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  • Mr. CyberDemon
    Mr. CyberDemon5 days ago

    Why did u put my boi revenant on the thumbnail

  • Juan Borja
    Juan Borja5 days ago

    Big oof

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez8 days ago

    that’s why you don’t camp at the end

  • Mainboi98
    Mainboi9810 days ago

    why didn't you buy quick revive? that was the first thing I noticed watching the beginning of the video, and i was wondering the entire video. Also the bottom part that you got teleported to was the bo1 zombies map "five"

  • Peter Quill
    Peter Quill14 days ago

    noah: gets jumpscared by the revenant thing “so anyways i started blasting”

  • Peter Quill
    Peter Quill14 days ago

    me puts in airpods: noah: DEADSHOT!!!????

  • Yeska 2dank
    Yeska 2dank14 days ago

    You got to attempt this again!

  • Ian Jensen
    Ian Jensen18 days ago

    Why was the revenant from doom on the thumbnail?

  • Tiffany Norris
    Tiffany Norris18 days ago

    How do I play this map???🤔🤨🤔

  • Aaron Dykes
    Aaron Dykes19 days ago

    I've been waiting for more vids like this keep it up!!!

  • MrTimmieizcrazy
    MrTimmieizcrazy20 days ago

    Run it with the boys...

  • CallofProject Death14
    CallofProject Death1421 day ago

    I had to click when I saw the Revenant from Doom

  • Kabia Snivy
    Kabia Snivy23 days ago

    Nobody: Nobody at all: Not a single soul: Zombies characters for the first time in history: RELOADING!

  • Majd Khoury
    Majd Khoury24 days ago

    We demand a second attempt

  • Majd Khoury
    Majd Khoury24 days ago

    Anyone else gets annoyed when he says IMF instead of IMS?

  • Carson Tuttle
    Carson Tuttle25 days ago

    Yeah do it again

  • SnorseBurger
    SnorseBurger26 days ago

    This map has had a few problems for me.

  • GhoulZ Anime
    GhoulZ Anime26 days ago


  • King Spirit
    King Spirit27 days ago

    This is a great map, I’m not a zombie pro or play on pc, but these maps really need to be placed into play for dlc purchase on consoles. I would definitely buy just to support. Love your channel, IMO the best of all.

  • Dragox
    Dragox27 days ago

    Olimpia Gang here

  • BrandonSF101
    BrandonSF10127 days ago

    Yes you have to complete it!! That was the best ending tho! SOOO FUNNY 😂😂

  • Mycelium
    Mycelium27 days ago

    I still don't understand why e is melee and f is interact by default. E is like the universal interact button lol idk why It annoys me much always gotta flip them mfers out

  • Silentwaytogo
    Silentwaytogo27 days ago

    Project Viking remastered is releasing on Saturday!

  • john miesbauer
    john miesbauer27 days ago

    U have to revisit this

  • GhoulZ Anime
    GhoulZ Anime28 days ago


  • Alex Poser
    Alex Poser29 days ago

    Bro how dose Dempsey know what the modded guns/aka the stones, do, burh really was making pun bout lightning, when using the thunder stone...😑

  • GhoulZ Anime
    GhoulZ AnimeMonth ago


  • K. Fuji'
    K. Fuji'Month ago

    that was a cool level, deffs go back n try again!

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah JohnsonMonth ago

    Haven't enjoyed a map like this since seppuku

  • Stephen Mancari
    Stephen MancariMonth ago

    whats swatting?

  • Jaden Smalley
    Jaden SmalleyMonth ago

    was it just me or did anyone else notice that he built the IMS but didn't pick it up?

  • Yan N
    Yan NMonth ago

    Noah's brain is massive: play the map once solo but fail for views x1, then play again with the boys and beat the map for views x2 pog

  • NatAar gaming
    NatAar gamingMonth ago

    Do the gun game mode pls i would love to see that

  • Marcus Hobbs
    Marcus HobbsMonth ago

    Why does everyone of your videos freeze up on me Noah? I have really high speed internet and no other USplanr channel lags or freezes up on me. But your videos always freeze and lags to were the screen freezes and all I can hear is sound! I hope I can find someone else playing this map, Later

  • Spiderman 3891
    Spiderman 3891Month ago

    I would definitely like to see you attempt it again with "the boys". That way, if you go down, it won't instantly end. Lol 😂👍


    cool map

  • Mataiusr28
    Mataiusr28Month ago

    The only way to beat an amazing map like this is to not it with the bios NoahJ

    CRPT SIDDMonth ago

    NoahJ: boo Olympia gang boo! Also Noah: M14 alright man *bang bang bang bang* wow this thing sucks

  • Lyndsey Milton
    Lyndsey MiltonMonth ago


  • Lyndsey Milton
    Lyndsey MiltonMonth ago

    Hey Naleea do you know when you said what does that room it was the room from five

    TBMA3 SENPAIMonth ago

    💘 zombies

  • RayMan
    RayManMonth ago

    u know its a good channel when u don't skip past the sponsor

  • thainarias allen
    thainarias allenMonth ago

    How can i get project elemental

    TRIPPYorDIEMonth ago

    This map looks awesome! You gotta play it again!!!

  • Devo Moffatt
    Devo MoffattMonth ago

    They keep adding more maps to BO3??????

  • J V
    J VMonth ago

    What’s the link to this map?

  • Mark H
    Mark HMonth ago

    In general I like the olimpia for like 2 or 3 zombies but for like a horde I use something like the m16

  • Josh Nunya
    Josh NunyaMonth ago

    Custom Noahj456 is *BACK!*

  • KakashiTKO
    KakashiTKOMonth ago


  • Dedrick Williams
    Dedrick WilliamsMonth ago


  • Mitchell Seymour
    Mitchell SeymourMonth ago

    When no one realizes how heavily influenced this map was by DOOM 2016. I mean, they even have the revenant shooting rockets at you.

