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  • Jayden Richter
    Jayden Richter4 days ago

    Same happened to me

  • Walter George Browett
    Walter George Browett18 days ago

    Speed run video is 3 hours

  • Warblunt
    WarbluntMonth ago

    Can i play with you

  • Jonathan Niblock
    Jonathan NiblockMonth ago

    Why is it in Chinese

  • Mai Taha
    Mai TahaMonth ago

    Uwja 1 girl free j

  • Some Guy
    Some GuyMonth ago

    Yoooooooo that intro fiiiiiire af thanks for the content found you a week ago gives me some to watch haven’t played games since a kid just watch these lol

  • Greenjay 167
    Greenjay 167Month ago

    Why is everything in Japanese

  • Ahnxf
    AhnxfMonth ago

    Am I the only one who sees Chinese words

  • Temple42lock
    Temple42lockMonth ago

    sorry to hear about that happened in texas i live in ohio so snow is nothing and we got 60+ inches in 4 weeks

  • Smokey
    SmokeyMonth ago

    You’re so correct it’s not easy to do so why patch it like df

  • Prec1pitation
    Prec1pitationMonth ago

    I'm confused. Didn't he say he was going for the R.A.I. K-84 build speedrun not the main EE speedrun?

  • Uchiha
    UchihaMonth ago

    When you’ve been watching speed runs so much to the point where you think Japanese “version” is better for runs makes me laugh lol

  • Juan Parada

    Juan Parada

    Month ago


  • Ho Lee
    Ho LeeMonth ago

    Do English subtitle

  • Ho Lee
    Ho LeeMonth ago

    Why would you do with Japanese subtitled ???? Working for Japanese people dude ??? Dude ???

  • JIm Kool
    JIm KoolMonth ago

    They patched it - dam - the spawn leap/jump - they have actually moved the gap from right to left

  • Lamelo Ball
    Lamelo BallMonth ago

    10 6 17

  • daryl edduardo
    daryl edduardoMonth ago

    Yo Noah do you have a bidet?

  • Christine Boyle
    Christine BoyleMonth ago


  • Katie Gutheinz
    Katie GutheinzMonth ago

    Why is it in a different language

  • Frenchtoastman 66
    Frenchtoastman 66Month ago

    Noah: I don’t think Treyarch is going to patch it Treyarch: Are you sure about that

  • Keration Gaming
    Keration GamingMonth ago

    Ok I haven’t watched the other streams but can someone explain y his game is in a different language?

  • Asian Salt

    Asian Salt

    Month ago

    Japanese dialogue makes the game go faster

  • Jonny Davey
    Jonny DaveyMonth ago

    They patched the Initial jump to bypass first door

  • TBNRmaster
    TBNRmasterMonth ago

    I ordered the hoodie like 2 weeks ago.. how long does it take to deliver to europe? or im oof..

  • Tony Touchtone
    Tony TouchtoneMonth ago

    so they did patch the spawn jump😔😔😔😔

  • ZaeF Reign
    ZaeF ReignMonth ago

    Does anyone know how to change the language on Cold War?

  • Justin
    JustinMonth ago

    Just do duo’s with Steve lol and you’ll have a world record

  • Grvxvity
    GrvxvityMonth ago

    Hey sorry to be that guy and shit, but if any of you have time to check out some of the zombies content I’ve put out lately I’d greatly appreciate it and owe ya. Any feedback is appreciate, thanks gamer bois

  • Ashley Whiting
    Ashley WhitingMonth ago

    Why do you have to leave a certain zombie after you get the eye?

  • Billyman2010
    Billyman2010Month ago

    Me and my buddy have world record (we think) for the build rai k strategy in duo

  • Manav Patel

    Manav Patel

    Day ago

    Yurrr I just ywanted it used to

  • Morgan Murphy
    Morgan MurphyMonth ago

    Don't tell Noah that I got the Rai K on my first box spin the first time I played this map

  • gritandgrind gaming and more
    gritandgrind gaming and moreMonth ago

    I feel like every time I open one of his streams I feel like I’m opening up one of dr disrespects streams 🤣

  • Ayden


    Month ago

    oh my gosh oh

  • bgrmoose Ross
    bgrmoose RossMonth ago

    i'm holding noah to that smooch

  • Spencer Dunn
    Spencer DunnMonth ago

    What if at the end of cold war dlc we end up reviving the richtofen. dark richtofen

