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  • Zack Faulkner
    Zack Faulkner6 hours ago

    Love the intro. Definitely should be full time thing

  • Ally Funflips
    Ally Funflips11 hours ago

    Noah, i know this is late lol, but why not put the symbols for the perks on a shirt or something, or like on a scarf or something, or the camo design with a perk over on the middle of the hoodie with ur youtuber name under it or as a tag on the sleeve

  • Dylan Roberts
    Dylan Roberts2 days ago

    when noah said it took random perk and he thought it was double tap it was stamin up and he aint get it back around 1 hour 55 minutes in

  • Nomad noproblem
    Nomad noproblem2 days ago

    I’d love a remake of call of the dead

  • Sipyless
    Sipyless3 days ago

    Iw with a bo4 weapon as the thumbnail

    JACKSON LEDDY10 days ago

    Noah make a shirt that says "Omg im extra crispy" -Noah 2021

  • ZapperPlayz 1
    ZapperPlayz 110 days ago

    I love your videos noah you inspire me to one day start my own youtube

  • The Hybrid43
    The Hybrid4310 days ago

    When ever Noah got purchases become profit STONKS

  • NeoWare
    NeoWare11 days ago


  • Roberto Lara Alvarez
    Roberto Lara Alvarez12 days ago


  • Axelander
    Axelander19 days ago

    Everything is all peachy until he gets the “i need glasses” and me here with my 240p just makes it 144p 😂

  • Chase Boi
    Chase Boi22 days ago


  • KickBot7
    KickBot722 days ago

    half way thru you said nope another game

  • Codename Ramen
    Codename Ramen23 days ago

    I like how he puts iw mephistophiles as the thumbnail

  • TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic
    TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic23 days ago

    When he played shadows of evil it reminded me of when I completely guessed the tram code on the door and got it right first try

  • JrBeatUInPublic
    JrBeatUInPublic23 days ago


  • TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic
    TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic24 days ago

    Dude imagine playing moon with this

  • Antonio Rincher
    Antonio Rincher24 days ago

    the intro and the music made me cry i love it no simpen shii

  • TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic
    TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic25 days ago

    Gorod krovi

    BTCARNAGE28 days ago

    Yo Noah I just got blacks ops 3 for a late birthday present and I bought the giant and revaluations do you think they were a good choice

  • Albondy 2007
    Albondy 200728 days ago

    Hoodie with cod camo

  • CharlieKickass
    CharlieKickass28 days ago

    Yiooooo that’s the rawest F U C K I N intro I’ve ever seen smash that like on my comment if y’all agree 💯💯💯👌

  • Gerritbottinga Bottinga
    Gerritbottinga Bottinga29 days ago

    Biggest intro ever bro 🤩🥰

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan TorresMonth ago

    56 seconds best seconds of my life

  • God Ki
    God KiMonth ago

    How do you not take advantage of “purchases become profit”

  • dredbaron
    dredbaronMonth ago

    Make this a speed run cad u would be on top

  • Dacota Hewitt
    Dacota HewittMonth ago


  • John W Kingsbury III
    John W Kingsbury IIIMonth ago

    Loved the intro.

  • Tyler Nordine
    Tyler NordineMonth ago

    I wanna see either a sweater or a shirt with the origins crew

  • Fuzzy nac
    Fuzzy nacMonth ago

    Where is early gang at?

  • john miesbauer
    john miesbauerMonth ago

    Wait this is a doc lvl intro animation wtf

  • Bobdaguy 94
    Bobdaguy 94Month ago

    I miss the bo3 dlc season I feel like I didn’t appreciate it enough looking back at it

  • young mythic
    young mythicMonth ago

    This video is longer then Zack Snyder Justin Bieber

  • Dylan Monaghan
    Dylan MonaghanMonth ago

    we need the loud ones to play this mod

  • Lettuce
    LettuceMonth ago

    He should do a shirt with some of the first Wonder Weapons to come out

  • jackaroonie 14
    jackaroonie 14Month ago

    I thought this was a doom thumbnail

  • John-Joseph Williams
    John-Joseph WilliamsMonth ago


  • Jacob Devries
    Jacob DevriesMonth ago

    Way better then ur old one!

