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  • NoahJ456
    NoahJ456Month ago


  • The meme god

    The meme god

    10 days ago

    Joe momma

  • Haydin Thomas

    Haydin Thomas

    11 days ago


  • SheLovesAj-


    17 days ago

    Me bae

  • Astrxlul


    Month ago


  • No Scope

    No Scope

    Month ago

    Do a 360 no scope on Zombie

  • Marshall West
    Marshall West9 hours ago

    Cut to me running solo, exfilling on 10

  • ZeTa
    ZeTa10 days ago

    brooo imagine if he did that 20 days later, he would be banned now

  • Obliterate tG
    Obliterate tG12 days ago

    Me thinking it was John Bradshaw Layfield😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Knouff
    Alex Knouff12 days ago

    Anyone know his shotgun attachments? Asking for a friend



  • Spicy Chips
    Spicy Chips23 days ago

    There’s a really good steak place it’s Snoop Dogs uncle runs it. it’s really good.

  • Zander Coleman
    Zander Coleman24 days ago

    you need to do it

  • Zander Coleman
    Zander Coleman24 days ago

    You need two people to do it

  • Zander Coleman
    Zander Coleman24 days ago

    There's a glitch that gets all the zombies and you can't die

  • Haydin Thomas
    Haydin Thomas29 days ago


  • Craig Stevens
    Craig StevensMonth ago

    Someone said The Reagan What is not in Cold War he said he played it

  • Hallowed knight
    Hallowed knightMonth ago

    Why were your hauer bullets green?

  • Mr. Crocodile
    Mr. CrocodileMonth ago

    I understand its kinda a vibe, but.. crab rave is kinda for like 10 year olds..

  • Astrxlul
    AstrxlulMonth ago

    Tbh I prefer the Gallo instead of the hauer 77

  • Brody’s Legendary Content
    Brody’s Legendary ContentMonth ago

    Is it just me or does any one else absolutely hate outbreak and has been playing since Kino came out and just want a good map 😀

    JDMCULTMonth ago

    5:24 Guy's hes not a real OG if he doesnt know

  • josh elliott
    josh elliottMonth ago

    Me and the boys over here exfilling on 35 happily 🤣

  • josh elliott

    josh elliott

    12 days ago

    @Callzo Playz I'd honestly do more zombies if it was double weapon xp too so I could get all my pistols maxed but I just don't have the right incentive to play right now lol

  • Callzo Playz

    Callzo Playz

    12 days ago

    Also a quick tip. I've got up 80 level in the last 30 hours or so by just playing dead ops and you now get double the xp for doing objectives and finishing the round plus it's double xp weekend so thats even more xp. You get like 2000+ just for getting to round 24 and on.

  • Oni- The Funky Cadaver

    Oni- The Funky Cadaver

    14 days ago

    I just die on 15

  • Callzo Playz

    Callzo Playz

    18 days ago

    I always exfil on round 35, though it was only me lol.

  • Brittney Starling
    Brittney StarlingMonth ago

    That was lit

  • chase evans
    chase evansMonth ago

    The numberless arm biochemically inject because gladiolus noteworthily wriggle afore a spotty liver. domineering, gleaming waiter

  • blue reaper
    blue reaperMonth ago

    The king of cod zombie's

  • Edoardo Rizzi
    Edoardo RizziMonth ago

    What's the differenze with the old strategy? Why is it easier now? I am confused

  • Triple C gaming
    Triple C gamingMonth ago

    My highest is round 34

  • lil Apollo vert
    lil Apollo vertMonth ago

    I have did the zombie dance Easter egg like 10 times and have not got ray gun

  • Jiggly Jaggly
    Jiggly JagglyMonth ago

    i just woke up to this and i was bopping my head :||

  • UnknownNIIIC
    UnknownNIIICMonth ago

    What’s that class

  • Deadlydragon173
    Deadlydragon173Month ago

    3:16 that was such a struggle

  • Lævatheinn
    LævatheinnMonth ago

    You’re still limited by the amount of common salvage. I was not earning enough to keep up with the cost. I was round 74. The amount of salvage earned can vary drastically between games.