  • Spencer Dunn

    Spencer Dunn

    Month ago

    @z9 BlitZ firstly No Secondly it might not be too far fetched an idea

  • z9 BlitZ

    z9 BlitZ

    Month ago

    Yo dark godfrey

  • OTF Mike
    OTF MikeMonth ago


  • Ashleigh Robertson
    Ashleigh RobertsonMonth ago

    I have a couple of questions Why do you kill 6 zombies before turning on the first generator? Also when you say the worst generators to get are there different ones you can get? I’ve only played the new map a couple of times and just curious 😁

  • Brian Dubois
    Brian DuboisMonth ago

    In minute 41 you dont take the lose change of the self revive

  • MixAholik
    MixAholikMonth ago

    From my experience, i have a feeling if u skip the first Spawn door. U have a higher chance to be getting the mimic glitch. Atleast in my games.

  • Scooter Post
    Scooter PostMonth ago

    I just experienced a crazy glitch in Fire base z I was completely outside of the map

  • Icx Games
    Icx GamesMonth ago

    I clicked on this thinking it was live until I wasn't able to do live chat lol

  • xKTGTAEx Gaming

    xKTGTAEx Gaming

    Month ago

    Yeah P

  • xKTGTAEx Gaming

    xKTGTAEx Gaming

    Month ago


  • Jennifer _
    Jennifer _Month ago

    What speed run means to other gamers: "8:00 that's my new record" What speed run means to noahj456: "I'll make a 3-4 hour stream"

  • Dallas Perez
    Dallas PerezMonth ago

    Same, I watch Dark and I think of her 😂.

  • Dalton Wykle
    Dalton WykleMonth ago

    I am going to try a USplan channel like opening Pokémon

  • carlos castillo
    carlos castilloMonth ago

    I got a question

  • RedAXIS
    RedAXISMonth ago

    Watching this playback wondering how many times Noah is going to keep throwing his runs by buying stamina round 4 when he clearly doesn’t have enough points to open the doors is sad and funny at the same time.

  • Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith

    Month ago


  • DxRz
    DxRzMonth ago

    I have a way to find liquid divinium really fast! I uploaded a video on it!

  • Jaydin Torres
    Jaydin TorresMonth ago

    Hey noah i need ars and 2 snipers for dark aether any tips on leveling up the snipers fast ?

  • It’sSol Yt

    It’sSol Yt

    Month ago

    Jaydin Torres snipers only

  • Jaydin Torres

    Jaydin Torres

    Month ago

    @Declan Butler don’t need headshots just xp for weapons

  • Declan Butler

    Declan Butler

    Month ago

    Dead shot dakary

  • Key Genius
    Key GeniusMonth ago

    38:04 You forgot to grab loose change from self-revive.

  • DoggyWoofles
    DoggyWooflesMonth ago

    It’s easy to remember that there’s 20 numbers on a dart board and the very bottom is the 10th number while the sides are straight are 5 away from the very top and bottom which makes it easy for me to tell where it is even when I look away for a second.... or just hear it 🤷‍♂️(also, I use the very top as “0” which makes it easy for me) idk

  • Cuda_Clutch
    Cuda_ClutchMonth ago

    Please pick another damn gun.

  • Surreal blankness
    Surreal blanknessMonth ago

    Sorry, I don't speak japanese

  • Bradley Webb
    Bradley WebbMonth ago

    I don’t want the new zombies maps I want bo2 maps

  • Ethan Sampley
    Ethan SampleyMonth ago

    Also I csn confirm the die maschine won’t load for your worlds first one

  • zach schultz
    zach schultzMonth ago

    just take a cold shower noah. it aint the worste thing in the world. j gotta be quick with it.

  • Necro games
    Necro gamesMonth ago

    Noah Steve uses silent comedy in his videos

  • Doting castle713

    Doting castle713

    Month ago

    yes he is funny because of that


    I want to see wakizashi/aether Shroud as new world record strat when tier 4/5 releases with season 2

  • Nunshi Pan pan
    Nunshi Pan panMonth ago

    I don't blame you i turned 18

  • BubbleBoy _
    BubbleBoy _Month ago

    Wtf he upgraded his shroud????

  • pieisup high
    pieisup highMonth ago

    Noah the guy who said insta kill doesn't give the same amout of points it does i watched the whole stream and re watched parts and you get the same amout of points per kill even with insta

  • King of AMV
    King of AMVMonth ago

    Why is it Japanese?

