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  • Isabella Reid
    Isabella Reid3 hours ago


  • Karl Rippe
    Karl Rippe12 days ago

    Way late but I'm about it ❤

  • Tristin Gillentine
    Tristin Gillentine13 days ago

    what is you're shotgun class

  • MaJoR WaVeS19
    MaJoR WaVeS1914 days ago

    White boy rap

  • NightwolfYt
    NightwolfYt14 days ago

    Chad Mom had

  • NightwolfYt
    NightwolfYt14 days ago


  • SchecterGuitar
    SchecterGuitar15 days ago

    How tf is he playing solo

  • X A 5th Of Henny X
    X A 5th Of Henny X20 days ago

    Where is 100?.........

  • I like hands
    I like hands22 days ago

    The hauer is my favorite wonder weapon

  • Steven Light Jr.
    Steven Light Jr.25 days ago

    Fun fact if you ever do the challenge again if you go on map Skulls on the map if you go activate it one of the ball zombies respond and if you kill it you will get a free perk

  • Metallica 79
    Metallica 7927 days ago

    My highest round is 7 because I had to leave

  • daapdary
    daapdaryMonth ago

    In your Dark Aether video from December 2020, you had customized your Colorblind settings for *yellow* enemies. In this more recent video, it looks like you went back to default *orange* enemies. I did the same thing. I think orange is much better than yellow because there's too much yellow in the game already. The default orange is good, but I'm using the next one over. It looks slightly more intense to me.

  • Call Me Polo
    Call Me PoloMonth ago

    Plaguehound Actually OP Very OP

  • Jesse Hill
    Jesse HillMonth ago

    Still 1 shooting doors at round 100 😂

  • Zamby
    ZambyMonth ago

    Round 4 objective you can do it with a car it’s so much faster

  • Phúc Trần
    Phúc TrầnMonth ago

    Cool intro

  • nawaf 154g
    nawaf 154gMonth ago


  • Icx Games
    Icx GamesMonth ago

    I pull all-nighters to watch all the streams I miss, I know this is bad for my health but their just too good.

  • Skullzzy cod mobile -

    Skullzzy cod mobile -

    Month ago

    @Icx Games no problem, keep safe.

  • Icx Games

    Icx Games

    Month ago

    Okay, thanks

  • Skullzzy cod mobile -

    Skullzzy cod mobile -

    Month ago

    @Icx Games I'm a doctor so I'm checking up with you.

  • Skullzzy cod mobile -

    Skullzzy cod mobile -

    Month ago

    @Icx Games that's not bad for your health your fine.

  • Icx Games

    Icx Games

    Month ago

    7, why?

  • ElyraMa5t3r
    ElyraMa5t3rMonth ago

    My max is round 9 because they started hitting for so much I died to 3 hits with full tier 3 Armour

  • Kerrick Bumpers
    Kerrick BumpersMonth ago

    It's the cat for me 😂

  • Katie Gutheinz
    Katie GutheinzMonth ago

    Their was a ray k

  • Ralphie Baby
    Ralphie BabyMonth ago

    Them shotguns put work in.

  • James Beatty
    James BeattyMonth ago

    I’ll act like I just started the stream haha I love you man. I mess up my words everyday

  • Daniele Bruschetti
    Daniele BruschettiMonth ago

    How the shotgun make lightning in reload?

  • frank castle
    frank castleMonth ago

    It says you play to 100....come on man

  • A Tribe Called Quest
    A Tribe Called QuestMonth ago

    5:14 google pickle 🤓

  • SchizNutz 914
    SchizNutz 914Month ago

    Reason his shotgun wasn't doing enough damage was wrong attachments. Right barrel, wrong muzzle

  • Peppa pig eats chunky beef

    Peppa pig eats chunky beef

    Month ago

    that loadout will 1 shot max health zombies tier 3 packed and tier 5 rarity.The muzzle is so he can get more c4a and decoys or whatever hes uses