  • Zane
    ZaneMonth ago

    The intro is absolutely insane

  • Decxyz
    DecxyzMonth ago

    “World record Der Eisendrache chaos mode speed run” no-one can take that title away bro 😂

  • Lazygiraff
    LazygiraffMonth ago

    I had an inside source tell me that you read member comments more than non members and that is non-memberist

  • Orion
    OrionMonth ago

    New intro is bad lmaoo

  • Megan Abrohms
    Megan AbrohmsMonth ago

    I can not join but I subscribed

  • Jordan Masters
    Jordan MastersMonth ago

    Best USplan intro by far

  • PohmmBear Coils
    PohmmBear CoilsMonth ago

    100t Geography Longsleeve design ith your name and number (456) on the back like a jersey!

  • Feedzentity
    FeedzentityMonth ago

    The red power ups are negative power ups the red perk bottle was a negative perk

  • EGS_GoldStarGames
    EGS_GoldStarGamesMonth ago

    yo noah is outriders basically like destiny?

  • Brendon Short
    Brendon ShortMonth ago

    Evil man for skipping Shepard of fire

  • Jay'Vian Gibson Reyes
    Jay'Vian Gibson ReyesMonth ago


  • Diete Josef Rheude Jr.
    Diete Josef Rheude Jr.Month ago

    WtF 5 hours

  • nick storms
    nick stormsMonth ago

    One of The best intro I ever seen of all times all around 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Gabe Stump
    Gabe StumpMonth ago

    I think I find it funnier than most when speed switched to where jug was on origins after the "I found jug!" thing. I find it funny becasue of the running joke with the loud ones of noah always asking where it is on every map

  • Shaolin E
    Shaolin EMonth ago

    We not gunna act like that intro wasn’t literally one of the top intros in all of USplan and I think doc has held that title for a while but hey everyone get dethroned and noah called it the 2nd best compared to the 5 mill intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lorenzo Jones
    Lorenzo JonesMonth ago

    Shirt idea is ya like jug

  • Squarb Doontary
    Squarb DoontaryMonth ago

    2:41:04 imagine getting connection interrupted on a solo game

  • The Hybrid43

    The Hybrid43

    10 days ago

    Well this is noah were talking about

  • Lumpybumpskin Gaming
    Lumpybumpskin GamingMonth ago

    Stop playing old COD plz, BO3 is outdated like a mffff

    FRH ANKMonth ago

    Intro wasn’t that cool tbh

  • Eythan Jeffery Douglas
    Eythan Jeffery DouglasMonth ago

    do a gta5 chaos mod speed run

  • Eythan Jeffery Douglas
    Eythan Jeffery DouglasMonth ago

    mabe don't talk in the intro

    xXDIDDYDOG XxMonth ago

    Malgorzata is Polish for Margaret... At least thats what this polish chick named margaret i was banging said...

  • Eric Dominguez
    Eric DominguezMonth ago

    A shirt that says this run sucks

  • MysteryOfTheShockwave
    MysteryOfTheShockwaveMonth ago

    That delayed reaction to realizing the blue screen wasn't real was HILARIOUS XD

  • licht
    lichtMonth ago

    nobody: NoahJ456: I love this LSD mode the bugs look so cool.

  • Steven Shaffer
    Steven ShafferMonth ago

    A chicken holding a ray gun

  • Jake Owens
    Jake OwensMonth ago

    Used to be good. When did you start talking like a first grader? Repeating and 'actually' everything.

  • Gabriel Cremona
    Gabriel CremonaMonth ago

    blown away by the intro. best one so far mate.

