Please Stop.

Please Stop.


  • Between the Surface
    Between the Surface19 hours ago

    Lol I actually did some EE’s on black ops 2 with the creator of this

  • MrDaaaY
    MrDaaaY19 hours ago


  • Call of duty master
    Call of duty master19 hours ago

    None other than Steve

  • Call of duty master
    Call of duty master19 hours ago

    Noah another speed run on outbreak has been broken

  • Karem 935
    Karem 93519 hours ago

    0:01 Noah...... he’s looking inside my soul he wants to kill me so bad

  • Hot
    Hot19 hours ago

    Who’s ready for wall of the dead

  • desiree guerra
    desiree guerra19 hours ago

    Yooooo So cool 😎

  • Mama Erbo Burbo Turbo Licious
    Mama Erbo Burbo Turbo Licious19 hours ago

    I'm so sorry, but being subscribed to you, nogla Tyler and Bryan, you all look like you need as much sleep as I doo and I don't stream 😭 and even though I want too, you guys sadly yet fortunately show me why I shouldn't when it's too late for me Hopefully one day I can hit up the yt algorithm too. I'm not saying you guys look bad or anything like that but yet you guys are tired and stressful and you guys need a break it doesn't hurt to take a break. All of us who understand and care for you will understand that you need to break

  • Justin Boothe
    Justin Boothe19 hours ago

    Logical is a beast!! Between him, Madgaz, Verko, and a few others, Treyarch should feel very very embarrassed by how little they do compared to these legends!! Those 3 should come together and make some banging custom maps. They could probably even charge for them. They all 3 make way better content and even way more content than Treyarch does for zombies......

  • Kostashihi Kostashihi
    Kostashihi Kostashihi20 hours ago

    Mauer der toten looking great

  • Kostashihi Kostashihi
    Kostashihi Kostashihi20 hours ago

    Exfil where

  • Kostashihi Kostashihi
    Kostashihi Kostashihi20 hours ago

    Snow was on the verge of mental breakdown at one point lmaoo😂😂😂😂

  • bob Ilunga
    bob Ilunga20 hours ago

    I started vibing with him in the intro for no reason

  • Thanyan Alhasan
    Thanyan Alhasan20 hours ago

    The snake dance got me hypnotised

  • Kenon Bradford
    Kenon Bradford20 hours ago

    "What did the lion say when he ate his wife" Me- Long Live the King. Haha

  • Just your average human
    Just your average human20 hours ago

    I got baited, I actually thought Cold War would get a new map.

  • Ezra Thompson
    Ezra Thompson21 hour ago

    I won your starring contest

  • Casey Matthews
    Casey Matthews21 hour ago

    15:10 I dont think its that weird, either that or most ppl i know are weird cuz i stream spotify on discord when we highroundin or doin ees

  • StaminUp Time
    StaminUp Time21 hour ago

    Isn’t it technically dlc 2 just 5 months too late

  • Ascended Zombie
    Ascended Zombie21 hour ago

    Treyarch why cant you make a map like this!

  • Just your average human
    Just your average human21 hour ago

    That intro tho

  • Hyper lagacy
    Hyper lagacy21 hour ago

    You could see how proud of himself he was at the end with that meme

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker21 hour ago

    Yo what’s the intro song name???😳

  • High horsepower junkie
    High horsepower junkie21 hour ago

    You missed the skulls

  • All I wanted was a hellcat
    All I wanted was a hellcat21 hour ago

    It’s Lil Cobain not Travis Scott The song is called let it play it’s really popular with Spuddley he’s a zombies gamer they probably left a Easter egg for him in the map

  • Cole Gunnar
    Cole Gunnar21 hour ago

    “Treyarch when are you hiring logic” “logic makes the best maps” Gets jumpscared “ I hate logic screw you worst map ever”

  • tbust926
    tbust92621 hour ago

    Awesome map, Logical!

  • Caleb Birchfield
    Caleb Birchfield21 hour ago

    What map is that

  • PROrangeV2's Random Avdentures
    PROrangeV2's Random Avdentures21 hour ago

    That intro's gonna be living inside my head in a Penthouse suite rent free. God bless that intro, and that map was GLORIOUS. This is TRUE DLC material right here folks.

  • Theboi Kane
    Theboi Kane21 hour ago

    When u don’t get to see the streams opening animation 😢

  • Theboi Kane
    Theboi Kane21 hour ago

    But it’s Noah dancing instead 🙂

  • Aakansh Chatterjee
    Aakansh Chatterjee21 hour ago

    Wait how do we access the map. Is this a re-skinning of bo3 to look like Cold War? Or is there an actually way to play custom maps?

  • DrewVARN
    DrewVARN22 hours ago

    Holy shit, what a throwback.

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo Zeng22 hours ago

    The little does Noah know... Campaign is related and hint is. Bell we got a job to do, if you know. You know

  • Deathwarrior
    Deathwarrior22 hours ago

    20:22 this is what i have been waiting for 😂

  • Ayden Wood
    Ayden Wood22 hours ago

    Stick to custom zombies man not many people do this kind of stuff like you, love watching these type of videos!

  • SwampcatMcNasty
    SwampcatMcNasty22 hours ago

    I remember watching this video 3 years ago and then immediately going to twitch to follow Tfue. Good times.

