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  • Andrew Lopp
    Andrew Lopp4 days ago

    We have a lot of 8 year olds in chat. Proceeds to ask where everyone is from lmao

  • MrOFFSuits


    Day ago

    sum1 on utube name insomniavirus got to Round476 on Outbreak, current world record, strategy on his channel

  • Harry Tarling
    Harry Tarling8 days ago

    No one cares about bnabna bread

  • MrOFFSuits


    Day ago

    sum1 on utube name insomniavirus got to Round476 on Outbreak, current world record, strategy on his channel

  • Owen Lynn
    Owen Lynn11 days ago

    Yo imagine getting a raygun round 16 I be over here getting one round 2 from a panzer

  • Ma James
    Ma James13 days ago

    If I’m in a maze you follow the right side so what you tryna say

  • ONLY youngpack
    ONLY youngpack15 days ago

    Freestyle was fire 😂

  • MrOFFSuits


    Day ago

    sum1 on utube name insomniavirus got to Round476 on Outbreak, current world record, strategy on his channel

  • Fractured Sanity
    Fractured Sanity17 days ago

    What if the chick fill a is on the right, and the Taco Bell is on the left?

  • Fractured Sanity

    Fractured Sanity

    Day ago

    @MrOFFSuits u talking about NoahJ?

  • MrOFFSuits


    Day ago

    sum1 on utube name insomniavirus got to Round476 on Outbreak, current world record, strategy on his channel

  • Fractured Sanity

    Fractured Sanity

    17 days ago

    Will you turn stay left, or go right?

  • David Bartholomew
    David Bartholomew23 days ago

    I almost un-subscribed when he said boo to black olives k. Pizza, 😆

  • MrOFFSuits


    Day ago

    sum1 on utube name insomniavirus got to Round476 on Outbreak, current world record, strategy on his channel

  • KinoVsTheWrld
    KinoVsTheWrld23 days ago

    Noah claims he’s so good at smash I NEED PROOF

  • Mace the face Face
    Mace the face Face25 days ago


  • Justin Field
    Justin Field28 days ago

    I love how 90 percent of these videos is them spending 20 minutes trying to get into a party together.. thats the real zombies experience we all know and love 😥

  • MrOFFSuits


    Day ago

    sum1 on utube name insomniavirus got to Round476 on Outbreak, current world record, strategy on his channel

  • Camrin Echols
    Camrin Echols29 days ago

    What attachments do you have on that

  • Obsidianz
    ObsidianzMonth ago

    The view count is 3 sixes

  • Xeno SSJ Vegito
    Xeno SSJ VegitoMonth ago

    I like how noah raps every time someone beats the world record

  • Pope On Drums
    Pope On DrumsMonth ago

    gave a thumbs up for you freeness to rap, you didnt do to bad it was very original and fit your vibe very well. Stay blessed!!!

  • Mike Crossley
    Mike CrossleyMonth ago

    You guys didn’t grab the “full power “ power up from the golden box after you beat the dragon

  • BlkKnght_jr YT
    BlkKnght_jr YTMonth ago

    What's the beat called

  • Know Problems
    Know ProblemsMonth ago

    Noah has the bread argument hands down. Not sure where Roffi got his definition of cake LOL. That was funny as hell though

  • Booba44 Gaming
    Booba44 GamingMonth ago

    nice!!! Thanks for sharing

  • ckalldayy
    ckalldayyMonth ago

    There is no yeast in banana bread...

    ISYNCSMonth ago

    Mans got bars

  • Kurb_ One
    Kurb_ OneMonth ago

    lmao that intro

  • DAMIAN rios
    DAMIAN riosMonth ago

    Banana bread is the best bread

  • Kris Rioles jr
    Kris Rioles jrMonth ago


  • Michael Tang
    Michael TangMonth ago

    The materialistic dust willy imagine because phone histomorphometrically punch outside a watery warm. abject, defiant chick

  • Shxwbizz 1k
    Shxwbizz 1kMonth ago

    What are the attachments he is using on the hauer 77?

  • D-BLOCK Diaz
    D-BLOCK DiazMonth ago

    Can you Rap some more on your Intros shit was Dope lol I was feeling it, let me know we can make a track one of these days. You got better Flow than Most people. I will NEVER turn Right again 💯💪🏽🤣

  • tukers drixzzix
    tukers drixzzixMonth ago


  • Mason Bertelsmeier
    Mason BertelsmeierMonth ago

    Does anyone want to do high rounds with me just reply to this comment

  • oMaZe 5700
    oMaZe 5700Month ago

    Yes Noah banana bread is basically cake. He was talkin about regular bread the ones u eat a sandwich wit. Now rye bread is fire. An ilike how Noah only read the only message from the guy from the UK agreeing wit Noah but didn’t read wat the other ppl said in his chat about banana bread being basically cake lmao 😂

  • Wyatt Williams
    Wyatt WilliamsMonth ago

    Bro I’m so high and the start of this stream tripped me out🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Marra
    Michael MarraMonth ago

    Bruh I have never heard milo be so wrong in my life😂 bruh milo acting like a child 3:10:16

  • Dave Lloyd
    Dave LloydMonth ago

    Banana bread is cake.

