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  • whoopthereitwas
    whoopthereitwas4 hours ago

    These mapmakers are some weird people changing colors of things in weird ways and some of the guns sound just completely stupid with the voice crap and many many other things wrong with this map to many to say, I don't know what kind of nerd that was sitting at his desk said let's do this and thought That was a good idea but they did

  • ArchieValentine
    ArchieValentineDay ago

    What game is this?

  • SoaR Memo
    SoaR Memo2 days ago

    Idk y but this gives me dead ops arcade vibes for whatever reason but thats just me

  • Bdeceo
    Bdeceo2 days ago

    Spudley anyone?

  • Luke Tyrpa
    Luke Tyrpa2 days ago

    I like how the thumbnail is from Doom Eternal lol

  • xXTheGodMosesXx
    xXTheGodMosesXx5 days ago

    42:32 that timing for that “censorship” with that explosion right there 😭

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man7 days ago

    Who told this man that the song was from Travis Scott because we all know it is lol cobaine

  • cookie z
    cookie z8 days ago

    this was so fun to watch wow loved it

  • PictureMeMiami
    PictureMeMiami10 days ago

    How can I play this map?

  • Jacob Chistie
    Jacob Chistie10 days ago

    i watched an hour of this?!

  • Jacob Chistie

    Jacob Chistie

    10 days ago

    time doesn’t exist

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon10 days ago

    I don't think 50K points is enough to buy all the perks NoahJ gets

  • Matthew Lanzilla
    Matthew Lanzilla10 days ago

    There's only 30 floors not 100 Your welcome

  • King Spirit
    King Spirit11 days ago

    Bro, you guys are truly gifted, love watching you play. Haters always going to hate!

  • Antonio Dues
    Antonio Dues11 days ago

    Noah knows Spuddley plays that song 😂😂😂 like c'mon 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Itzlul Simba
    Itzlul Simba11 days ago

    What the song when the boss comes called hit my ig Lul.simb please if u know

  • bashesitz 175
    bashesitz 17512 days ago

    how can i play this

  • Jack Ivan
    Jack Ivan12 days ago

    "no i got all the perks''3AM - USplan 3AM - USplan

  • Ethan Reed
    Ethan Reed13 days ago

    The conscious space remarkably treat because interest gradually poke next a rightful blow. muddled, creepy yellow

  • Haider Amjad
    Haider Amjad13 days ago

    I liked and subscribed because he looks like me...

  • Bacon Pizza
    Bacon Pizza13 days ago

    This reminds me of KF2 map

  • Nekropolis Gaming
    Nekropolis Gaming13 days ago

    i swear i heard him say omegalol. It's like no one realizes that omega isn't the same thing as mega, or great or big or uber or anything like that, it just means Great O. Omegalol doesn't make any sense

  • a mushroom
    a mushroom14 days ago

    I believed

  • fwflygon14
    fwflygon1414 days ago

    *Kingsavigh has added you to your friends list*

  • dakurlzzmask
    dakurlzzmask14 days ago

    the underwater rifle looks like it would do alot of damage

  • Lunar does everything
    Lunar does everything14 days ago

    What about a perk that’s like widows wine and the wunderwaffe combined. When zombies hit you they get chain electric shocks. And when you die all the zombies around you get electrocuted one by one, (aka get killed) giving you time to prepare yourself. I call it “Electric Espresso” P.S: the perk itself doesn’t fully exterminate zombies after round 15, it’s just a stun

  • Martin Reyes
    Martin Reyes14 days ago

    over all good stream

  • Chris Stockton
    Chris Stockton14 days ago

    Lol I was freaking cracking up when Noah grabbed the Mark 3 and didn't say anything, but just smirked a little. Then waiting for them to notice he had them the whole time. Freaking hilarious

  • Nicholas Nolen
    Nicholas Nolen14 days ago

    yo that title looks super

  • dylan west
    dylan west15 days ago

    What zombies game this is?