  • varro_down _
    varro_down _Month ago

    Try a turret

  • megaboy300
    megaboy300Month ago

    What Haur Build are you using?

  • Plant Slayer
    Plant SlayerMonth ago

    Using the nova 5 die machine gas with ring of fire insta kills on the spawn points and gives time to reload the ray gun, that’s my strat.

  • Dylano Landman
    Dylano LandmanMonth ago

    Why are you complaining about ring of fire? In the past few months not one single time when I used ring of fire I didn't had to pay attention to those zombies they always came through so there is nothing to complain about because that strategy never ever worked for me

  • Dylano Landman

    Dylano Landman

    Month ago

    @Anthony Rodriguez I am good. But you cannot judge me if I'm good if Zombies come through your ROF while it should not be possible like Noah says I'll quote it for you: "I never have to worry about these zombies because they usually die and don't make it to me"so better shut your big child mouth even try to pull some high waves or ee's idiot.

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Key words being that it never worked for YOU. Just get good and let the man preach

  • William Harris
    William HarrisMonth ago

    (donated 36$ to Noahj456)

  • William Harris
    William HarrisMonth ago


  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua NewtonMonth ago


  • The lost Legend
    The lost LegendMonth ago

    Grab the insta kill omg

  • Shxwbizz 1k
    Shxwbizz 1kMonth ago

    What are the attachments on his hauer 77?



    13 days ago

    Task force barrel : 222% more damage

  • Shiny
    ShinyMonth ago

    if noah didn't react to a WR, would it even be a WR ?!?

  • Haydin Thomas

    Haydin Thomas

    11 days ago

    Yeah it wou- wait a minute

  • ZBlaze 23
    ZBlaze 23Month ago

    Seem like the plane wing training strat is the best now

  • Drake Matthews
    Drake MatthewsMonth ago

    So I click on the video and Noah welcomes us, "ladies and gentlemen." And I skip forward to get to the juicy bits and I immediately hear "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" LMAO

  • DevKetchem 195
    DevKetchem 195Month ago

    I see you stealing that Nintendo music from fire emblem three houses. . For zombies. Disrespectful

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez

    Month ago


  • Shyft Manuel
    Shyft ManuelMonth ago

    Very Great I will see you in The Channel

  • Shyft Manuel
    Shyft ManuelMonth ago

    Is awsome

  • Super_Slashie_YT
    Super_Slashie_YTMonth ago

    React to doom eternal speed run plsss

  • Wyatt Schrock
    Wyatt SchrockMonth ago

    Man I missed the stream😞😞😞

  • Voldmosis
    VoldmosisMonth ago

    Ladies and gentlemen... stfu and start the stream 😘

    REAPER x CATMonth ago

    I once got the ray gun on my fist spin on round 7, and got it again on my second spin on round 11 in the same match.

  • Mr epic 1
    Mr epic 1Month ago

    How dare you say you hate fire base z :>

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez

    Month ago

    I agree, the map is B O A R I N G

  • Mr epic 1
    Mr epic 1Month ago

    My g keep up the great work :)

  • alfredo vargas
    alfredo vargasMonth ago

    During the stream I did coffin dance and got ray gun lol 😂

  • Callzo Playz

    Callzo Playz

    18 days ago

    I've done the coffin dance every game for the last 50 or so matches on solo, and have only got the ray gun 3 times. The chances are so low 😪

  • YouTube Commenter
    YouTube CommenterMonth ago

    Quick revive= faster healing? That's the incentive for me in solo

  • Tslav TV
    Tslav TVMonth ago

    play a game " no damage taken till Round 20 " for the dark ops challenge. Could make zombies content pursuing those challenges, gives you a new little series to upload and make money on and it also gives you a reason to play zombies and make content

  • Mad Panek

    Mad Panek

    Month ago

    This actually a good idea

  • Cordell Ivery
    Cordell IveryMonth ago

    Round 100 has gotten so easy. It’s the Social Distancing is what’s the hard one

  • Cordell Ivery

    Cordell Ivery

    Month ago

    @Edoardo Rizzi with the extra upgrades, you really don’t need ring of fire anymore it’s optional.