  • Jaybird Fly
    Jaybird FlyMonth ago

    Turn Left is key 🔑

  • Mxrleyyy
    MxrleyyyMonth ago

    Anybody know the beat he was freestyling on at the beginning of the stream? Thanks.

  • CRypTiCxttv FaZe5
    CRypTiCxttv FaZe5Month ago

    The start of the video is straight bars!!! Good job Noah. Do you want a record deal lmaoooo!!!!

  • Elijah Capetillo
    Elijah CapetilloMonth ago

    What is or was the ray gun glitch

  • Simplistic J
    Simplistic JMonth ago

    What’s the name of this beat!!!? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Old Jebidiah Brown
    Old Jebidiah BrownMonth ago

    Imagine being a requiem scientist trying to fight against omega group in order to prevent a zombie apocalypse and then they make you capture a monkey, put it in a rover, and send it to the ural mountains

  • ObiWanDebobi
    ObiWanDebobiMonth ago

    The deference between cake and bread is the density banana bread is dense there for it is in fact a bread. Zuccini and carrot cake are light so they are in fact cake. Noah you are correct in thinking banana bread is a bread haha

  • Braden Bourque
    Braden BourqueMonth ago

    Watch out Noah, the gaming rev might call u a clown again for you calling it a DLC🤣

  • Can I hit 400 before my birthday?
    Can I hit 400 before my birthday?Month ago

    After rewatching this , the chat was so stupid for telling him that the present class is lvl 0 but yet when he used it, it revived his team, that's a lvl 3 ability 😂

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gamingMonth ago

    Tempest is hands down my favorite turn so far they sometimes spam their shots and it shreds

  • guicy gang
    guicy gangMonth ago

    why not noahpoke456?

  • josh ramirez
    josh ramirezMonth ago

    Why does he sound exactly like Krispy Kreme?

  • little_ fr8train
    little_ fr8trainMonth ago

    you should try and beat steves round

  • Mr Bite
    Mr BiteMonth ago

    What's noah's hauer 77 class?

  • paladinlaggy
    paladinlaggyMonth ago

    I'm all for healing faster when crouching

  • Michael Mcurdy
    Michael McurdyMonth ago

    3 left turns equal a right just saying

  • Niels Van De Veen
    Niels Van De VeenMonth ago

    Banana bread leans more towards cake! Europa is right

  • Yair Gonzalez
    Yair GonzalezMonth ago

    Did you if you turn the Dog you can pet it

  • Exoticc
    ExoticcMonth ago

    What beat is that lol

  • tk2solid
    tk2solidMonth ago

    Noah when you first started streaming were you second guessing it ?

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew TurnerMonth ago

    3:39:10 ch0p is the funniest and I think that exact thing every time I’m playing😂😂

  • 「Sly Fox」
    「Sly Fox」Month ago


  • Tyler Jake
    Tyler JakeMonth ago

    It’s an absolute nightmare how hard they’ve made it to get hold of the ray gun in zombies now 🥲

  • FootballLad12
    FootballLad12Month ago


  • FootballLad12
    FootballLad12Month ago


  • FootballLad12
    FootballLad12Month ago


  • FootballLad12
    FootballLad12Month ago


  • TTV Vlogginggamer
    TTV VlogginggamerMonth ago

    Yoooo this stuff got way harder man fr

  • Nate Hage
    Nate HageMonth ago

    How are you switching your ability all the time and keeping you gun. I made classes with all shotguns but different abilitys and when I switch I lose my pack and ammo mod on the gun

  • Dennis Mccallum
    Dennis MccallumMonth ago


  • Dennis Mccallum
    Dennis MccallumMonth ago

    Are those weed plants lol

  • ImSlimeTop
    ImSlimeTopMonth ago

    Da rap hard my boy ayyyeee work okaaay I see u my boy 😂😂

  • AyAy Rahn
    AyAy RahnMonth ago

    4:06:54 .25x speed Dude sounds drunk as heck.