  • Alex ARDvark
    Alex ARDvark15 days ago

    “I’m so perked out it’s not even funny” 😂😂😂

  • Marvon Smith
    Marvon Smith15 days ago

    What call of duty is this

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz16 days ago

    wat game is it and am i able to play it

  • Slate Bronco
    Slate Bronco16 days ago

    What happened to where you can't respawn for entire game?

  • 8 A
    8 A16 days ago

    i keep falling for these dam click baits and he’s used the dame picture of the gun 2 times now

  • SilentBrother - IV
    SilentBrother - IV16 days ago

    Did anybody else get a text for cash app after Noah had the cash app logo above his head..???

  • Logan M
    Logan M16 days ago

    Do you guys realize this is not Travis scoot the song that was playing is what spuddly uses in his streams

  • ChronicTitan 23
    ChronicTitan 2316 days ago

    Does nobody notice that this thumbnail is the tower of babal from the crucible or whatever level it’s in on doom eternal

  • sajjad hashemi
    sajjad hashemi16 days ago

    What is the travis song name can someone tell me

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari16 days ago

    Bro I want that ray gun ar in the thumb nail

  • Floor Juice
    Floor Juice16 days ago

    Hey Noah, just wanna say thanks for being an awesome person. Keep it up man there's a lot of people that love you and I'm one of 'em.

  • acetheoceanmaker
    acetheoceanmaker17 days ago

    Noah is the main character

  • Simp For Esdeath
    Simp For Esdeath17 days ago

    been entertained for 1:12:03

  • King Ervin
    King Ervin17 days ago

    he said 100 but its 30 like bruh i just got clikedbaited lol

  • AndiPlays
    AndiPlays17 days ago

    Some of these guns are CoD: Advance Warfare

  • Alfonso Hernandez
    Alfonso Hernandez17 days ago

    what game mode is this

  • Yukobbgirl94
    Yukobbgirl9417 days ago

    Love your content Noah ✨💕

  • Imari Fregoso-Scales
    Imari Fregoso-Scales18 days ago


  • Bruce Thetacoguy
    Bruce Thetacoguy18 days ago

    Good job

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson18 days ago

    lmao the guns kill me the mac 11 saying bang everyshot

  • Prem Dhamrait
    Prem Dhamrait18 days ago

    It's lil Cobain

  • sean langan
    sean langan19 days ago

    At the end of the video you should show bloopers of fails and attempts and first time on the map

  • Ian Jensen
    Ian Jensen19 days ago

    Noah: “I have an infinite weapon wheel” Me: COD ZOMBIES DOOMGUY!

  • Ian Jensen
    Ian Jensen19 days ago

    Mule kick should be worth it on maps like that, since it gives you a third gun

  • Ian Jensen

    Ian Jensen

    19 days ago

    Third gun means you still have ammo for a gun

  • FlxmeVypr
    FlxmeVypr19 days ago

    idk why but luna reminds me of the helluva boss series lmao

  • Ķøđý.
    Ķøđý.19 days ago


  • James Martin
    James Martin19 days ago

    Seems very easy. Not impressed

  • Sebastian Kennedy
    Sebastian Kennedy19 days ago

    My cats name is luna

  • Brandon dd
    Brandon dd19 days ago

    The real fans want to know: How much is chipotle paying you?

  • M. Said Al Sahel
    M. Said Al Sahel19 days ago

    Gabisa bahasa ingeris

  • Bexley Werve
    Bexley Werve19 days ago

    Geiger counters be like: 1:07:51

  • decoder55killer
    decoder55killer19 days ago

    “If you die, you are dead for the entire game” *proceeds to die 2 minutes after and respawns...

  • Tshim Muaj
    Tshim Muaj19 days ago

    If lex was here I could finally send the secret I wanted to send that I promised almost a year ago

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez20 days ago

    I better see a speedrun of this map.