  • Edoardo Rizzi

    Edoardo Rizzi

    Month ago

    Why it is easier than before? Didn't they make this strategy harder nerfing ring of fire?

  • DakotaDoesStuff
    DakotaDoesStuffMonth ago

    Dead wire is nuts. I got to round 72 just using the thumper with dead wire😂

  • AB_ vibes
    AB_ vibesMonth ago

    How dobyou get the bullets on the side of your huar 77

  • Shxwbizz 1k
    Shxwbizz 1kMonth ago

    What are all the attachments he has on the hauer 77?

  • Xico yt aka I trolled you

    Xico yt aka I trolled you

    10 days ago

    I'm not sure, but here are better attachments/ Dullbill choke Task force Swat laser 8 rnd Shotgun stock

  • Saleh Cancer
    Saleh CancerMonth ago

    Omg you are amazing 😥👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Joeval John Kirit
    Joeval John KiritMonth ago


  • D. Thomas
    D. ThomasMonth ago

    Hey 3:15, I'll but the 24 skin, it looked cool


    Dead wire very powerful now

  • HarrisLondon
    HarrisLondonMonth ago

    You know you can claim the 100 pts from the wunderfizz machine before it spawns so it's there as a fridge. Work's the same.

  • rtg gaming musagang
    rtg gaming musagangMonth ago

    Deadwire rips check out my round 100 run using the ak47u with Deadwire

  • Jack Long
    Jack LongMonth ago

    So I guess his round 100 Outbreak isn’t continuing.

  • Jack Long

    Jack Long

    Month ago

    @Desmond Miles RIP

  • Desmond Miles

    Desmond Miles

    Month ago

    He said his game crashed, sadly

  • Ben Kuppinger
    Ben KuppingerMonth ago

    everytime noah starts streaming: Noah: LETS GOOOOO Chat: Late late late late

  • Fox Of GAOA
    Fox Of GAOAMonth ago

    $24 for the Maxis skin is a ripoff no matter what.

  • Panda Reijgah
    Panda ReijgahMonth ago

    Wait, this man really didn't pick up the epic DMR even though he didn't have another weapon yet?

  • Stonks


    Month ago

    @jiggle jigggleee FR

  • jiggle jigggleee

    jiggle jigggleee

    Month ago

    Don't nobody want that bullshìt

  • rapidcore100
    rapidcore100Month ago

    What's the song that plays in the beginning of the video?

  • Makler Games
    Makler GamesMonth ago

    Do it round 100 on Fbz

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago


  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago


  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    Please bo2

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Quit asking, literally only a handful of people wanna see bo2, it's not fun to watch so sftu

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    I would do that

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    U thought

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    Be gone

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago


  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    I am the 100th in 8000 person to have liked the vid let's go

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez

    Month ago

    I've seen you comment at least 6 times, quit spamming you sped

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    At 15:20 mins in he at jelly fish fields from spongebob

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    Jackie Chan Chan lol

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    I was.there

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago

    I wish

  • Shaun McCullers
    Shaun McCullersMonth ago


  • Michael Martinez
    Michael MartinezMonth ago

    Can you beat DLC 11 already

  • Psychxdelik
    PsychxdelikMonth ago

    Do people not remember pre-patch dead wire? Where tier 1 did the same thing it does now? Or was I the only one who used it in the early days?