  • Carter Marshall
    Carter MarshallMonth ago

    YES lets go

  • NachoHomie6628
    NachoHomie6628Month ago

    Best intro I've seen yet for a gamer man..gotta love the items from different games I liked all of em

  • Matthew Bowe
    Matthew BoweMonth ago

    The intro😭😭 I love it😩😂

  • GABO 0870
    GABO 0870Month ago

    Hey Noah, maybe you can set up this Chaos mod like DarkViperAU does it. On involving chat and we vote for the outcome could be a good twist!!!!

  • 3lemental_Gam3r 5

    3lemental_Gam3r 5

    Month ago

    that chaos mod is a chat version for gta, it's made specifically for that

  • BmazJr 2007
    BmazJr 2007Month ago

    I wonder if you throw widows wine grenades in the keepers mouths on D E if it the same as shadows with the lions

  • Pono Smith
    Pono SmithMonth ago

    Here i was here for the stream.Btw Intro was bomb.

  • BenJi L
    BenJi LMonth ago


  • William Gehrig
    William GehrigMonth ago

    I'd break my keyboard 🤣

  • Curtis Michael
    Curtis MichaelMonth ago

    Intro is a true Masterpiece NoahJ. Love to see it

  • Clutch Robinson
    Clutch RobinsonMonth ago

    Intro. Win.

  • IFTHIRedTeam
    IFTHIRedTeamMonth ago

    Outriders looks sick and talk about Outriders i just remembered the time when you still play Destiny 2 Have you played the new raid yet?

  • Prod
    ProdMonth ago

    id like to see something for merch from like destiny or something like that

  • Craig Haught
    Craig HaughtMonth ago

    Best intro 💪🏼🇺🇸✅

  • GiovanniOP
    GiovanniOPMonth ago

    If only he knows what happens in utargak moment of silence for a fallen comrade *maybe* no spoilers

  • UltronLoves CivilWar
    UltronLoves CivilWarMonth ago

    Fierce peter where are u

  • Alex Reinhardt
    Alex ReinhardtMonth ago

    This mod is dope

  • Mike Doyle
    Mike DoyleMonth ago

    That is the best intro I have ever seen on USplan. I love you Noah martina and moose. Much love from Michigan 💕🤘

  • licht
    lichtMonth ago

    more meme reactions?

  • licht
    lichtMonth ago

    everybody gangsta until richtofen starts speaking apothican.

  • Ķøđý.
    Ķøđý.Month ago


  • Brayden Goodger
    Brayden GoodgerMonth ago

    You should play one of the first dlc map you played it would be cool and nostalgic.

  • Free Wifi HD
    Free Wifi HDMonth ago

    Damn I’m late but new intro makes me 😫

  • StonedSniper
    StonedSniperMonth ago

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPrppppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • K -
    K -Month ago

    You should do the blockbuster map from killjoy he’s done it again and it’s dope

  • Kyle Hatch
    Kyle HatchMonth ago

    The fact I’ve been watching for 5 years now is crazy

  • Jesús Núñez
    Jesús NúñezMonth ago

    I loved that intro!!😍🙂🙃

  • James Acevedo
    James AcevedoMonth ago

    yerrrrrrrrr i wish I caught this live lol

  • Gareth Williams
    Gareth WilliamsMonth ago

    I didn't like outriders

  • Ben K-P
    Ben K-PMonth ago

    The LoL worlds theme at the beginning was 🔥

  • Ben Kuppinger
    Ben KuppingerMonth ago

    WFT that intro was sick

  • Y Me
    Y MeMonth ago

    “I don’t look that much ugly”

  • Senpai Deadpool
    Senpai DeadpoolMonth ago

    You should do this mod on a cheese map

  • PuffDawg 71
    PuffDawg 71Month ago

    Tidi Gobble Gum themed merch would be sick. Like you could use the same colors as the google gums and have phrases that only zombies players would recognize.

  • deluna
    delunaMonth ago

    The intro was so cool my balls dropped