  • Samonella


    Month ago

    The dialogue in game goes by faster

  • Marcus Mercado
    Marcus MercadoMonth ago

    Noah sounds like my mom

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian SanchezMonth ago

    Noah: Who's been here since GTA Me in my head: Been here since BO2 Noah: If you been here since GTA5 you real one Me in my head: Imma old geezer

  • Levi Jeffrey
    Levi JeffreyMonth ago

    Love your streams bro wouldn’t mind playing with you some day I’m not to bad myself 👍👌


    I want to see the rise of Hauer Gang finally take it's rightful place on the throne for speed running. I have noticed that if you upgrade the hauer at the right levels, you can shoot 1 round and the mimic is low instantly and you can just knife 1x or just straight up capture it. Lol I bet with the proper testing and the right attachments, you could know exactly how strong you need to have the hauer to make the mimics a 2 second cap as well as making the other random zombies/mimics/dogs/manglers all a 1 shot as well.... Idk you have to packapunch it to make the reload better. The Gallo is good because of its magazine size really... But let's see when we get aether shroud and stamina-up tier 4 and 5... if you can actually speed run faster with the upgrades, the hauer might actually be king. Lol

  • Ashley-Rae Y
    Ashley-Rae YMonth ago

    Lol 74° F in the background

  • Zachary Serrer
    Zachary SerrerMonth ago

    Y on earth would someone donate $300, damn that's amazing tho

  • john james le sueur
    john james le sueurMonth ago

    Noah I am not sure if you know this but the normal silencer, the third one in that block of attachments, gives extra drops and ignores the drop cycle.

  • john james le sueur

    john james le sueur

    Month ago

    @Luke Hanson Well it definitely plays like that when I play, I think Chopper mentioned it as well. Also if you check the stats when equipping you will notice it extends the ammo bar even though it has nothing to do with ammo, basically gives more max ammo drops and that why I assume.

  • Luke Hanson

    Luke Hanson

    Month ago

    that’s insane holy shit do you have a source?

  • Aiden Dukett
    Aiden DukettMonth ago


  • Ryze Introvert
    Ryze IntrovertMonth ago

    Whoever donated and said "if only you planned a trip to Cancun" is hilarious 🤣 😂 😆

  • Smokey


    Month ago

    I was just there I would never go back

  • Firebreath56


    Month ago

    How dare you plan a trip to Cancun months in advance and not anticipate that Texas would have the coldest winter in 100 years. Especially if you don't actually have a position in government that allows you to help in any meaningful way.

  • Rj2Timez Rj

    Rj2Timez Rj

    Month ago

    NOhnin N. nah n nun nnnojnjjininininininininnininijijininono

  • Rj2Timez Rj

    Rj2Timez Rj

    Month ago

    Jioninion on nhhinininoninoninnoiio

  • Lynn Price
    Lynn PriceMonth ago

    The surest way to get Noah to reply to you live on stream or say something nice to you is to complement his Pokémon channel😂

  • HintOf TheGinge
    HintOf TheGingeMonth ago

    You know you can shoot anywhere within the numbers on the dartboard..... Weird why you shoot the double all the time.... You don't need too lol

  • vmwindustries
    vmwindustriesMonth ago

    Dead of the Night 🌙 💀 is THE EPIC MAP! ONE OF THE BEST MAPS EVER MADE!

  • depfef1200
    depfef1200Month ago

    Rumor has it the aether shroud tier 4 increases your speed and tier 5 is an extra charge, which will probably affect strats way more than staminup because it’s an active

  • Hamad Allanjawi
    Hamad AllanjawiMonth ago

    Do you ship to Qatar?

  • Hamad Allanjawi

    Hamad Allanjawi

    Month ago

    @sticky ceres real funny asshole

  • sticky ceres

    sticky ceres

    Month ago

    Yes we ship to qatar heads or tails ?..


    Can't wait to see the new world record runs. Aether Shroud tier 4 gives 50% movement speed and tier 5 gives you an extra charge supposesly.. The current world records are going DOWN. lol

  • ronrond


    Month ago

    There gonna get beat by the same ppl😂

  • Zaro Godson
    Zaro GodsonMonth ago

    Please go back and play WW2 zombies the blimp map I loved watching you stream that Easter egg that and exo zombies are my favorite as everyone else feels the same

  • Amaarn Grizzle
    Amaarn GrizzleMonth ago

    5mil special tries dead of the night speed run?