  • The Energetic Problem
    The Energetic ProblemMonth ago

    Cant even see the 🥑 yeah noah

  • NaMe Me
    NaMe MeMonth ago


  • Zach Doering
    Zach DoeringMonth ago

    Play it again!

  • Hades TheHellKing
    Hades TheHellKingMonth ago

    I'm sure we all would love to see you and the boys play and beat the map!

  • Seadolch
    SeadolchMonth ago

    Play again with the boys!

  • Jxoshua S
    Jxoshua SMonth ago

    Plz play again

  • Pride Flareon
    Pride FlareonMonth ago

    Boo Olypia gang

  • Chase Prudhomme
    Chase PrudhommeMonth ago

    Noah “ I don’t think this map has a wonder weapon “ Noah: can literally shoot fire from his hands

  • gumbo231
    gumbo231Month ago

    Second person ive seen miss speed cola

  • david juhl
    david juhlMonth ago

    I think im better then that gun

  • Riley Pinkerton
    Riley PinkertonMonth ago

    Did anyone else realise that the mag size on the galil didn’t increase when he packed it

  • Bo Shell
    Bo ShellMonth ago

    “I don’t know if there’s a wonder weapon on this map” -pulls out hands that shoot fire

  • Logan Coleman
    Logan ColemanMonth ago

    play again

  • Jesse Rohan
    Jesse RohanMonth ago

    he died right before the good stuff and said “maybe with the boys”... i think he died on purpose to make the next stream more epic

  • Nhq Savage
    Nhq SavageMonth ago

    Bring the boys do this again

  • Martin Sanchez
    Martin SanchezMonth ago

    Please do this again. I truly enjoyed this video😁

  • Alden Baylis
    Alden BaylisMonth ago

    Play it again

  • Super_Slashie_YT
    Super_Slashie_YTMonth ago

    React to doom eternal speed run

  • Random YouTuber
    Random YouTuberMonth ago

    "Any weapon is good as long as it's in the right hands." -Unknown person

  • Mr man
    Mr manMonth ago

    Gotta do it again with the boys. DLC maps gotta be celibated together

  • Olly Collins
    Olly CollinsMonth ago

    why dont you and spuddley ever colab?

  • Diseptibots
    DiseptibotsMonth ago

    A Revenant in a zombies map tell me were I can find this

  • Sparky
    SparkyMonth ago

    I love the reload on the 1911

  • Super Saiyan God
    Super Saiyan GodMonth ago

    this thing is Pu Pu lmao Noah your funny 😂😂😂

  • Nathan Quinn
    Nathan QuinnMonth ago

    Has anyone noticed that every area is from previous zombie maps and multiplayer maps?

  • Jt Herd
    Jt HerdMonth ago

    Yes beat this map, do it again

  • LilSamichh 24
    LilSamichh 24Month ago

    This map looks sick I see map elements from origins and bo2 maps

  • Urnanshighheels
    UrnanshighheelsMonth ago


  • Musichowl
    MusichowlMonth ago

    excited for this one

  • Jawsh Romero
    Jawsh RomeroMonth ago


  • Rrok Daragjati
    Rrok DaragjatiMonth ago

    How do you buy these dlcs?

  • Noobjesus 13
    Noobjesus 13Month ago

    Imagine tier 6 of the Melee Weapon class instead of bowie knife its the Galvanuckles

  • daryl edduardo
    daryl edduardoMonth ago

    Dude you have to come back and retry

  • Stephen G
    Stephen GMonth ago

    "Literally throwing for content," again eh Noah? Content for these (custom maps) are WAY BETTER when u play with other people and have a full squad, or at least another teammate Noah.... except JC, anyone else, its better tho. For real, where the other zombie Yters at?!?! Whose passin up playing this amazing map? They should lose their YT channels! SMH...

  • MadChubby
    MadChubbyMonth ago

    you said the bo4 reload system but advanced warfer zombies did it first

  • Ethan Adams
    Ethan AdamsMonth ago

    Run it back with the boys ‼️

  • Gabriel Molina
    Gabriel MolinaMonth ago


  • MyDragon316
    MyDragon316Month ago

    Bring in the boy

  • Refugio Guzman
    Refugio GuzmanMonth ago

    Your welcome 2:20

    AP0KALYPSE56Month ago

    he should do more video on call of duty bo3 because is my favourite is my point of view

  • everett jeffries
    everett jeffriesMonth ago

    imagine he was able to pack a punch his hands and they turn into infinity gauntlets :)

    BLAZED HOUNDMonth ago

    Dead ops arcade (big zombie with a club)

  • James Clark
    James ClarkMonth ago

    Dude I love these vids plz keep doing custom zombie maps by who ever made this because this is the most fun I’ve had watching zombies since bo2

    MASTER OF KEYSMonth ago

    Is this a real map if so why do the keep coming up with dlcs

  • Solar Chronic
    Solar ChronicMonth ago

    4:33 when he said boo the olympia gang i was like somebody gon die tonight, not really but love you noah

  • Benjamin Hernandez
    Benjamin HernandezMonth ago

    Hey Noah, react to a speedrun of the nostalgically classic game, Warframe.

  • Dylan Towers
    Dylan TowersMonth ago

    Yo Where's the crew

  • Dennis mildernis
    Dennis mildernisMonth ago

    Next time be sure tou buy quick revive coz you neeeeed a little revive tututu tututtuuu

  • snip3r416
    snip3r416Month ago

    Wait what he is playing solo not with people i am in a dream 😴