertozzi2 months ago

    aether shroud tier v trespass up to 5 walls

    ATOMSK2 months ago

    All of the in game solo options haven't been working until just now ... that's pretty sad.

  • Ehsaan_101
    Ehsaan_1012 months ago

    How is this dlc 2?

  • Mangan1025
    Mangan10252 months ago

    welp, im exited

  • Joey Facciolo
    Joey Facciolo2 months ago

    Check me out jaybutta 23

  • ツDombekhouse
    ツDombekhouse2 months ago

    Wait is it just me or while the guy is shooting the minigun in the background there is a transit bus sound?

  • Hector Magana
    Hector Magana2 months ago

    Lol saying what is that the new panzerlot with new camo

  • Yuri Bertozzi
    Yuri Bertozzi2 months ago

    loved the news noah, thanks for keeping the community updated :)

  • Mysterious Remnant
    Mysterious Remnant2 months ago

    Dang I gotta grind before season 1 ends since I’m at 73. This trailer is wild. Glad I invested into this game. The hype is real!

  • Artic
    Artic2 months ago

    So what’s the new perk

  • Ross Northover
    Ross Northover2 months ago

    No one: Noahs choice of clothing: When you’ve got a USplan video at 4 but a windy walk on the hills at 5

  • Asa Watson
    Asa Watson2 months ago

    If it ain’t phd ion want it

  • Luis Lebrón Aponte
    Luis Lebrón Aponte2 months ago

    I can already see a 4-player firebase z game with all 4 players using the Samantha operator to rescue Samantha. XD

  • BB viper
    BB viper2 months ago

    So nobody gonna talk how we could be able to drive the cars

  • Spoodz
    Spoodz2 months ago

    Good to see they didn’t mess up the trailer again without including zombies

  • Christophe Lapointe
    Christophe Lapointe2 months ago

    Imagine the number of hidden Easter eggs on that map

  • Sassy The Sasquatch
    Sassy The Sasquatch2 months ago

    Cold War Zombies is FUN! Base game and MP is shit though!

  • grey z
    grey z2 months ago

    I feel like that zombie in the robot is Nikolai and that big zombie is probably brutus

  • War Crimes
    War Crimes2 months ago

    Опасность means danger

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi2 months ago

    You have small hands

  • rodrygo martinez
    rodrygo martinez2 months ago

    this stuff looks cool

  • TheNoodles KIng
    TheNoodles KIng2 months ago


  • Sriyan Srinivasa
    Sriyan Srinivasa2 months ago

    don't even play warzone but im pretty excited to see what they do w it

  • Filipe Monteiro
    Filipe Monteiro2 months ago

    Hey Noah! I am sure they will patch this up but I found a place where the zombies won’t attack you and you can stay there as long as you want. Got to show you

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez2 months ago

    Steve just beat the wr lol

  • IcemanJuice
    IcemanJuice2 months ago

    Excited for the warzone outbreak !

  • Connor Godin
    Connor Godin2 months ago

    It’s not dlc 2.. stop saying it is for fucks sake

    G0ATEDS1MPYT2 months ago

    So Steve did it again but one catch in English so uh reaction video?

  • vBlo0d


    2 months ago

    Me definitely

  • Zest Gamer
    Zest Gamer2 months ago


  • Karkat_XVC
    Karkat_XVC2 months ago

    Stay safe out there Noah, this cold sucks major ass.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha2 months ago

    Noah a new speed run is out react now