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez20 days ago


  • Moh Madness
    Moh Madness20 days ago

    The day Noah doesn’t pull out the spreadsheet is code for something is wrong

  • the big sad
    the big sad20 days ago

    Noah took that mk3 like he got the last cookir out the jar without anyone knowing

  • MrBossGamer52
    MrBossGamer5220 days ago

    lol thats not travis Scott its lil cobaine 😂😂

  • Will pierson
    Will pierson20 days ago

    Why would you buy a m16 it’s the worse rifle in the game? I keep away from that gun as much as possible whenever I play call of duty zombies

  • Fox Of GAOA
    Fox Of GAOA20 days ago

    “I can’t buy Jugg” That’s because you already had it smooth brain

  • Charles Kyle B.
    Charles Kyle B.20 days ago

    25:35 anyone else asking who tf king savage is and why tf they are adding you on steam LOL

  • Stylus
    Stylus20 days ago

    Imagine getting Travis Scott mixed up with "Lil Cobaine - Let it play"

    FUNNY ASS CONTENT20 days ago

    Is it possible to play this on ps4

  • Tawhai Loughlin
    Tawhai Loughlin20 days ago

    The thumbnail "rayr" looks sick

  • Daniel Angel
    Daniel Angel20 days ago

    Can someone help me. Where can I download custom zombies maps like this one ? Is this something you download for bo3 or you download a custom cod that has zombies maps ??

  • slayer28
    slayer2820 days ago

    I just love Noah just steal the wonder weapon on ever custom map they play

  • mega master
    mega master20 days ago

    Thumb nail is form doom

  • Garrett B
    Garrett B20 days ago

    So it’s only 30 floors?.. lol

  • -Flawless50-
    -Flawless50-21 day ago

    When noah gets caught stealing the mk 3

  • Bryan Sanchez
    Bryan Sanchez21 day ago

    how can i play this map??? looks fun af

  • Mo the pro7865 Luqman
    Mo the pro7865 Luqman21 day ago

    Onii-chan Yamete Kadasi

  • Hodgieboy
    Hodgieboy21 day ago

    SAO zombified

  • Buffes 77
    Buffes 7721 day ago

    So anyways I started pulling out the spread sheet

  • Zett's Little Order
    Zett's Little Order21 day ago

    It’s Lil cobaine not Travis Scott 😂

  • Jordan plunkard
    Jordan plunkard21 day ago

    Its lil Cobain let it play is the song not Travis Scott

  • Phasmalynx
    Phasmalynx21 day ago

    this guy is mad

  • Matt Zeeb
    Matt Zeeb21 day ago

    Real ones remember the gta mega ramp

  • Ru V
    Ru V21 day ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact jc said the n word?

  • Ru V

    Ru V

    21 day ago


  • oTastico
    oTastico22 days ago

    What game on pc do you need for custom zombies I really wanna get into playing them

  • Mille Agerskov

    Mille Agerskov

    20 days ago

    Call of duty black ops 3

  • Oliver The Cat
    Oliver The Cat22 days ago

    100 FLOOR ZOMBIES TOWER!!! Is literally 30.

  • banaan apen
    banaan apen22 days ago

    What is your favorite black ops 2 weapen not the wonder

  • MrTinyman 5507
    MrTinyman 550722 days ago

    If I had a dollar for every time Noah uses the ray gun in a thumbnail, I’d be a trillionaire

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon22 days ago

    I hear "Too much" then "I'M SINGING I'M SINGING"

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon22 days ago

    We have the russian Rai-K 84 just need the American M16 Raygun

  • Alyson Hayman
    Alyson Hayman22 days ago

    To shoutout to my boy Travis

    BLINK GAMING22 days ago

    What the travis song name actually

  • Booba44 Gaming
    Booba44 Gaming22 days ago

    Great content bro. Thanks for sharing

  • King Sama
    King Sama22 days ago

    That’s no Travis

  • xRaStY_ BuD513x
    xRaStY_ BuD513x22 days ago

    Was that map made for spuddley I mean makes since with the let it play

  • Deleted Channel
    Deleted Channel22 days ago

    Would the gun in the thumbnail be call the Raymando?🧐

  • Korn
    Korn22 days ago

    the easy gun one shots brutus with a headshot