  • Micah Barnett
    Micah BarnettMonth ago

    a possible help, i haven’t fully tested it but i think ring of fire might affect chopper gunner if your body is still in the ring, cuz i had the fire affects while in chopper gunner

  • Psychxdelik


    Month ago

    It does, as well as elemental pop, both effect all “score”streaks and can lead to deadly combos

  • lowkey wavy34
    lowkey wavy34Month ago

    Where do dah stream be??

  • Elijah Chavez
    Elijah ChavezMonth ago

    Double tap 3.0 electric cherry mule kick literally every perk from the past

  • Kyle Rogers

    Kyle Rogers

    Month ago

    Electric cherry is the 5th tier of elemental pop

  • J Sleep
    J SleepMonth ago

    I am also on the Mule Kick bandwagon tbh it'd be perfect! Imagine having a shotgun, a wonder wap, and a long range boss fighting gun or maybe a LMG for lots of ammo? Who knows what the extra tiers could do though? 👀👀

  • Metallica 79

    Metallica 79

    10 days ago

    Or on tier 3 you can carry a 4th weopon

  • Xico yt aka I trolled you

    Xico yt aka I trolled you

    10 days ago

    My predictions: Mule Kick: Enables to carry 3rd weapon Tier 1: Switching weapons is 50% faster Tier 2: Mule kick is cheaper Tier 3: 3rd weapon can never be lost Tier 4: Switching weapons is 100% faster Tier 5: Switching weapon sends zombies back in a MULE-KICKING force

  • Metallica 79

    Metallica 79

    Month ago

    I'd be in board

  • lil Apollo vert
    lil Apollo vertMonth ago

    On ps4 I can’t play online I need ps plus

  • Nirbhay Misra
    Nirbhay MisraMonth ago

    What music is the intro? it sounds like seven deadly sins

  • AmpharosNinja


    Month ago

    Fodlan Winds "Fire Emblem 3 Houses"

  • William De La Pena
    William De La PenaMonth ago

    Dope ass song bro

  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor RykowskiMonth ago

    How does your ring of fire recharge so fast?

  • Victor Rykowski

    Victor Rykowski

    Month ago

    @AmpharosNinja didn’t know it works like that but fair enough

  • AmpharosNinja


    Month ago

    In the Higher Rounds you do so much damage with the Wonder Weapon that all specialists powers recharge in 1-2 shots.

  • Mason Simpson
    Mason SimpsonMonth ago

    I have done the boss fight on round 105

  • Lamont Walker
    Lamont WalkerMonth ago

    Anyone got anyway to make my luck better in general

  • xMrSilent1x
    xMrSilent1xMonth ago

    The song at the beginning is Fodlan winds from Fire Emblem 3 houses if anyone is wondering.

  • Frank Maldonado

    Frank Maldonado

    Month ago

    @Z Z fc

  • Connor Henderson

    Connor Henderson

    Month ago

    Thank you, knew i knew it somehow 😂

  • Ven Moyer

    Ven Moyer

    Month ago

    I knew it sounded familiar

  • Z Z

    Z Z

    Month ago

    Thank you

  • Air Force 3

    Air Force 3

    Month ago

    The fact that no one knew that though

  • Justice Taylor
    Justice TaylorMonth ago

    Noah when's the next time you can play outbreak on Cold war

  • Vegeta Limatoa
    Vegeta LimatoaMonth ago

    The man 👍

  • Poptartbob
    PoptartbobMonth ago

    When are you gonna do the campaign

  • Tyler Medeiros
    Tyler MedeirosMonth ago

    I would like to see vultra-aid come back

  • Kyle Rogers
    Kyle RogersMonth ago

    Treyarch does in fact watch your videos and other content creators to see if stuff needs to be nerfed easiest way to find bugs is to watch the exploits online then nerf them

  • josh wright
    josh wrightMonth ago

    Go Box Gave me a jump scare with the ray gun today any ideas about it or my due late on it?

  • Da Benci

    Da Benci

    Month ago

    The latter