The End.

The End.


  • Smiler Vant
    Smiler Vant11 hours ago

    Amazing video's so far really enjoying watching and i dont know if you would be interested in a few little life changing mods stuff like Snap Builder - Snap-to-Grid and Parts from Scanning which gives you actual parts instead of just titanium these just making life a little easier and probably a mod so you can name your lockers as well

  • Muzzles Il
    Muzzles Il12 hours ago


  • Felix Hated
    Felix Hated12 hours ago

    Actually love this series. Its something different. Visually stunning and hours of fun.

  • Tracy Ski
    Tracy Ski12 hours ago

    2:56:20 Crab Rave. 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  • Kash Spike
    Kash Spike12 hours ago

    blak ops

  • Littlefoot LittleRAM7
    Littlefoot LittleRAM712 hours ago

    Just got the rai k form the box then my game crashed :(

  • lincoln preuit
    lincoln preuit12 hours ago

    it is the same planet

  • Tyler Robertson
    Tyler Robertson12 hours ago

    Ready for part 2 this game is great

  • Salty Gaming
    Salty Gaming13 hours ago

    1:20:30 😂

  • james bledsoe
    james bledsoe13 hours ago

    hey hey hey let's not be monsters everyone starts pulling out paintball guns naw fam pulls 1911 "click" where the boys r sperated from the men "click" let's go

  • Scott Rowe
    Scott Rowe13 hours ago

    I really like your channel this is my first video I watched and plan on seeing more videos you make you are very good at what you do keep it up

  • nukem
    nukem13 hours ago

    Noah that dirty bean water is a reference to jacksepticeye as he too calls it dirty bean water

  • VR Rraiders
    VR Rraiders13 hours ago

    hi i watched you sooo long ago and i love the bo3 vids and i watch tim to you should do a Caleb with him

  • Crazy Culo
    Crazy Culo13 hours ago

    What COD are they playing this map on?

  • Tomas Lopez
    Tomas Lopez13 hours ago

    I catch 4 times a mimic , and dont get a kart

  • Isael Rivera HDS
    Isael Rivera HDS13 hours ago

    Too bad I was in the hospital when the game came out so it’s difficult doing :,)

  • fez012
    fez01214 hours ago

    Noah should try generation 0

  • Niels Van De Veen
    Niels Van De Veen14 hours ago

    Loved the stream!

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando14 hours ago

    I built my base in coral bridges and it's a really good spot

  • steely gaming
    steely gaming15 hours ago

    what map is it ?

  • Tboyx 17
    Tboyx 1715 hours ago

    I’ve waited so long

  • Ramon de Luna
    Ramon de Luna15 hours ago

    Daaang i didnt get the notification that you were streaming this cant wait for the other streams!

  • PsychoZulu
    PsychoZulu15 hours ago

    I'm trying to get to round 100 on Firebase Z in the weapons lab and when I get to round 53 or so, it's like the zombies don't even care about the rai K slow down thingy, can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong or help me get to round 100?

  • Mr Spacely
    Mr Spacely16 hours ago

    Can some1 tell me what POG means? I know it may be a dumb question but ppl only learn if questions are asked lol

  • Aidan Whiteside
    Aidan Whiteside16 hours ago

    I can honestly say I’ve never laughed at any of their jokes I just enjoy the videos

  • *Ice*
    *Ice*17 hours ago

    I'm so excited for this series! I really loved the Subnautica playthrough!

  • Gabriele Willen
    Gabriele Willen17 hours ago

    The sticky advice molecularly interrupt because maple exclusively agree past a silky patricia. black-and-white, pushy epoxy

  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston17 hours ago

    Its dead of the night...... but day time and without the house

  • DHOOM- z7
    DHOOM- z717 hours ago

    21:30 i love how ironic are a lot of the statements that i hear in old videos, love the loud ones

  • K. Fuji'
    K. Fuji'17 hours ago

    pogfish up in this

  • Raziel Stratton
    Raziel Stratton17 hours ago

    I love you Noah. But Easter Eggs are more important than drama.

  • Raziel Stratton
    Raziel Stratton17 hours ago

    Been here for 2 min. I am no 60 second quitter. I shall watch half and save the rest for later.

  • Crazeuleus
    Crazeuleus17 hours ago

    one tip if you want to keep food for long periods of time, cure it don’t cook it because then the food will go off and u will loose hydration

  • finnboo11 gaming
    finnboo11 gaming17 hours ago

    Elite kills count as 3 now

  • Daniel Adolf Stocker
    Daniel Adolf Stocker17 hours ago

    I need more Realistic

  • thematthewavila V2
    thematthewavila V217 hours ago

    sheeesh nearly 4 hours and hasn't even really touched the lore of the game, for the people that are only watching his series its gonna take a while

  • Skatenix
    Skatenix18 hours ago


  • Ryan Mills
    Ryan Mills18 hours ago

    Noahj I just wanna say I appreciate u man bottom line

  • Sean Brooks
    Sean Brooks18 hours ago

    Damn only 5k likes I hope that’s enough for him to keep playing it this was the best I love subnautica it’s so good

  • X MappleDee X Field
    X MappleDee X Field19 hours ago

    how come he never picks up round Robbin? He could win easily if he wanted to.