  • Yung Seasons
    Yung SeasonsMonth ago

    It was heat🔥🔥🔥😂

  • Ybm_ Kellis
    Ybm_ KellisMonth ago

    Best rapper out here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂🔥😂😂

  • cheese sticks
    cheese sticksMonth ago

    "something's rising and it aint the sun" - guy in live chat when he bought glam the park skin

  • David Jarrah
    David JarrahMonth ago

    The elastic celsius anaerobically lighten because burst suddenly close pro a purple eel. lazy, wiggly jaguar

  • Big chicken nugget Master
    Big chicken nugget MasterMonth ago

    Top ten rappers Eminem is scared to freestyle against

  • The Universe Within

    The Universe Within

    Month ago

    Weird Al

  • Omnislash
    OmnislashMonth ago

    Im now to round 30 One player i tired guys

  • Christopher Raven
    Christopher RavenMonth ago

    Lol 😆 bars... But stay in zombie lane plz and love your content

  • Mountain Dew jeager
    Mountain Dew jeagerMonth ago

    yo noahj456 you can pack a punch the death machine in cold war zombies you need to press x and right on the d pad at the same time

  • Alex Rossi
    Alex RossiMonth ago

    banana bread is cake you cement head

  • Alex Rossi

    Alex Rossi

    Month ago

    also banana bread isn't leavened

  • Who's Who
    Who's WhoMonth ago

    Lol, dude, cold soups like gaspacho aren't boiled. OMG this is getting ridiculous real quick. 🤣🤣🤣 What's the difference between cereal and soup again? LMFAO!

  • Austin Wintemute
    Austin WintemuteMonth ago

    What setup does he use for the huer 77?

  • mitch novak
    mitch novakMonth ago

    Cake has eggs, bread has yeast

  • Michael Tang
    Michael TangMonth ago

    The zany ground certainly back because rub actually answer towards a extra-large extra-small exuberant appliance. foolish, dreary mustard

  • Turbo Splash
    Turbo SplashMonth ago

    “Turning right will never lead you to the area you wanna be. Always turn left. Forever. Always.” - NoahJ I feel like there’s a deeper sentiment in this, but the base level advice will have to suffice

  • Mattytorbs
    MattytorbsMonth ago

    That round 4 thing is true though i had it happen a couple times

  • clayton thompson
    clayton thompsonMonth ago

    Noah's attention span is so short... missed self revive AND free perk within 5 minutes of each other

  • Jordan williams
    Jordan williamsMonth ago

    Why doesn't my dsrk aether camo stay in when I go through the portal

  • - PopTart26

    - PopTart26

    Month ago

    It’s a bug

  • Shades
    ShadesMonth ago

    How can i mute MrRoflWaffles?

  • Alchemy
    AlchemyMonth ago


    KRYPTOXICMonth ago

    The intro>>>

  • nighthowler 0624
    nighthowler 0624Month ago

    Exfil round 33 I’ll beat that tonight

  • Hennsly Louis
    Hennsly LouisMonth ago

    How do you get to different maps?

  • - PopTart26

    - PopTart26

    Month ago

    Once you finish one main objective, there’s a beacon you can go to, it gives you the option to warp or exfil, if you choose to warp, you get sent to a different map

  • Marshall Janes
    Marshall JanesMonth ago

    I need to know how you have your shotgun mine don't hit that hard

  • FADE_SAVAGE_816 Savage
    FADE_SAVAGE_816 SavageMonth ago

    Some rapper to be like that tho 😂😂

  • master jedi
    master jediMonth ago

    You know you can get in a car to carry the canisters

  • master jedi
    master jediMonth ago

    You know the predator middle launches multiple rockets

  • alex hernandez
    alex hernandezMonth ago

    Banana bread ain’t bread on the bread scale

  • philip dudenhoefer
    philip dudenhoeferMonth ago

    Park simp reporting for duty

  • Ahmad Deroune
    Ahmad DerouneMonth ago

    Hey Noah I just want to tell you turning right Great way is for god

  • Josh W
    Josh WMonth ago

    It's crazy how much faster it loads on Noah's PC then my ps4

  • Luca Velazquez

    Luca Velazquez

    Month ago

    Why? As a PS4 player myself, I've never seen someone be surprised something loads faster on a PC than a console.

  • Jose Castellanos
    Jose CastellanosMonth ago

    Shotgun loadout?

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew BoydMonth ago

    I heard Elon.. What Tesla would be your daily driver?

  • Conor Utterback
    Conor UtterbackMonth ago

    Man Noah was boutta bust down on the hottest mixtape of the century

  • Pack man
    Pack manMonth ago

    Me and my nephew played to 15 a few days ago and last night again we played and died on round 10. The amount of bosses and zombies that were after us was substantially higher then days before. They had to spike the amount spawning to a higher amount or something.

  • Vinny Tomasula
    Vinny TomasulaMonth ago

    The new zombies is amazing u can just kill shit for hours