  • Hugo Zeng
    Hugo Zeng22 hours ago

    Fire Bow tutorial lettssss goooooooo!!!!!! Pogy wogy

  • john miesbauer
    john miesbauer22 hours ago

    I won the staring contest at the start btw

  • JD Duncan
    JD Duncan22 hours ago

    The intro of you just staring right into the camera is as if your staring into our souls lol

  • Noggen Fogger
    Noggen Fogger22 hours ago

    Once again custom zombies makes cold war look like shit

  • Matt Krska
    Matt Krska22 hours ago

    i blinked

  • Alexiis Wang
    Alexiis Wang22 hours ago


  • Tepq :-:
    Tepq :-:23 hours ago

    It took me 13 hours to do the effing space land easteregg

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus23 hours ago

    are u gonna play green hell amazonia part 2 dlc?

  • Nikola what ever my name was
    Nikola what ever my name was23 hours ago


  • T J
    T J23 hours ago

    Imagine complaining about earning £1000-£7000 a stream

  • Emmanuel Morata
    Emmanuel Morata23 hours ago

    Um tbh i know this is really REALLY unpopular opinion but i like the m14 like a lot. (Pls dont kill me)

  • Avatar Wan
    Avatar Wan23 hours ago

    That Starring contest is my spirit animal 0_0

  • Colonel Sanders
    Colonel Sanders23 hours ago

    What map is this ?!!! He didn’t put it in the description:(

  • Silenced WRLD
    Silenced WRLD23 hours ago

    Curious George Reason: monkey

  • jrmatix
    jrmatix23 hours ago

    i have watched u do allot of custom maps but this one is my fav

  • Jery Cannabis
    Jery CannabisDay ago

    That intro. I felt like I was in a ufc staredown. You made me laugh a couple times well played

  • Tim Diego
    Tim DiegoDay ago

    In case you didn't know, the maps name :"TU VONG" means "Dead" in Vietnamese.

  • Tristin Stockley
    Tristin StockleyDay ago

    Lmao first 30 seconds i thought I needed to call someone cuz Noah was having a breakdown. Jeez man looked like he was trying to steal my soul with his eyes

  • TraceXYZ650
    TraceXYZ650Day ago

    Looking back at this in 2021, it brings back soo many memories of my favorite streamer Noah playing my first ever cod game. I want bo1 to be famous again 😭😭😭

  • samuraix mob
    samuraix mobDay ago

    When you realize part of battlefield 4 menu song is in the beginning of the music lol awesome

  • michael radcliffe
    michael radcliffeDay ago

    Staring contest starts at 0:00 (Goodluck)

  • Call of duty3201
    Call of duty3201Day ago

    Unbeatable world record Steve: hold my beer


    Play the outlast 2 demo

  • SynRax NGT
    SynRax NGTDay ago

    The entire intro is a summary of the Legion boss when you shoot at his armor but don't crack him.

  • DT 25
    DT 2523 hours ago

    “You’re not that guy pal, you’re not that guy” - Legion 2k21

  • Kelly Snoddy
    Kelly SnoddyDay ago


  • Joe Zaza
    Joe ZazaDay ago

    wow this map is so good! I wish i could play this on console. Why can't we have this 🤔🦖🚀 Activision need to hire these ppl whoever made this map, and put the now ZOMBIE team on "bringing coffee" 😁

  • Brendon Adams
    Brendon AdamsDay ago

    Noah can you make an hour long video of this intro? Thanks

  • Derk R
    Derk RDay ago

    Thank you for once again staring into my soul. But for real, that intro was impressive

  • Ecto 1
    Ecto 1Day ago

    my brother already knows how to beat the ester egg

  • Dave
    DaveDay ago

    infected in mw actually used zombies at one point too

  • Sw4mpShorts
    Sw4mpShortsDay ago

    Reminds me of dead space 3 and lost planet 3 mixed with zombos.

  • BOOST 219
    BOOST 219Day ago

    When cw skinned bo3 custom maps are better than official cw maps and come out more often with a one man dev team 😳

  • BOOST 219
    BOOST 219Day ago

    What made this man decide to make the intro like that 😂😂

  • Ghost_Rider_Playz
    Ghost_Rider_PlayzDay ago

    Can i have your shotgun build?

  • Big Gerald
    Big GeraldDay ago

    I watched this drunk af so I had a stare off during that intro 😂

  • JustinPlayz213
    JustinPlayz213Day ago

    Soon as I saw this I pooped my self at the beginning


    Ill use your creatorcode for cold war if you tell me

  • Chicken 509
    Chicken 509Day ago

    Yo wrong into for zombie that’s for battlefield 4 🤣🤣🤣

  • MSW SuperDefender
    MSW SuperDefenderDay ago

    My face at the beginning 😐😀😁😐😑😊😐😊😐☺🤗

  • Rod Bazooka
    Rod BazookaDay ago

    That battlefield theme tho

  • Connor Swann
    Connor SwannDay ago


  • AV17 *best channel on youtube*
    AV17 *best channel on youtube*Day ago


  • Tyler
    TylerDay ago

    U made a person that never laughed in 7 years laugh at your intro

  • Kenneth Wilkes
    Kenneth WilkesDay ago

    What I wish I could do to my siblings