  • Austin Kleinschmidt
    Austin Kleinschmidt19 hours ago

    "If your outside when it's hailing, you get clapped"

  • LonelyOpossum18
    LonelyOpossum1819 hours ago

    I bought the original because of Noah

  • Jason Pierce
    Jason Pierce19 hours ago

    Milo say (L) I for one wanted the Ravens to win.

  • diego zilla
    diego zilla20 hours ago

    Ewww cold war style

  • Janvictor Pagan
    Janvictor Pagan20 hours ago

    Aside from zombies, this is probably the best game to watch you play

  • Jase Shields
    Jase Shields20 hours ago

    Can you gift me call of duty zombies

  • Jase Shields
    Jase Shields20 hours ago

    I like you

  • Frost
    Frost20 hours ago

    Mine just says online session not working

  • The Death Boy
    The Death Boy20 hours ago

    Noah the damage barrel for the hauer only got nerved when it’s not pack a punched

  • Abraham Moreno
    Abraham Moreno20 hours ago

    God dammit... god dammit...... good dammit

  • Aaron Dykes
    Aaron Dykes21 hour ago

    Now I can run while sprinting: chopper 2021

  • Galax1eZ
    Galax1eZ21 hour ago

    Would you say this game is worth the money?

  • Tabitha Wilder
    Tabitha Wilder21 hour ago

    Zomdes is the best game mode

  • مستوى مستوى
    مستوى مستوى21 hour ago

    I can’t see the numbers

  • Meramani Hanuman
    Meramani Hanuman21 hour ago

    FBI open up

  • Meramani Hanuman
    Meramani Hanuman21 hour ago

    Everything connects if you played resident evil 7 you’ll know what I’m talking about

  • D. Thomas
    D. Thomas21 hour ago

    coming back to watch this again. lol, I bought it a few months after you played. omnline is just a bunch of bases and things. lmao

  • Connor Ford
    Connor Ford21 hour ago

    I was hoping they would put the bus in it

  • Louis Bélanger
    Louis Bélanger21 hour ago

    Keep it going Noah! Insane part 1. Can’t wait for the other ones!

  • ryan ausili
    ryan ausili21 hour ago

    luv yall

  • Koy Crockett
    Koy Crockett21 hour ago

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long

  • Joseph Hunt
    Joseph Hunt21 hour ago

    Is "pengwing" a reference to how Benedict Cumberbatch says "Penguin"?

  • Billy Jones
    Billy Jones21 hour ago

    Game literally came out two years ago

  • Vergo
    Vergo22 hours ago

    when he said violet beau it hurt me because my name is beau and its pronounced bow or bo it lowkey and highkey hurt

  • Sebbie Mullett
    Sebbie Mullett12 hours ago

    omg same man

  • Pofed
    Pofed22 hours ago


  • Joseph Hunt
    Joseph Hunt22 hours ago

    "Are we good to swim?" *sees a singular fish* "I SEE THE FISHIES!!" *jumps in*

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith22 hours ago

    The music isn't Travis Scott it's Lil cobain

  • Joseph Hunt
    Joseph Hunt22 hours ago

    Watching the first subnatica play through got me through/distracted me during my kidney stone pain

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez22 hours ago

    Imagine if this game was 2 players!!

  • BoiAtTheStore
    BoiAtTheStore22 hours ago

    "I have the big dumb" Noahj456 2019

  • Brad Sauerwin
    Brad Sauerwin22 hours ago

    "It's the penguin"!

  • Luis Herrera
    Luis Herrera22 hours ago

    Noahj456 we’re still waiting on part 2 for borderlands 3

  • Dillon Winkelman
    Dillon Winkelman22 hours ago

    Where did he get the ball after he beat the doll?

  • SteeL Son
    SteeL Son22 hours ago

    Wtf is this 👎🏼

  • stevens1523
    stevens152322 hours ago

    You gotta keep this series up!! As a med student who studies constantly this is my favorite thing to put on while studying...I can listen to the sweet sounds of Dad-NoahJ's voice and occasionally look up and take a minute to appreciate the beautiful Subnautica sights...this series is going to help me nail my boards!!

  • Turtle_Shell
    Turtle_Shell22 hours ago

    Now that this game is fully released I think I gotta play it. I’ve had it for about a year but haven’t played it in a long time

  • TheT&M s
    TheT&M s22 hours ago

    Love it Noah

  • Chazz Courtland
    Chazz Courtland23 hours ago

    I waited for him to stream this game all day then I missed them stream I hate everything :(

  • Joshua Leon
    Joshua Leon23 hours ago

    My favorite game 😍😍😍

  • Daniel Short
    Daniel Short23 hours ago

    Yo noah calm down on the hair bro you wildin

  • Neihana Kapaith
    Neihana Kapaith23 hours ago

    He had us in the first half not gonna lie😅