  • Se rgio
    Se rgioMonth ago

    blushed in the begging then realized he was talking to twitch😪

  • Brandon Russell
    Brandon RussellMonth ago

    Does anyone know the attachments he uses on the shotgun

  • Katie Gutheinz
    Katie GutheinzMonth ago

    Nice cat

  • E Camp
    E CampMonth ago

    Ummmm you made it to rd 20, tf

  • Skm18
    Skm18Month ago

    Im delivering pizzas while listening to this lmao

  • Rt killz

    Rt killz

    28 days ago


  • randomised content
    randomised contentMonth ago

    Wow noah lvl 100 on outbrake well shit who would of guessed goose

  • ElQuago VI
    ElQuago VIMonth ago

    Lmfaoooo these freestyles are fire regardless of how much you mess them up😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jay Jay
    Jay JayMonth ago

    I think you miss the fire bow

  • MaxcodplayerYT Yt
    MaxcodplayerYT YtMonth ago

    You'll make it to 10,000,000 just keep up the good work

  • Jonathon Ukolowicz
    Jonathon UkolowiczMonth ago

    hey noah if you look how to pack a death machine in otbreak u welcome

  • Nate L
    Nate LMonth ago

    Did they nerf the wonder weapons drop rates? I used to get rayK and ray guns galore after round 7 now I dont get a ray gun until like round 9 or 10. And they are alot rarer.

  • Skm18
    Skm18Month ago

    I think doctor grey is the imposter

  • YoMumJah408
    YoMumJah408Month ago

    how often do you stream?????? I'm new

  • Devon Brooks
    Devon BrooksMonth ago

    Noah whats ur shot gun load out

  • Johnathan Ross
    Johnathan RossMonth ago

    Noah, they do less damage when you have jogger nog, so your problem used to that

  • Friday night funkin gaming
    Friday night funkin gamingMonth ago

    6:57 nice song

  • Detix
    DetixMonth ago

    cheesecube 2021?🤔

  • Ashton Burgan
    Ashton BurganMonth ago

    Pretty good intro

  • Ashton Burgan
    Ashton BurganMonth ago

    Oh no the intro

  • SparkAlot Production
    SparkAlot ProductionMonth ago


  • boston wells
    boston wellsMonth ago

    It turned green when you went to to the armor upgrade and upgraded the tier of it

  • Patrick Lennon
    Patrick LennonMonth ago


  • David B
    David BMonth ago

    I’m excited about that 5 Million video.

  • what a demon
    what a demonMonth ago

    some dude in chat said can you show feet

  • Jasondslice
    JasondsliceMonth ago

    Wish he would tell us what attachments he uses??????????????how is he shooting so fast with that shotgun? Seems modded??????

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gamingMonth ago

    For the "hard" holdout go to the side room with ammo box and hold repair on the window while looking at the zombies coming into the room through the door. It works pretty good. Anyone else worried their game is over when they get the canister mission since it can bug out so many ways?

  • Jake Sacchetti
    Jake SacchettiMonth ago

    That freestyle lol

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gamingMonth ago

    I've made it to 10 in random lobbies and then they all wanted to exfil

  • Master Player Channel
    Master Player ChannelMonth ago


  • Charles Ammon
    Charles AmmonMonth ago

    Not understanding how farther levels are reached. Got to 10 and took 6 hours. Maybe I'm taking too long to explore everything?

  • Joseph H

    Joseph H

    Month ago

    You pretty much gotta stop exploring and only focus on main objectives after round 4 if you wanna go fast

  • Wayne Turner
    Wayne TurnerMonth ago

    This was dumb tbh

  • MSUBeast34 _
    MSUBeast34 _Month ago

    Please go back to the old days is a costume map zombies with the 100 thieves crew. I miss them days. When costume zombies was a thing. Please bring back the good old days !!!❤️❤️

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo ZengMonth ago

    Noah the raper???