    DUNKSZMonth ago

    i got the self revive hoodie

  • Drew Ferguson
    Drew FergusonMonth ago

    No pain no gain without the gains

  • Hypercapsule
    HypercapsuleMonth ago

    I just realized call of duty black ops came out 10 years ago.. life is going by too fast. We really took those much, much simpler times for granted. Just wish I could go back in time.

  • zach schultz

    zach schultz

    Month ago

    I feel your pains brother!!

  • A Literal Chicken Nugget

    A Literal Chicken Nugget

    Month ago

    We all do buddy....we all do.

  • grimreefer
    grimreeferMonth ago

    Nice job Noah stay on the grind I have faith in you bro!

  • Mason Washburn
    Mason WashburnMonth ago

    25:51 lol

  • Mason Washburn

    Mason Washburn

    Month ago

    10 seconds paused my arse

  • Mason Washburn
    Mason WashburnMonth ago

    you should have your second and third channels in your channels tab on your page

  • anchor hostetler
    anchor hostetlerMonth ago

    He miss counted at 41 minutes, he killed 7 instead of 6

  • Drew Ferguson
    Drew FergusonMonth ago

    When are you trying box method? Not gonna lie love the build method to watch but so much hype when you finally pull the gun for the box and know you have to perform

  • abel ascic
    abel ascicMonth ago

    45 degree? Man i sleep in -8°C

  • Ryan Colantlni
    Ryan ColantlniMonth ago

    Bro I got ray guy

  • Loudon Rosier
    Loudon RosierMonth ago

    SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TRY: I feel like they use the Hellstorm missile when they are about out of ammo/when ring of fire goes away, but they need to see what health the Boss has to be at for the Missile to take it out. Who knows, could shave a few seconds?

  • ComplexNeko
    ComplexNekoMonth ago

    best run this stream - 1:43:38 - 25mins 51secs

  • Alex Rojas

    Alex Rojas

    Month ago

    Yes!!! I didnt even know i NEEDED this!!!!

  • Kirito Loves Pizza

    Kirito Loves Pizza

    Month ago

    Thank youuu :)

  • grimreefer


    Month ago

    The real MVP

  • That’s cap

    That’s cap

    Month ago


  • Generic


    Month ago

    Thanks man

  • blackdingo
    blackdingoMonth ago

    What times his best run?

  • brxidxn ヅ

    brxidxn ヅ

    Month ago


  • Ethan Reed
    Ethan ReedMonth ago

    The lovely tuba phytochemically judge because otter worrisomely unfasten around a wanting epoch. attractive, exultant jumper

  • Russell K
    Russell KMonth ago

    -havent showered in 4 days? cold showers dont exist?

  • Devil Liar

    Devil Liar

    Month ago

    Hey you don’t look 8 years old

  • King Scoota OTMG
    King Scoota OTMGMonth ago

    Texas down bad government trying to kill us

  • LyvianX
    LyvianXMonth ago

    Noah you need to show your M16 class setup

  • Call of Duty official
    Call of Duty officialMonth ago

    Jo Noah I have a pro tip for you: you can use the ether shroud( I don’t know how to write it) next to the portal in the firebaze z you can Teleport through the walls and Safe much time

  • Devil Liar

    Devil Liar

    Month ago

    Lmao like he doesn’t already know

  • chris boxall

    chris boxall

    Month ago

    Yo really this is a mad one?

  • Beast Dragon
    Beast DragonMonth ago


  • Ryan Gordon
    Ryan GordonMonth ago

    Wet wipes to "bathe" with like we used in the army

  • Thiccnoodles 845
    Thiccnoodles 845Month ago


  • BiggDaddy Wolf
    BiggDaddy WolfMonth ago

    Hey Noah just wanted to say i got to round 40 with the streetsweeper

  • the prince of random

    the prince of random

    29 days ago


  • Xull B

    Xull B

    Month ago

    @chris boxall sorry chris

  • chris boxall

    chris boxall

    Month ago

    @Xull B I'm glad it was but reading your three comments I feel like I'm talking to a teenager just be supportive to someone who may not be that good at the game or be silent

  • Xull B

    Xull B

    Month ago

    @chris boxall damn that was hilarious 😂😂😂

  • chris boxall

    chris boxall

    Month ago

    @Xull B grow up 😂

  • Cool Guy
    Cool GuyMonth ago