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha TariqMonth ago

    It was a round 20 my guy

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew MorganMonth ago


  • Bryce Shum420
    Bryce Shum420Month ago

    I miss the bo3 with the boys noah please bring that back

  • SupremoVS
    SupremoVSMonth ago

    I did round 52 solo on outbreak (recap coming tomorrow)

  • the next generation king Ausar
    the next generation king AusarMonth ago

    Copyright music

  • Spawn Of slipknot
    Spawn Of slipknotMonth ago

    How does he have so many subscribers just be a little above average at games. Rpund 100 where did I miss it? His high round attempts are a joke. Someone tell me why he's so popular in the zombie community being so unskilled?

  • Spawn Of slipknot

    Spawn Of slipknot

    Month ago

    @Jaron I did.

  • Jaron


    Month ago

    If you don't like him then just leave

  • Dice


    Month ago

    @Spawn Of slipknot I mean most content creators play on pc, but yeah that's some people have gone to high rounds. They leave it on overnight and sleep then hop back on

  • Spawn Of slipknot

    Spawn Of slipknot

    Month ago

    @Dice must have a pc otherwise that'd blow up. Can't even do that on my ps5 cause if it goes into rest mode while on a game it cause errors on that game over and over.

  • Dice


    Month ago

    He's doing the thing where you leave your game on over night

  • Alex Shores
    Alex ShoresMonth ago

    33 in private duos with exfil

  • Kane Carlisle
    Kane CarlisleMonth ago

    Round 20

  • Ots Tayo513
    Ots Tayo513Month ago

    Hell yea see u tryna freestyle Noah 💯🗣

  • Yoda
    YodaMonth ago

    I live for the freestyles before the stream

  • 2Quick2See
    2Quick2SeeMonth ago

    @13:30 noooo... Minecraft blowssssss. Ew. Why?

    M3M3DADDYMonth ago

    Lmaoo Noah on round four: my gun isn’t clapping Me: maybe if ur shotgun set up wasn’t garbage you’d be one shoting on round 7 still

  • Detix


    Month ago

    @M3M3DADDY ohhhhh lol



    Month ago

    @Detix his shotgun attachments ain’t the best they can be

  • Detix


    Month ago

    wdym setup?

  • laura wydra
    laura wydraMonth ago


  • MrJonGx3
    MrJonGx3Month ago

    Wish they would have made the Samantha skin unlockable for beating the firebase z easter egg. So those who complete it get reward amd helps entice more people to try and do it

  • Delbert Taylor
    Delbert TaylorMonth ago

    What Hauer is that with the shell on the side?

  • Sam Webster
    Sam WebsterMonth ago

    Lets go! I won something!

  • Cody Perez
    Cody PerezMonth ago

    Insane Noahj

  • Axolotl
    AxolotlMonth ago

    It sucks to see that barely any of the player base do Easter eggs. Doing them solo Is the most euphoria I’ve felt in years, my guess is that Easter eggs seem too difficult/professional to other people and they prefer the more casual part of the games

  • Axolotl


    Month ago

    @Luca Velazquez free maps are the ones with the most noobs, possibly why new people like tranzit so much

  • Luca Velazquez

    Luca Velazquez

    Month ago

    Ever tried to do Shadows of Evil in public matches? I've gotten pack-a-punch up a whopping two times out of like 300+ public matches. I don't think people know how to and soloing the whole thing is overly difficult when they just rush round completions and it's like round 12 by the time you have the rituals done

  • Axolotl


    Month ago

    @BramDK literally the only hard step is avoiding the servers crashing And maybe the mimic step

  • BramDK


    Month ago

    Cold war EE difficult? lolll

  • Kerry D
    Kerry DMonth ago

    why with the switch from zoms to pub g mid video? Like what happened after rd 20? Did you make it to 100? Wat

  • ElQuago VI

    ElQuago VI

    Month ago

    Did you even watch it from the start?? He says he’s playing zombies for 2 hours, then switching over to PubG for a sponsor, he’s saving his game and continuing on a stream tomorrow

  • Gaming With Trevor
    Gaming With TrevorMonth ago

    Noah are your vids family friendly

  • William Graulau
    William GraulauMonth ago

    i love the star killer enterence..

  • da ded gamer
    da ded gamerMonth ago

    Noah Dream456? can we get Noah, a minecraft channel

  • lilrecruit21
    lilrecruit21Month ago

    Earthemon broke the wr

  • Ultras Gaming
    Ultras GamingMonth ago

    What is the intro song

  • iD0M1N4T0RxDZx


    Month ago

    Damma beats - rollin' on

  • Michael Villa
    Michael VillaMonth ago

    What's up NOAA

  • corbsterbot 09
    corbsterbot 09Month ago


  • Lævatheinn
    LævatheinnMonth ago

    Stadia sucks

  • christopher maldonado
    christopher maldonadoMonth ago

    Song- rollin on I’ll take my likes :)

  • Myredyoshi 1232
    Myredyoshi 1232Month ago

    Dead wire tier 5 is super op on the hauer I did the Firebase z ee yesterday and it made the boss fight so ez I didn’t have to worry about zombies or bosses at all it’s litterally a wonderwaffe shot but better Edit: I didn’t emphasise enough that it’s litterally a wonderwaffe but WAY better

  • Kevin Villanueva

    Kevin Villanueva

    Month ago

    No it’s not 😂😂

  • E Cyda
    E CydaMonth ago

    Whats that beatttt!!!!

  • iD0M1N4T0RxDZx


    Month ago

    Damma beats - rollin' on

  • Johnny
    JohnnyMonth ago

    noah if you want the ray gun you must complete the golden box you passed at the start of the game and make sure to open the crate as soon as the emoji turns gold en the other way to get it is to do the dragon quest also.....hope you find it helpfull DM me for more hints IG johnny_b0y_2.0

  • James Bell-Verhey
    James Bell-VerheyMonth ago

    The vaccine gives you Covid-19

  • RickRoss 94
    RickRoss 94Month ago

    I believe that only 2% of ppl have done the Easter egg. In a hour my friend couldn’t make it past round 6. I myself didn’t complete them until last week. Other than being a easy clap for dark ops I just didn’t feel like the game gave enough of a incentive ya know. Like I bet a lot more people would do it if you threw in a sick skin.

    STREETLEEN 383Month ago

    PUBLIC GAME: one person starting mission while whole team is scattered Another can't shoot there way out of a phone booth. And the 3rd won't accept the teleport. And evan if you manage to work threw it game crashes on round 2. Love the vids.

  • Ben Wadewitz
    Ben WadewitzMonth ago

    Hey don’t mark your video round 100 then stop at round 20 to switch games when I spent 2 hours watching up to that point mark it round 20 then pupg crap

  • Ben Wadewitz

    Ben Wadewitz

    Month ago

    Nvm I unsubscribed either way you wast of my time

  • Chardee MacDennis
    Chardee MacDennisMonth ago

    The new perk to buff weapons should be, bullets double when ricochet off something, ie the ground. Has more damage or something along those lines. But sometimes interesting

  • Zack King
    Zack KingMonth ago

    Seriously? Title of video "round 100" stops at 20. I get your stream and going to pick it back up but after the stream. Make the damn title of the video accurate

  • Peppa pig eats chunky beef

    Peppa pig eats chunky beef

    Month ago

    if he didnt stop at round 20 and went to round 100 this would be a 10 hour stream and he has to do his sponsor thing too

  • Michael Mess

    Michael Mess

    Month ago

    Its multible streams i think, so tomorrow he starts where he finished today most likely.

  • SYLVANO !!
    SYLVANO !!Month ago

    Bro y dutch???

  • Kn rz
    Kn rzMonth ago

    Hey today!

  • Fox Of GAOA
    Fox Of GAOAMonth ago

    It’s not new smoothbrainnoah